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[Request]Razer Blade 14 and Stealth Comparison Pictures and Opinions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TheXFactor2011, Nov 16, 2016.

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  1. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I'm a software developer in the market for a new laptop. I was looking at the Stealth and the Blade 14. While I like gaming, life and work has slowed that down making gaming not really a deciding factor. I commute to work via train everyday, so portability is very important. Screen estate and typing are also very important factors. I've watched countless youtube videos and read several reviews but nobody ever compares the machines to one another. Looking at the spec sheets i can see that I'm working with a 2mm height difference and about an inch in width but I would really love to see them stacked up next to each other. I tried to get out to a Microsoft store that had Razer said had both machines on display just to find out once I got there, it was a lie.

    I was wondering if someone with both the blade 14 and stealth could take a few pictures of the 2 of them side by side, screen open/closed, stacked, etc.

    Also any other software developers, typers out there that have any thought's on either the Stealth, Blade 14 FHD or QHD?

    My Concerns
    I love the Stealth because of its design and weight, but i'm afraid the screen size is too small for visual studio or android studio, and chrome with 10+ tabs. Not planning on getting a core, will just use steam or xbox streaming for gaming.

    I love the Blade 14 for it's raw power and screen estate, but if it's too big I'll not want to carry it everyday. If the Stealth is close enough in size, why spend the money on the blade?

    FHD matte vs QHD+. I had an old HP pavilion that was glossy and lighting made it terrible for coding and typing on the eye's.

  2. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Well the main difference is that the Blade has its own GPU, while the Stealth one does not. Blade also has a 14'' screen while the stealth has a 12''.
    I also believe that the Blade has a better CPU than the Stealth.

    The Stealth is really inadequate for any type of streaming or heavier gaming. Even with the Core, the CPU would bottleneck it.

    Furthermore, I don't think that the small portability factor difference would affect you.

    So far, the Blade would suit you much better.

    About FHD vs QHD+, I would suggest getting QHD+ for studios and multiple Chrome tabs and such, so you can fit more stuff on the screen at once. One thing to also note is that its GTX1060 can't really cope with QHD+ so you'll have to lower the resolution a bit for gaming.

    I think that the Blade Pro would be perfect for your needs, especially the typing experience since it has a mechanical keyboard. Also 4K IGZO sceen + GTX1080 for studios and such :big_grin_:

    It's also very portable compared to other gaming laptops, it is 17'' but very slim for its power and overall size. It's fairly light as well.
  3. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    While I would love the Pro, I can't justify the price tag for something that allows me to sit on my couch and work vs. going to the office. But it is one sexy laptop. I hope once they get around to the next refresh they test putting the new keyboard on all their machines.

    So the QHD+ isn't too bad with glare? I would really love a QHD or 4k matte screen, that would be true perfection.
  4. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    I personally have never seen a QHD+ Blade's screen so I cant really tell, and 4K is only available on the Pro. Just wait a bit and someone with a QHD+ Blade should come over.

    By the way, are you from USA or Europe?
  5. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    For me the biggest deciding factor to go with the blade was definitely the screen size and the GPU. Still very portable but also you get the pros of having the larger laptop
  6. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    So I had a 2016 QHD+ with 970m, and two previous iterations of QHD+ before that, and now own a 1060 FHD.

    In my use, scaling issues were pretty much gone. Some applications may not have been tweaked yet that are specific to software development, but I had no problems with QHD+ screen. In fact, I kind of do miss the QHD+, but I just prefer non matte finish. Regarding current FHD, as you've read, it's quite good. It almost makes me not miss QHD+ screen. Unfortunately I don't have both laptops at the same time so no comparison photos, but both are great, although at this point QHD+ is kind of an old panel. Now, as for Stealth vs Blade, unless you really need small form factor of Stealth, just go Blade. Much stronger CPU, larger screen, and more versatility overall. Now this is only if the cost difference is not an issue. If it is, then gotta go where the waller (or wife/husband) is dragging you toward. XD

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  7. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I'm leaning towards the the Blade 14. I figure the blade is going to be so much slimmer than anything I've had in the past that I wouldn't even notice it's size. Plus, deep down, I want the power of the 1060. I don't mind smaller text and icons so as long as the the glare wasn't bad then the QHD+ is also an option. I'm a little disappointed that Amazon and BestBuy don't have the Blade 14 QHD+ version for sale. Just the FHD on backorder.

