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Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by RossoFiamma99, Mar 5, 2018.


PLUS QUESTION. Should I learn first Thresh or Kindred?

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  1. RossoFiamma99

    RossoFiamma99 New Member

    Hello everyone :^v

    Let's get straight to the point.

    Months ago I picked up League of Legends, and after a few games I started to.. Like it.
    To the point where I bought the Dark Star Thresh skin. Ayyy

    Thing is, I never really learnt to play him. I was kinda "good"
    Been doing some cool kills, sometimes ending with carrying the whole team alone with a friend
    I feel like I never understood how to properly play with Thresh

    And because of work, I had to put a pause on my games
    Now I have a bit more of free time, and I'd like to know some tips and "How to"
    The more I get to know
    The better

    Like BOI. I bought a 20€ skin, I now NEED to master Thresh (Let's not talk about Kindred. I used to grind Influence points when those still existed to buy Kindred and.. I should start learning Kindred as well)

    I personally like Thresh, I immediately felt it was "my" sort of champion, it's not just about the skin
  2. 570052

    570052 New Member

    Im a Thresh main with almost 500k mastery points on him, If you would like any insiders or tips on hitting good hooks add me on discord @badboyo3o#9756 I am on the NA server.
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  3. Mitochondria105

    Mitochondria105 New Member

    Biggest tip, late game you should honestly just save your abilities to peel for your squishy allies
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  4. RossoFiamma99

    RossoFiamma99 New Member

    Hey I tried to add you right now but discord doesn't seem to know you
    So uh, lemme know
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