Suspicious "Out of Stock" Items

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by playnasc, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. playnasc

    playnasc Active Member

    Knowing that the CES Sale is happening (soon?), I'm assuming everyone already has planned what one item they want to buy.

    Personally I was going for a Blackwidow Ultimate, but its out of stock. So instead I decided to go for a Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth which was in stock yesterday, HOWEVER as of right now (1/10) it is out of stock. So I'm left with the only option of buying the Blackwidow Chroma

    The Blades were ALL in stock YESTERDAY, every single model was in stock (128gb,256gb,512gb)
    But if you check right now, there is not a single Blade unit in stock (not even the 14 inch one)

    Now think about this, we all know that there is a massive sale going down on the 12th. So why would anyone buy a $2000+ laptop TODAY when they know they could get it for 30% off on the 12th?
    I could understand a few units being sold, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!

    I've also just noticed that the Seiren's (and Seiren Bundles) are out of stock as of today, how coincidental.

    Next thing you'll know, the Blackwidow Chromas will be out, the Deathadder will be out ( I think you see the picture here)

    Something just doesn't add up.
    Isn't it convenient that the sale does't apply to "Out of Stock Items"?
    I find it too convenient that most of their flagship products are "Out of Stock" right before a big sale like this.

    Let me know what you think down below, I hope this whole conspiracy is not just me.
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  2. flamesser

    flamesser New Member

    Wow, i guess they were pre-orders? I am not sure ..but hopefully somebody can clarify on this.
  3. itsvarn

    itsvarn New Member

    they could have a resupply set up for the sale and when it goes live on the 12th those items may come back into stock
  4. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Sorry to hear that you feel that way - as far as I know the RazerStore has been adjusting items in preparation of the Mega Sale to avoid issues of fans here buying full priced items to encounter this sale immediately the next.

    We would appreciate if questions like these would be phrased in a less accusatory manner i.e. calling this a 'conspiracy', 'suspicious' etc., because subsequent speculation will only serve to derail the topic of conversation.

    With that I will proceed to lock this thread.
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