    I'm still hoping someone comes around to post pictures the the Blade 14 and the Stealth next to one another.
  8. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    The power and screen size are nice. But I have a pretty decent desktop at work with 3 monitors. Then at home I have a gaming desktop with dual 23in 1080p monitors. I would mostly be using this laptop as a side item at work for meetings or traveling around the office. Then on my couch at home when I don't feel like sitting in the desk chair or working in the home office.

    This is where the conflict comes, super portability but lack of power and screen, or a little bit larger with more power but less portability(maybe? still need to compare lol). The difference in price between the Blade 14 FHD matte and the Stealth QHD is reasonable. But the price difference between the Blade 14 QHD+ and the Stealth QHD+ models really makes me want to weigh my options.
  9. Hansen88a_no_id

    Hansen88a_no_id New Member


    I'm making the same decision now too and I will also use the laptop mostly for work. Up until yesterday I was sure that I would get the Blade but now I'm leaning towards the Stealth. The reason is because Stealth has 9 hours of battery compared to the Blade's 5-6 hours. Plus, the Stealth costs 500 USD less.

    The better graphic card is appealing, but do you really need it? Is it worth 500 USD more and sacrificing half of the battery time? I'm using a 13.3 inch screen laptop now which is the perfect size for a portable work laptop so the Stealth's 12.5 inch will be just fine. And like most gamers I very rarely do any gaming while traveling and the Blade's 14 inch screen is way too small to do any serious gaming anyway. If I buy the Stealth I will save 500 USD which I can use on buying a gaming desktop instead. Besides, the Stealth will still run most of the popular games such as Overwatch (30 fps on low settings), LoL, Dota2, CS:GO, HOTS, Rocket League, WoW etc. So if you really wanna game you can but on low settings. Even my current 3 year old Asus Zenbook run all of those games fine on low settings.

    So overall here's my conclusion:

    Much better battery (very important for work laptops!)
    500 USD cheaper
    More portable

    Better graphics card (For me it doesn't matter because I will do my gaming on a desktop anyway)
    Quad-core CPU (Stealth has dual core)

    I would say that as a work laptop niether of them has the advantage of screen size. 13.3 inch screen is the standard ultrabook size and the perfect size for a work laptop, so going bigger to 14 or smaller to 12.5 might not be a good thing for either.

    With all that said, I did hear that the Stealth's keyboard has quite short key travel distance. This might be another minus for the Stealth if the Blade has a better keyboard.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2016
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  10. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    @Hansen88a made very solid points/laundry list.

    I think he/she pretty much summed up everything.
    Although in my case, I went from having laptops to having T450s and a desktop, and reverted back to laptop then added the Core to my setup, mainly because I was tired of having two computers as I do some work when I get home as well and having the two sync'd was a a pain and having wires hanging out of monitors already plugged into the desktop was unsightly just so I could dock my laptop at home set up, at which point I'm not using the desktop anyway.

    All in all, both have pros and cons.
  11. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member


    Dude honestly you said gaming isn't a factor (and gaming on the go is not even a consideration for you) so I'd opt for the Stealth. Getting the Blade 14" is a waste imo because you will get much less use out of the discrete GPU than a mobile gamer would (which is who the Blade 14 is made for).

    You also brought up the issue of screen size, but you should probably be plugging into a real monitor for real work whenever you settle down (home and workplace). The laptop screen is good for all those in-between areas of life, but to get real work done you should plug into a monitor.

    As for the keyboard...I think the new Blade Pro has the best but you've already stated you don't want it (understandable). Razer integrated their new slim chiclet mechanical keyboard design from the iPad Pro case into the Pro. The Stealth & 14" models don't have this upgrade yet.

    One other thing that has not been mentioned yet in regards to portability: the charger. The power brick for the Stealth is smaller and easier to carry than the Blade 14's (which is already nice and slim).

    Lastly, watch out for the weight. The Blade is like a pound and a half heavier than the Stealth.

    Lol...asking for a bit much there. Most of us don't have that kind of green bruh.

    Razer tweeted a couple days ago (notice the keyboards):

    Best I could find:

    Hope that helps guys!
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  12. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    HAHA, I wish i had the funds to buy both and just return the one I didn't like. I figure most people bought one or the other. Was hoping a razer employee would chime in. Thanks for posting those pictures, both were new to me. Damn the Pro is big, but thin.

