Sharing my Razer support disappointing experience

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Hellsend, Nov 6, 2016.

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  1. TarekHadwa

    TarekHadwa Member

    First of all this is not a request for support, I already have a case I only want to share my experience.

    Case: 00879016

    Let me start again since my post was deleted and it didn't violate any of the forum or community rules. Also, I got no answer, message or notification of any kind from them about the post or about support.

    my first post that is still up

    my second post that was deleted

    My case number 00879016

    In June, I asked for a RMA for my Razer Blade 2015 qhd+ because It has several issues:

    the screen had dead and stuck pixels, also it had screen bleeding

    the fans made a clicking noise

    the bottom rubber band had peeled off

    if you touched the metal part next to the touchpad and keyboard you got an electric shock

    the system overheated a lot

    The RMA number RMAREZ-156910 was assigned to me, I sent the notebook and Razer received it the 12th of July, after a few days it was sent back to me.

    I was assured in an email that the product was fixed and had passed all quality controls in their repair center.

    My surprise came a about a week later when I tested the notebook and I was unable to play any game at all. I checked in device manager and I realized it had an error under the 970m

    Error code 43, after talking with Razer and trying things out for about a month, they agreed to send me a boot drive to see id that fixed the issue.

    I tried 5 clean windows 10 installs, 3 clean windows 8 installs, razer intel drivers, razer nvidia drivers, latest nvidia drivers, latest intel drivers and nothing. I always got the error code 43 under device manager. I Contacted Nvidia and they told me this was probably a hardware issue and that I should ask for a new RMA, I contacted Microsoft and they told me the same thing.

    I told Razer support that I preferred to send the notebook to RMA because I didnt think that a bootdrive could do anything that I didn’t tried before. They refused to accept and RMA and told me to just wait for the boot drive.

    the first boot drive that never arrived and got shipped back to them (they didn't gave me an explanation)

    Order #*: RMAREZ-162472
    Order Date*: 08/08/2016
    Shipment carrier*: USPS
    Tracking #*: LN459645608US

    After 2 months of waiting they finally (because they refused several times) to send me a new boot drive.

    Order #: RMAREZ-169705
    Order Date: 10/07/2016
    Shipment carrier: UPS
    Tracking #: 1Z90X1520319872033

    this bootdrive also never arrived!

    So, after contacting them again, and again they agreed to send a third bootdrive and continued to refuse accepting me to send the notebook to RMA until I tried the bootdrive.

    And they told me that they would charge me for repairs, because the notebook was out of warranty.

    So I looked up their warranty policy

    Which stated “Repaired or exchanged Products shall be warranted free from defects for a period of ninety (90) days after date of repair or exchange (as the case may be), or for the remainder of the original Warranty Period, whichever is longer.”

    And only after this they told me not to worry that they would cover the repair if needed.

    Finally, the last bootdrive arrived, I tried it several times, and the issue still persist.

    Shipment carrier: FedEx
    Order Date*: 10/31/2016
    Tracking #: 701699047418

    I contacted support and I still have no answer from them.

    What frustrates me is that I have been waiting for almost 5 months!!! And whats worse is that they deleted the post

    Which said pretty much the same that this one.

    So I am saving this post in a *.docx, and in the case is gets deleted for no reason I will contact my lawyer, and post it all over reddit, internet, every forum I find, and I will also put all the conversations I have with support so that everyone sees the way you treat customers.

    Instead of mistreating your customers, try to care for them. I really hope this gets to them, so that no one is treated this way again.

    I am very disappointed and frustrated, I bought several items from them including
    • 2 mamba
    • 1 chroma mamba wireless
    • Firefly
    • Deathstalker ultimate
    • Tiamat 7.1
    • Man o War chroma
    • Tartarus chroma
    • Orochi
    • Tron Keyboard, mouse and mousepad
    • Blade qhd 2015
    • Blade qhd 2016
    • Blackwidow chroma stealth
    • Razer Core
    • Razer Blade Armor Case
    • Lycosa
    • Hammerhead pro
    • Headphone stand
    • Razer Naga chroma
    • Blackwidows battlefield 4
    • Adaro Wireless

    And many other, so you can see that I am a very good customer, and I don’t feel by anyway retributed.

    Please Razer, don't be evil! and help people who support you

    *Edited to add Fedex tracking number
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  2. Makyura

    Makyura Member

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  3. TarekHadwa

    TarekHadwa Member

    they told me the same thing, PM me, and that was 3 months ago!

    Read your post pretty much the same situation than me, I feel sorry for you I hope your laptop gets fixed and that at least you get compensated.
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  4. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    damn that's probably one of the worst cases I've read so far

    I've also shared a story on this forum a while ago, but not as bad as yours ofc, and it got locked up and what bugs me the most, the title got changed from
    "A bit dissapointed by the Razer store" to "the Razer store" , which I do consider as some sort of censorship...

    In my opinion however these stories are one of the main reason I'm still not convinced of buying one of their systems, yes there are a lot of happy customers but as long as I'm not 100% sure that the support is worth the 2000$ I'm not getting one
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  5. TarekHadwa

    TarekHadwa Member

  6. TarekHadwa

    TarekHadwa Member

    Before this experience I was a fan of Razer, bought almost every product they have made, and I was considering getting the new Blade Pro, but after this trouble I dont think its worth it.
  7. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Essentially spamming the internet with your issues isn't going to get the issue resolved any quicker. I'm afraid you would be faced with exactly the same support issues if you bought another brand of laptop. Keep speaking to Razer Support, and you'll get your issue resolved. Be patient.

    As to the reason your posts get deleted or closed, this just isn't the place to talk about support issues. It's against the house rules, and here's why.

    Firstly, this is not a support forum and no one from the Razer Support team read these forums. If they did, they'd be spending too much time sifting through meaningless posts instead of dealing with the more important issues raised through the support pages. This is definitely not the place to write threats either. If you want to get a lawyer involved, do so via the support emails.

    Secondly, any brand would want to prevent too many negative posts in their forums and instead deal with them via the support pages and emails. As @j.i has pointed out, he's not convinced about buying a Blade due to the negative posts, but what about all the people who haven't been faced with any problems?

    Put it this way, out of say 25,000 people who buy a Blade Stealth, 3 people post negatively on the forums because they've run into issues and do it as loud as you have... what about the other 24,997 people who haven't posted? Companies like Razer would prefer to prevent people making decisions based off of a few unhappy customers.

    Another thing worth pointing out is that most mods on this forum are volunteers such as myself. We're not defending Razer, we're on your side. You just need to do it the right way, and for this reason, I will be closing this thread.
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