[Request]When I press a button, my mic gets muted and a light of some kind turns on

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Candybar121, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. Candybar121

    Candybar121 Member

    Can somebody make a program that when I press a certain button (For example, insert) my mic gets muted, and either the light around the button turns red, or one of the lights on the top right of the keyboard turn on? And when you press it again, the color returns to normal/the light turns off.
    Thanks, and if this isn't possible.... darn.
  2. WolfspiritM

    WolfspiritM Active Member

    I don't see a big problem why this shouldn't be possible. It might be a bit complicated but I don't think impossible to mute the active device in the Windows Mixer.
    BUT sadly only that as a feature won't make much sense as right now setting a Color of a Key will make the default Synapse animation stop working. That means that app needs to also recreate your wanted "default" lighting. That also means you won't be able to see status of games if they use chroma as you can only use one of both.
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