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Synapse issues

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by RazerBlade22, Sep 28, 2018.

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  1. RazerBlade22

    RazerBlade22 New Member

    Hey guys!

    So I was using only the old synapse, that was my favorite, but now that I have a Base station chroma, I can't control that from the old one, so I had to install the new Synapse 3 beta.

    So I have the following peripherals:
    -ManOwar wireless
    -Mamba chroma (wireless)
    -BW chroma v2
    -Base station chroma.

    I don't like it because now the old synapse shows 2 peripherals (mouse and headsets) and the new synapse has the keyboard, mousepad and the base station. And right now I can't control them from 1 place. Even more interesting that I can't even control the keyboard for example. Yesterday I had multiple colors, and wanted the Wave effect, without success. Right now when I'm typing I have a static blue effect on it, no matter if I press WAVE and apply to all chroma devices, it doesn't work!

    What is happening?! And is it serious that we can't control all our Razer peripherals from one place? None of my stuff are old ones, so that's not an excuse.


    Offtopic question: Is there a possibility to have a wave effect on the Mamba's dock charger?


    EDIT 1: I noticed that sometimes the Wave effect is on, I am still not sure when. But when it's not, then all the peripherals in synapse 3 beta are frozen in the wave effect, they have all the colors in different areas, but they are frozen, not doing the effect as they should.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
  2. DabaronDaFox

    DabaronDaFox Member

    Synapse 3.0 is still in beta. Older razer products do not work on it.
  3. RazerBlade22

    RazerBlade22 New Member

    Which of my peripherals are old, seriously? Basically now the old razer synapse does not recognize new ones, and the new razer synapse does not recognize the old ones, and I can't apply the same chroma effect to all of them.

    Also, why is my keyboard mousepad and base station behaving this weirdly? Why I can't apply chroma to them whenever I want?
  4. razer.winteryang

    razer.winteryang Ice Bear Staff Member

    I sent you a PM to help you out. Please check your inbox.
  5. mpX-MitcheLL

    mpX-MitcheLL New Member

    Im having similar problem here.

    My Blackwidow Chroma v1 are working great on synapse 3 but my Mamba (wireless) is not even recognized in synapse 3 and I have to use both synapse v3 and v2

    Thats ok, buut every time I turn my computer on, my Mamba loses all the configs and I have to reconfig it all over again

    I'm tired of this dual Driver thing...

    btw, Mamba Wireless is now officialy suported on synapse 3, but (again) my Mamba is "older" then the officially suported version......
  6. razer.winteryang

    razer.winteryang Ice Bear Staff Member

    Hey @mpX-MitcheLL, if you can send me the serial number of your device via PM. I'd like to check on this. Thanks
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