    I have a desktop at work and a desktop at home. The laptop I choose will mostly be used when I feel like sitting on the couch or out on the patio instead of being locked to the desk all the time. I went to the apple store and played around with the 15 and 13 in macbooks to get a feel. Both weren't that bad.
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  13. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I'm USA
  14. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I keep flip flopping. Battery life is very important when traveling. I've read several threads on how to tweak the blade to get longer battery, but even at that nobody is getting more then 6 hours which is less then a work day. Luckily the charger is very portable also.

    Up until yesterday I was finally leaning toward the Blade FHD, then I watched a few more reviews on the stealth. So I started leaning toward the stealth QHD again. Then it clicked that the stealth QHD is glossy and If I was going to settle for that, I should consider the Blade QHD+ for the resolution and all the windows I can open. Now i'm thinking about the keyboards, I'm 6'5" male with pretty big hands. Getting a lot of mixed reviews about the stealth key travel. Tough times ahead lol.
  15. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    Looks very cool seeing all 3 compared and next to each other. Honestly for me the regular 14" Blade is definitely the best. I like having the dedicated GPU and all the performance in a portable package. The RBPro is absolutely awesome but it is just too large for a laptop IMO. Also, if I were spending that kind of cash I would rather just build/upgrade my desktop PC that I built. I like having the regular Blade as a portable daily driver while also having a more powerful desktop at home.
  16. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    As I was reading reviews, etc. I came across a bunch of people complaining about coil whine and cpu throttling above 65% and that a bios update may or may not exist that can fix the problem. After digging a little deeper I'm seeing reports that you need to use the core to get bios updates on the stealth or blade. I also saw reports that Razer was telling people they need to ship their computer back to get it updated.

    Has anyone had issues with their Blade 14 or Stealth? Is Razer really going to make people return their machines to get a Bios update that affects the computer performance?
  17. juniboy

    juniboy New Member

    Thanks for this! I'm actually planning to buy a Stealth to work on the go but I'm not sure of exactly how small it is compared to a 14".. This is a starting point :)
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  18. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Hey don't mention it glad I could help! To me, the Stealth is a super ultraportable. It's an ultrabook designed to be the most mobile of daily drivers. Comparable to XPS 13, MacBook Air, Surface Pro, Yoga 900, etc. Imo the sweet spot is somewhere around 13". Any smaller and you take a hit in productivity - hard to be productive with so little real estate (I've tried). Any larger and you take a hit in mobility - laptop gets heavier and unwieldy.

    The things that set the Stealth apart are:
    • Style :)
    • RGB keyboard
    • Great price point
    • 4K 100% Adobe RGB IGZO screen
    • Seamless connection to desktop GPU
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
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  19. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I ordered the Razer Stealth QHD+ from the Microsoft store with the student discount, save $139.99. I got the 2 year warranty and hear that the Microsoft store has the best warranty a person can ask for.

    I post some pictures and a review once it arrives.

    Sorry I couldn't afford both devices to do a comparison :big_grin_:
  20. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    The stealth is just so beautiful.

    Initial impressions:

    QHD screen is beautiful, I notice the bezels however, not as big of an issue as one would think. Keyboard travel is short, but not that bad. I'm jumping between a normal Logitech desktop keyboard and the stealth without issues. It's thin, amazingly thin, and light. The screen is wider than I expected, could be due to the fact I don't use laptops often and when I do they are older models. The default windows scaling factor is 150%, I moved it to 125%, tons of screen estate but tough on the eyes, 100% is a joke unless you have crazy vision. Trackpad feels great, but something is off even after adjusting the pointer speed. This is something that will get better with adjustments. I'm installing programs, Android studio, Java, Visual Studio and windows updates and the computer tackles them all without any slowness. Mine arrived with about 20% battery, I ran it down to 10% and plugged it in. Windows is telling me it will take an 1hr 45 minutes until it is fully charged.

    My laptop does experience coil whine, but it's not loud at all. Kindof sounds like light static from the speakers. Not as concerning as I expected it to be. Ill just keep an eye on it.

    Things I still plan on doing:
    1. Complete Windows update
    2. Uninstall the Killer WIreless Program (kind of junky)
    3. Check razer for updates
    4. Update intel drivers from Intels website.
    5. Finish Installing software
    6. Tests
    7. Post some Photos
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