[Synapse 3 update] // 23-Jul-2018 // Release announcement

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Razer_TheFiend, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Unfortunately, I don't have any visibility into that myself (I'm from the Synapse team). Please reach out to the customer support team so that they can assist you regarding that particular issue.
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  2. NeroAugustus

    NeroAugustus New Member

    How did you clean the temp files?

    EDIT: updated EC fw, clean installed Synapse, cleaned windows temporary files, I still have the bug...
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  3. NahuelCC

    NahuelCC Member

    Thanks for the update :smile_:, the software feels quicker and more responsive. It solved a lot of the issues I was having.

    The only two remaining bugs I can report are the following:
    • The "Type Text" function randomly stops working. It wont work for assigned keys, nor inside a macro. I have to reset my PC to get it to work again.
    • BlackWidow Chroma v2. The lighting for the on-the-fly macro recorder is more broken than before. On the previous version, all the LEDs switched off and when you pressed a key it didn't light up with green (like how it's supposed to do). Now with this update, the LEDs doesn't even switch off.
  4. Does Razer have a feedback/requests page or do we just post them on this forum? If it does were is link if not, maybe something like this https://feedback.discordapp.com/forums/326712-discord-dream-land.
    Honestly, I hadn't upgraded synapse in like months and after a Windows Refresh Synapse 2.0 was acting retarded and would not see my device, hence support, hence recommendation and notification that yes my device in now supported by 3.0. Installed 3.0 and begin to use it and hot damn it is smooth like butter and actually works. Only thing I am really missing is the keytracker, I enjoyed seeing the redness of my spacebar after pvp.
  5. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    There still isn't a single headphone update for Synapse 3? I get that there are many devices that many users want to be updated for Synapse 3 (such as the Orbweaver for myself) but it isn't even possible to have a full Razer Chroma ecosystem since there are currently no Razer headphones compatible with Synapse 3. Not the Kraken, ManO'War, or Tiamat is compatible with Razer Synapse 3 so it's currently impossible to have a full Chroma setup. Since Razer recently announced third party Chroma support, would we have to resort to that instead of a first party Razer product?

    If I were to make a little selfish request though, I would be happy if the Gunmetal Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 would get the next Synapse 3 update. :grin:
  6. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Just as a note (You likely saw it) but they have suspended adding new products to Synapse 3 (Other then brand new releases like the Mamba Elite, Huntsman etc..) back a couple months ago, to iron out all of the bugs first. I think this is a good thing, because the last thing I want is to have headsets and stuff added and have them bug out and not work right.

    On the good side though, all variations of the Kraken 7.1 V2's should be supported on release since as far as I know, the gunmetal and mercury editions are just colored and nothing is changed internally.
  7. WindFox

    WindFox New Member

    This update mostly fixes my long standing issue with the lights off with monitor off. Even though it does take some time for that to occur, but I'm cool with that. Now the only light I have to deal with is the "SWEET RAVE PARTY" my case fan does. That and the now annoying issue that my monitor wakes back up every so often without any input from any device. It didn't do that before this update.
  8. diffsky

    diffsky New Member

    Since installing this update on my Razer Blade 2018 15.6, Synapse doesn't autostart in windows when starting from powered off. When this happens I'm unable to write any text into the Cortana search. bar, or in Microsoft Edge (though google chrome works). I did not have an issue with Synapse not autostarting before this update.
  9. frytom

    frytom New Member

    Same thing here. Always have to manually start synapse 3.0 after last synapse 3.0 update. Very disappointing.
  10. Praak94

    Praak94 New Member

    I confirm, no more issues with idle 12W, but it does not start automatically.
  11. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    Seems like there's a new 21.98MB update pushed out today with no changelog, @RazerThe_Fiend any goodies there? :)

    EDIT: Well, I can see at least one "feature", this "update" just uninstalled the Macro and Chroma modules I had installed already, wth... had to reinstall them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  12. frytom

    frytom New Member

    new update .72014 is highly unstable: sometimes it autostarts, sometimes it doesn't.
  13. razerwit

    razerwit New Member

    Same for me. And even if it starts, it sometimes does not automatically switch profiles, I have to restart Razer Central Service to make it working.
  14. diffsky

    diffsky New Member

    I contacted Razer Support about the lack of autostart and got the below instructions for a "clean re-install". So far this seems to be working for me in that synapse is starting reliably *but* synapse is taking much longer to actually start than before - it's several seconds after login before my keyboard lighting is applied. Before this version it was almost instantly after login.

