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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Deleted member 8036, Feb 28, 2015.

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  1. Just listing down a few games that I am currently playing and some that I'm eagerly awaiting for.

    Currently Playing:
    Pokemon OR
    League of Legends
    Fifa 15
    Train Simulator 2015 (yes i'm serious)
    Super Smash Bros for Wii U

    Eagerly Awaiting:
    Black Desert
    Witcher 3
  2. 314fluffy

    314fluffy New Member

    true pokemon
  3. noah1135

    noah1135 Active Member

    black ops 1 is the best game ever.
  4. Qwop
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  5. CS GO, new Assasins Creed Rogue - only if you liked Black Flag ! :)
  6. Ranedear

    Ranedear New Member

    Bioshock Infinite, Ori and the Blind forest and DOTA 2.
  7. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    lol :D

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  8. PersonSuit

    PersonSuit Member

    Playing through Diablo 3 expansion ATM. Also been revisiting Max Payne 3, and need to finish Alien: Isolation if I can ever get over the PTSD it gave me the last time I played it.
  9. SrKlein

    SrKlein New Member

    I'm playing Risk of Rain at the moment. Even though i've played it for more than 2 hours, I still havent been able to beat the first phase on normal difficulty. I guess that's the reason i got hooked !
  10. raptor7279

    raptor7279 Member

    America's Army Proving Ground - it is a 100% Free game on Steam! :)
  11. FARCRY 3 & 4. Pretty damn good story based FPS
    Dota 2 for the best Moba IMHO.
  12. Counter Strike: Global Offensive and World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor ^^ aaand sometimes Hearthstone
  13. jokker2000

    jokker2000 New Member

    Titanfall for xbox one
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  14. Did have that, (Still got the 18" tall Titan in my room :D) Started playing more on PC in the end though so traded it on on Xbox One :)
  15. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Starcraft 2 in prep for the new expansion, and also dying light! But there's so many good games out at the moment! Don't need to mention the big hitters like GTA V and the Witcher III !
  16. S3IJI

    S3IJI Active Member

    Due to the recent events, I started again with Star Wars: Battlefront II.
    Just a epic game and everyone must have played it once.

    Apart from that a bit BF4/H.
  17. giorgiolegerstee

    giorgiolegerstee New Member

    I play league of legends, outlast and the forrest. That are really my top 3 games and its just fun!!
  18. The Forest is pretty good fun, please tell me they've not changed the crouch walk yet? That animation was comedy gold!
  19. giorgiolegerstee

    giorgiolegerstee New Member

    no they don't and it is stil verry nice!!!
  20. A_B_Hamdan_no_id

    A_B_Hamdan_no_id New Member

    Dota 2 !
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