[Synapse 3 update] // 05-Apr-2018 // Release announcement and discussion

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Razer_TheFiend, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hello everyone,

    We have released a new update for Synapse 3 today, which adds support for 3 additional devices.

    - Blackwidow Chroma (including special editions e.g. Overwatch, Deus Ex etc)
    - Naga Chroma
    - Naga Hex V2

    Since the last update, we have also added the Nanoleaf pairing tool to the Chroma workshop, so if you are a user of Nanoleaf Aurora panels, head over to this link to check out how you can make them work with Chroma.

    We have been hard at work over the past 6 weeks fixing many of the bugs reported via the feedback system. Thanks to all the users who have been reporting bugs and sharing their logs. They're very useful for us to identify root cause of the bugs and resolve them.

  2. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    What to expect over the next couple of months

    - Big performance improvements : We are working heavily on improving the performance and responsiveness of the software and expect to make massive improvements over the next couple of releases

    - Feature enhancements : Some of the improvement items that we have shortlisted based on strong and consistent community feedback will be implemented, and rolled out as they get done.

    - Bug fixes : We've had a fair amount of bug reports since our 2 previous releases brought over a large number of Synapse 2 users to Synapse 3. We will be focusing on fixing all bugs that we possibly can. Once again, these are issues that aren't experienced by majority of users, so they slip through our QA process. We depend upon the community to report such corner case issues to us and are 100% determined to resolve all of them.

    However, going through vast event logs and determining the root cause of such corner-case issues one by one takes a lot of time, so we will be temporarily suspending addition of any "big" features or any more legacy devices until we have fixed all the bugs that we possibly can. We think it's worth it to work on all these bug fixes first rather than migrate more users who might see the same bugs later and be dissatisfied with the new software. We feel this is the best way forward for everyone.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
  3. Wontollaz

    Wontollaz Active Member


    Thank you, I'll check tonight with my Mamba TE as it was not being shown in the Chroma area, I've created an SR for it.
  4. Ringowu1234

    Ringowu1234 Member

    I have a Naga Hex V2, and I gotta say, Synapse 3 is 10 times easier to use than Synapse 2.

    Big thanks to the team who worked on this update. Finally all my Chroma devices can be synced together.
  5. Hannah_GBS

    Hannah_GBS New Member

    Just sent in a feedback message about this, but it appears the lighting for the Naga Chroma is a bit broken at the moment, at least for me (had no issues in Synapse 2 at all).

    The scroll-wheel light is only showing red+green light it seems, with blue completely absent from the mix, and the thumb pad is not lighting up at all.
  6. treben

    treben New Member

    While it's disappointing to see the Blackwidow X Chroma TE still not supported for the foreseeable future, performance improvements and bug fixes are always welcome. Keep up the good work.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
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  7. WindFox

    WindFox New Member

    Aww man. I just have one device left that need to move over (Orbweaver). Granted, bug squishing is good, so there's that. Hopefully, you guys figure out my 2 issues with S3: Slow transitions between modules and it not respecting switch off lighting when display is turned off and Windows is locked. (Of course now I have to add another device to the list of nightlights.)
  8. schmee8

    schmee8 Active Member

  9. Wontollaz

    Wontollaz Active Member


    Mamba TE issues solved also, Blackwidow Chroma detected and working. Just a few questions, how can I export / import chroma config from Synapse 2 to Synapse 3?, in Synapse 3 how can copy the configuration from one mouse to another? I've Lancehead in my laptop and I want the same config in Mamba TE in my desktop.

    Cool work!!.
  10. Kaylinah

    Kaylinah New Member

    I have the Naga Chroma, and since Synapse 3 is compatible with it, i can change my wheel button on it.
    I want to add previous and next option on it (to use on web page, left wheel to previous page and right wheel to next page), but it doesnt exist on Synapse 3.

    On Synapse 2, it works well before.

    Thx for your help.
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  11. Ringowu1234

    Ringowu1234 Member

    Back and Foward are actually alt+left and right arrows. You can just set it as key combination.
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  12. Kaylinah

    Kaylinah New Member

    Oh, thx a lot, i had'nt thought about it.
  13. schmee8

    schmee8 Active Member

    alt+left is also mouse button 4 and alt+right is mouse button 5 when using synapse. if you do the alt combos, for some reason it didn't work in windows explorer, for me at least
  14. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    This is not a known issue for us. We'll take look at the logs in your feedback ticket, thanks!

    We actually included a speculative fix for this in the March patch. Please try creating a new Chroma Studio profile and checking if this still happens. I'll reopen the bug with the engineering team if the bug still persists. Thanks for the report!

    Lighting profiles for Synapse 2 and Synapse 3 are not inter-compatible (since Synapse 3 supports multiple-devices per profile). We have setup a pilot section for Synapse 3 profiles on the workshop and will be updating it regularly based on user-submissions.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
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  15. schmee8

    schmee8 Active Member

    I created a new chroma profile and the issue still occurs, that when you click to leave the chroma profile creator, and then click back, it resets the HDK placement.

    Also, when using the ripple effect (not sure if effecting other effects as is the specific nature of the ripple) the ripple effect is showing backwards on the preview, but the actual output to the hardware is correct.

    I've linked a video below to better detail it

  16. Wontollaz

    Wontollaz Active Member


    I´ve created from scratch my old profiles from Synapse 2 to Synapse 3, is curious how the Chroma settings are linked to the mouse only, I miss the old way of swap profiles using a keys combination, it can be done in the same way in Synapse 3?.
  17. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member


    What's up with Synapse 2 and 3 being downloaded via Windows Update? With Synapse 2, it happens while setting up Windows after a format while Synapse 3 happens on a regular Windows Update. Neither are installed since I want to wait for the Kraken 7.1 V2 to be available in Synapse 3 before installing it.

    Also, noticed that Synapse 3 doesn't save the profiles to the device if the software is closed unlike Synapse 2.
  18. Mottzilla

    Mottzilla Member

    Anyone else have issues with Updater just hanging on installing?
  19. WindFox

    WindFox New Member

    I've got a question: How do I get more slots in the Razer Menu? (This might be more Central than Synapse.)
    I now have 4 devices that work with S3 (out of 5) and when I click on the Razer Central icon it only shows 3. This is kinda annoying since my mouse is the one pushed off the list.

    Personally, I'd like it if the Razer Menu was dynamically resized depending on the number of devices attached (with a minimum of course). But some sort of option to change the number of devices (and maybe reordering the list, too) would be nice.

    Worst case scenario: Just how can I reorder the list? If I'm stuck at 3, then I'd like to be able to put the 3 most useful devices on the list (keyboard, mouse, and my sidepad when it finally moves to S3.)

    Edit: I r dum. I found the scroll bar. Still; I'd like to be able to reorder the list so I don't have to scroll for my input devices. Also, that scroll bar is very well hidden. Maybe NOT have it just a 5~10% darker grey on a dark grey background?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  20. schmee8

    schmee8 Active Member

    You can also scroll using the scroll wheel.
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