    1. Go to the Control Panel of your computer.
    2. Open “Programs and Features”.
    3. Look for Synapse, right click on it and select Repair.
    4. Reboot the computer when done with the Repair.

    If you still have the same issue, we suggest to do a clean reinstall of Synapse 3. Just to make sure that the software was reinstalled properly, please follow the instructions below in doing a clean reinstall of Synapse 3:

    1. Go to Apps and Features and uninstall Synapse, as well as Chroma SDK if present from there.
    2. Delete all files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer and C:\ProgramData\Razer directories.
    The ProgramData folder is hidden by default, to unhide it:

    a. Go back to your main C drive ( C:\).
    b. Click on the “View” tab and put a check on the Hidden Items box under “Show/Hide”.
    c. The ProgramData folder will appear in the C drive.
    d. Open the ProgramData folder and delete the Razer folder inside it.

    3. To avoid any residual files from corrupting the installation, reboot your computer.
    4. After rebooting, go to the Device Manager, go to Keyboards and Audio inputs and outputs - mouse and other pointing devices, uninstall HID Keyboard and Mouse Drivers and all other Razerproduct drivers. Be sure to select delete drivers as well when uninstalling.
    5. Reboot the computer for the second time.
    6. After rebooting, access the link below to download the ".NET Framework offline installer", and run it. This will help install Synapse properly on your computer:
    7. After that, download Synapse 3 from this link: https://www.razerzone.com/synapse-3
    8. Turn off the anti-virus software and firewall of your computer. Then run/install Synapse as administrator.
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  15. frytom

    frytom New Member

    the repairing function works, but it shows, how poorly the update-routine is implemented within the synapse 3 code.
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  16. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    Yeah I'm not gonna reinstall Synapse for the 4th time in the last 21 days thank you very much
  17. If you don't fix the issues of synapse 3 not starting immediately, I will bring my new Naga Trinity back to the store and NEVER buy another razer product again and I've been using Razer for years, spent about 1k already.... Razer Synapse 3 still doesn't start and while searching for solutions I found out that it has been many MONTHS that way (there also were other problems)
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  18. Quango2k

    Quango2k Member

    now cannot change key colours in chroma! also, game profiles keep losing settings. Yet again, you fix some issues, introduce even more..same crap, different day.
  19. NomisNirrad

    NomisNirrad New Member

    I had zero problems until this update, now I have duplicate profiles? Uninstall and reinstall, uninstall reinstall. It seems almost every update causes me to have to reset my Chroma preferences too. This gets old so I fixed it permanently this time. I just uninstalled it and now it won't break any more and I can guarantee that because I am not reinstalling anymore!!! So just uninstall Synapse 3 and forget about it!
    Razer Cortex? I wouldn't trust Razer with software that optimizes my pc with all of the trouble Synapse 3 gave me, sorry guys the Black Widow keyboard, Basilisk mouse, Death Adder Elite mouse and Firefly mouse pad are great but the software leaves a lot to be desired. And this is on a fresh load of Windows 10!
    Maybe in the future if I get bored I will reinstall but I am taking a break from Razer software for the time being.
  20. PalZer0

    PalZer0 Member

    I've noticed this too. I thought it was triggered by a Windows Insider build (currently on rs_prerelease 18204).

    It seems to be something in the Razer Synapse Service that is causing this behaviour from my own testing. Tried exiting Synapse from the right-click menu of Razer Central but my monitor still woke up by itself randomly Had a restart where the service didn't start automatically (a separate issue) and the issue didn't occur.

    My Synapse 3 devices are a BlackWidow Chroma V2, Firefly and Lancehead TE.
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