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Synapse Not Starting On Boot

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by PlasmaWaffle, Sep 27, 2018.

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  1. PlasmaWaffle

    PlasmaWaffle New Member

    I've been having problems since a recent update where Synapse doesn't open properly on boot.
    At first it just didn't open at all and I had to manually start it after my computer booted. Now I get an error saying that it failed to start & prompts me to try again - it works after trying again, but is bloody annoying when starting my computer.

    I just talked to a friend who has been having the same problem - anybody else experiencing this?
    I'm running Windows 7.
  2. Dracheherr

    Dracheherr New Member

    I'm having this same problem on Windows 10. Will not boot with the computer. At first it wouldn't even start. I uninstalled all the razer software and reinstalled it with no success. Then I uninstalled all the Nvidia software and drives for another reason, and decided to try uninstalling it again at the time and not it works but wont boot with the computer.
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  3. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    Yeah, this happens to me too with the recent Synapse 3.0 update, very annoying. My guess is that it tries to access the account before LAN drivers are loaded to the system so the synapse can't access internet connection. This would explain why it does load Synapse moments later. The problem is that we have to still click that message once or twice - this needs fix. Win 7.
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  4. NahuelCC

    NahuelCC Member

    I'm having the same problem after updating to 3.3.918.91818
  5. Devilmans666

    Devilmans666 New Member

    Synapse 3 is garbage. I have a brand new pair of Kraken Tourney Edition headsets and they only crackle now. It only started since the Synapse update. Total junk.
  6. MightyArmchair

    MightyArmchair New Member

    I have the same problem as well. Have to turn it on everytime... It doesn't even show up in startup tab of task manager.
  7. Devilmans666

    Devilmans666 New Member

    My RMA email is coming. Gonna return the headset so I don’t have to use their glitchy resource hog of an app. Went with HyperX.
  8. NahuelCC

    NahuelCC Member

    @RazerThe_Fiend I didn't have this issue before this update. Now your "fix" broke it.
    Could you please fix this simple bug? or at least give us the option to roll back to a previous version.

    Using your software is really frustrating.
  9. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    This is startup windows load issue file who run synapse on startup is corrupted i recomend to reinstall to remove this file and make sure you do clean install all files after remove must be removed.
  10. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    Instead of waiting for Razer support I managed to solve this myself. The problem really is that it loads way too fast. Setting a delay for Razer programs eliminates the synapse startup error. But for some reason i still see razer loading logo and synapse itself even when i have show splash log disabled.

    How to set up a delay a test this yourself if it will work for you? Either a third party program or this: (for win 7)
    1) Win key + R
    2) type services.msc
    3) find all Razer programs and set start up to Automatic (Delayed start)

    Somewhat worked for me.
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