Removing recovery partition and D: partition?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoshMcCullough, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. JoshMcCullough

    JoshMcCullough New Member

    I know it's okay to remove the recovery partition, but would like someone to confirm if there's any reason I should not. If I needed to reinstall Windows, I could just use a bootable USB drive w/the Win10 ISO on it, right? Anything special on here from Razer I should be concerned about?

    Also, there is a 500MB D: partition which is pretty much full, not sure what it's used for -- anyone know? I'd like to trash it as well.

  2. SeddyRZ

    SeddyRZ New Member

    In theory, you'd break the warranty. They say warranty only applies if the original, unmodified OS is there. You'd be better off contacting support for more details though.
  3. JoshMcCullough

    JoshMcCullough New Member

    Seriously? I'll look into the warranty in more detail, but that sounds ridiculous and likely illegal if it's true. Thanks!
  4. SeddyRZ

    SeddyRZ New Member

    My guess is that they just meant that you won't get official support if you double boot with Linux or something like that
  5. Bel_Cranel

    Bel_Cranel New Member

    A stupid question from a software noob. I have the same issue with the d partition being full (really can windows 10 take up almost 500 gig?). Anyway to shrink the size of the windows image or remove something - the Low Disk Space alert is driving me nuts.
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