Revisit: The Razer Mechanical Switches

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. xSirAndrew

    xSirAndrew Member

    Agreed this is awesome can't believe haven't seen it till now. Razer Green switchs are awesome though love the clicky sound.
  2. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    The sound is very satisfying
  3. xSirAndrew

    xSirAndrew Member

    I know right its amazing. I don't know why anyone would want silent switches, some people complain about the clicky sound but I love it.
  4. pfchiu

    pfchiu Member

    Love the sound as well! Adds to the gaming enjoyment.
  5. planefreshDodgerBlue301

    planefreshDodgerBlue301 Active Member

    "tak tak tak" ftw
  6. JGooch

    JGooch New Member

    I have tried them and it is not that huge a difference from the old ones
  7. 951102075665

    951102075665 Member

    Wow!! This is amazing!!
  8. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Just got the Blackwidow X tournament edition to replace the Logitech G910 Orion Spark which I gave to my son and I have to say the razer switches are much nicer to type on then the Romer G switches. About the only things I miss from the orion spark are the textured key caps and the arks dock. From lights to switches to programs I think the Razer board is much better.

    I also have to say that the Razer switches are the closest in terms of sound and feel to a real typewriter keyboard in a good way.
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  9. SiNN94

    SiNN94 Active Member

    Got one BW X. I enjoy every gaming times with the keyboard sound. This is amazing!!
  10. does razer have a switch that's hard to press?
  11. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I think the ultimate blackwidow has MX cherry blue, the rest of the boards have the green and orange razer switches from greetech and the older boards have the Kaihl razer switches. I would assume the blues would be the hardest to press? I think you would want something with the Cherry MX green if you wanted something hard to press. I don't think any of the razer boards have cherry mx green.
  12. RunninBearPoo

    RunninBearPoo Member

    when are you guys gonna offer the Orange switches to the Blackwidow X line?
  13. Blizzshot

    Blizzshot New Member

    Always lkove the switches!
  14. ONREY_no_id

    ONREY_no_id Member

  15. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    Good one razer:thumbsup:

    I love mechanical switches great work razer
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  16. Ghostye

    Ghostye New Member

    Working good for me.
  17. Milioti

    Milioti Member

    Interesting thing I found out while using the razer blackwidow chroma and chroma X. The sound of the keys are different, and personally I prefer the chroma X. No idea why. but it feels and sound better than the BW Chroma. anyone any thoughts on this?
  18. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    That actuation point and reset really is the sweet spot.
    Fantastic job Razer
  19. upRustyRedsleek961

    upRustyRedsleek961 New Member

    Blackwidow chroma or Blackwidow X Chroma??
  20. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    It could be that one of your keyboards have Kailh switches while the other has Greetech. that might cause them to have a bit of a different feel and noise if they are from different manufactures
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