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Review of Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    Thanks for continuing to put effort and time into figuring out a resolution that will be positive and beneficial for the majority of people.
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  2. JacobPalmer13

    JacobPalmer13 New Member

    This is my story

    I live in Malaysia, me and most of my friend salary are just RM 1200 monthly
    three months ago i claim Kraken pro V2 which is RM 400 in store, that's 1/3 of my salary.
    I basically can't afford Razer, i can eat three times everyday for a month with rm 400 or pay my house rent.

    And after three months of 5 hour game play (which i enjoy), i claimed my first razer, and i am very very greatful to you sir @mltan . That is the day i become Razer fans and i can get it again or choose other item in few months,which is crazy.

    I think most of people didn't say anything because they are okay with it, maybe most of them are people like me who's living in the same situation like me,living cost or salary. Without P2P i can only buy one razer product once a year using a lot of saving.

    I am okay with the new price, in my situation,my living cost, getting new Razer stuff every few months is dream come true, and i am going to claim my 2nd Razer soon! Hype!

    Finally, Thank you for the Razer experience.Great product, all of my friends who tried my kraken pro V2 loves it. Including my dad :smile_: Suspend or not I'm okay with it because it's was a pleasure with the P2P. I will keep supporting Razer in ways i can.

    Thank you very much Razer!
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  3. JungleBeast99

    JungleBeast99 Member

    Im really confused right now. Around 5 out 6 pages of satisfied paid-to-play users and Mr. Tan still talkin about suspending. And some guys that probably arent using paid-to-play (because they can afford razer products without any problem, too lazy to wait monts to get something through paid-to-play) , paying for their Razer stuff, are being envious and are begging to shut down paid-to-play. Or they are just trolls, not Razer fans. I'm very impatient too and I bought everything from first need- razer mouse and razer headset (im playing on laptop keyboard). But with paid-to-play I can add something to my modest collection by only playing games, the thing Im doing anyway. That's the best thing!!! I will still buy Razer stuff, and im super happy with it, actually my headset is 4-5 years old already and it's in more than perfect condition still.

    As already said by another users, the dissatisfied people are the only to give negative feedback, complaining about the program. The rest (satisfied users) are just enjoying earning zSilver for rewards without having to complain bout anything.

    Guys, I call on, lets show our love for this program!!! It doesnt deserves this fate... Let Mr. Tan see how many satisfied users are there !!!
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  4. Abyssinian

    Abyssinian Member

    Wow, I can't believe people complain even when they give gifts to them. I have nothing but love for Razer and you. I have razer gear since 10 years ago, my first mamba (that take 75 days of travel from asia to get here). I have bought the things I need most (mouse, mats, keyboard, backpack), but I cannot afford everything I want. So I must choose what I need most.
    This program made possible to me to redeem the hammerhead, because once my old razer earbuds died I could't afford them and I had to take something cheap. I just could redeem the leviathan mini (and i looove it so much, but unfortunetly I don't need it as much to gustify the expense in my budget)
    Whining about how much time it takes to have 200 Euro of keyboard free is lame. It is free! It takes an year? The hell, 200 Euros of gift a year is awewsome!
    I stack zsilver, and keep an eye on the items, when there's something I need/want and I got the point I take. It's not that we are saving money to buy them...
    There's nothing wrong in the program. Could be better for us? Yes. But we are not costumers in this case, we don't pay or work for this things.
    I'm honestly grateful. I always loved razer, still do. Will continue :heart:
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  5. MonsterTeegs

    MonsterTeegs New Member

    Please don't, I just discovered all the Razer rewards today and I love playing these new games for zSilver. I never would've booted up StarCraft 2 today had it not been giving out silver. This system will give me direction in which games to play!
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  6. Eishun

    Eishun New Member

    I kinda see what mr min means by toxicity and threat.

    Back when the price increased, i created a thread in here generally asking whether my country will ever be eligible for redeeming zsilver, of course i also complained about the price increase as it was sudden and quite a lot (around 40%). The reason i was asking about it is because sending it from other country could get me into trouble customs and shipping cost (from my research, its fairly expensive). Also i need to find someone who i can trust to handle the shipping.

    The thread went okay for some time, some people suggesting me to try find someone in other country thats eligible and send it to me. And then it kinda dropped down without reply, which i'm okay with it.

    Today, some people found it and send hate PM and profile post to me, essentially telling me "dumb ungrateful poor", they also replied to the thread as if i'm the cause of the P2P program is getting suspended.

    The thread was deleted by mod here.

    That aside, i'm only a random poster here, i cant imagine what mods / razer's staffs in here have to deal with the P2P price increase and the program getting suspended.

    I guess he was right when he said P2P program needs to be suspended and re-evaluated.
  7. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You should send a screenshot of the PM to one of the mods/ razer staff so they can deal with those toxic animals.
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  8. Eishun

    Eishun New Member

    I've reported them, but they were using my native language so i'm not sure if mods will handle it.

