Score zSilver with the new Razer Insider Achievements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. poh2ho

    poh2ho Well-Known Member

    It took me a few hours before it is claimable. Perhaps give it a day or two.
  2. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    some tasks involve asking an admin to step in, like for me, I need to verify/prove that I went to a Razer Event in person. there is no automated way, to redeem those points.

    one achievement that took ages to see points, is the owning a razer laptop one ... if youre in that boat, just wait it out
  3. This is the most awesome feature.
  4. xxSmyl

    xxSmyl New Member

  5. Kel1994

    Kel1994 New Member

    how many post omg
  6. GeboBUR

    GeboBUR New Member

    Trophies doesnt seems to work, im using Razer Synapse 3 beta and didnt get rewarded, i also vote for next month and didnt get rewarded too
  7. Leraser

    Leraser New Member

    Earn Earn Earn More Silver!!
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  8. poh2ho

    poh2ho Well-Known Member

    I believe the rewards will be awarded on the next month after you've voted.
  9. Roobean

    Roobean New Member

    Glad these exist. Sweet to get extra zSilver!
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  10. Plan-B128

    Plan-B128 New Member

    Great to meet the community :D
  11. A.Fathoni

    A.Fathoni New Member

    i cant get the reward from that achievment.....
  12. Lubriel

    Lubriel New Member

    that seems nice
  13. drazenosijek

    drazenosijek New Member

    it's even more than nice :) :)
  14. CyprusOn

    CyprusOn New Member

    Great rewards :)
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  15. Destroyer699

    Destroyer699 New Member

    [QUOTE = "Hescar, post: 330938, membro: 32201"] 'isso é ótimo! Olhando para ganhar mais zsilver! [/ QUOTE]
    espero compra pelomenos um teclado
  16. HyperLittleBoy

    HyperLittleBoy New Member

  17. azls73

    azls73 Member

    My First Vault Points Redemption after scoring 26k - Razer Goliathus Control Fissure - Medium !! Thank You,,Razer !!
  18. azls73

    azls73 Member

    Mr Razer You have my Respect Sir for the idea of integration and execute them !! It was Genius all in one single click !!
    Best Regards
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  19. Ryadait

    Ryadait New Member

    Good job team!
  20. Zekkee

    Zekkee Well-Known Member

    Since I saw the new requirements for the Zsilver, I have been demoralized.. Initially the requirement was for 8 months of grinding for the keyboard but for 14 months of grinding just makes it impossible.
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