    My point is, there are toxicity after the P2P price increase, and we might not see it because these people are using PM / Profile post to send hate and threat to razer's mod and staff here.

    Maybe min is right that the P2P program need to be re-evaluated.
  9. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yup, I also said to end it and for the rewards system to return to the way it was where you can only redeem rewards if you order something else as well. So no more free goods. I do believe people even given nice things will always want more so this programme was bound to fail. Hence I redeemed stuff as fast as I could. Now I just save up in the hopes that I might get to 300,000 zSilver again to redeem one last thing.
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  10. Tsirkx

    Tsirkx New Member

    There is no other apps and company that can give free Premium Gaming Peripherals like Razer does. Great selection of games to play due to monthly Voting and I think the Price Upgrade in the reward are reasonable enough.

    Razer don't even get profit from this offer and they just reward those gamer who uses Razer Cortex while they are gaming and perhaps stream and creating their game videos.

    Maybe or perhaps, those negative and hate comments and reviews are comes from people who doesn't know how appreciate the effort of the good guys that lend their hands to reach them.

    Thank you Razer for my Free Ornata Chroma from zSilver of razervault and I love it so much.

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  11. bardiaki

    bardiaki New Member

    I really like this p2p system, i already have the Razer Lancehead TE mouse, and now im waiting for my Electra v2 to be in stock.

    The only "problem" is that there should be more pieces in stock :D Im waiting 14 days ago for getting the Electra v2 but its always "out of stock"

    Thank you Razer, and don't let the haters win! :)
  12. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    My issue is that even though I've used zsilver since the old rewards system got phased out (without warning to anyone beforehand), I barely have 62k and now I'm supposed to deal with spending a majority of that within 1yr?? I don't think it would hurt Razer to allow people to save beyond that point if those users are still being active in the program.

    My idea is that if they allowed users to earn zsilver in more than just a few other ways than p2p; something like: 10% of your total amount spent (before tax and s&h) on an order in the razerstore is converted to zsilver.

    Still a nice rewards program, despite the growing prices for the rewards
  13. TwistedOwl

    TwistedOwl Member

    Deep inside I hope nothing is going to change. Even after recent updates it's still good program!
  14. NotThisAgain

    NotThisAgain Active Member

    Well, this is the internet after all and what is the predominant attitude on the internet NEGATIVITY, this shouldn't come as a surprise. If you are doing anything in an open format on the internet it will always seem to go bad with all the negativity, those asshats (for lack of a better word) are the problem. Happy people seem to go their way without making much stink, I would think that the happy far outweigh the asshats.

    So there is a solution, rather than making all the happy people suffer because their happy and quiet, nail the asshats that cause disturbance and bad vibes with their negativity.

    It's your site and program, your show that you are in control of, so don't put up with the Negative Nancy's. Kick them to the curb, you know who they are, so remove them, shut down the asshats accounts. They are your guest in your house kick them out, simple.

    Don't spoil a great program for people who appreciate it because the asshats have big mouths and like to shoot them off. Get rid of them there not needed.
  15. thund3rbird

    thund3rbird New Member

    I had never owned a Razer product but thanks to this program through which I was able to own atleast 1 Razer product.I have always been a true fan of Razer products.I am enjoying this Razer Mouse which i redeemed using Zsilver.Thank you very much Min.
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  16. Razerfirebrick

    Razerfirebrick New Member

    So, we should stop using the service now? I mean if you are going to suspend it or cancel it all together we shouldn't get our hopes up from saving? Are you telling us to "cash out" before you suspend Zsilver?

    This left me with more questions than answers.
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  17. SomnusXV

    SomnusXV Member

    Don't listen on those negative reviews man. Keep it up you are doing good work. It is just that there are too many non Razer fans who are greedy and want to get those peripherals for free and gain some profit from it.
  18. triinoxys

    triinoxys New Member

    Thanks to the zSilver & P2P program, I got a Kitty Ears for Razer Kraken, Worth It!
    Thank you!
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  19. VacuumoV

    VacuumoV New Member

    I really appreciate your effort but with shipping which costs more than the "free"product or the product bought from 3rd party can cost less, you are killing it. Only specific countries actually make a deal, others are with insane shipping methods, 3rd kind of countries are with only 1 shipping method, 4th kind of countries are not even in the list, with it so it will never make you a global program which is your purpose. Moreover, what about the countries in the Paid-to-play list which are just sitting around (like China, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia,..) because these countries were able for shipping for a while and then from no where stopped. Only answer by your staff was "soon will return". It's like more than half a year LMAO, get serious.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  20. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    Yes. Even though they may come up with a solution they like, they may also shut it down. Buy what you can now and then wait for their final decision.
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