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Tablet games

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by sainix, Jan 12, 2015.

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  1. sainix

    sainix Member

    What is a game that you play on you're tablet and really enjoy?
  2. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    Hearthstone, got no knowledge of any other tablet games so will gladly read more about that.
  3. yannickverc_no_id

    yannickverc_no_id Active Member

    Can strongly recommend Hearthstone. I'm getting a tablet just to play hearthstone on the go.
  4. fares_no_id

    fares_no_id New Member

    Hearthstone ans angry bird epic
  5. ainenGaming

    ainenGaming New Member

    Hearthstone, as others have said, is a great tablet game. Banner Saga and Anomaly Defenders are also some really good games. The Room 1/2 are good puzzle games and Monument Valley is good on any device you choose to play it on.
  6. creampudding

    creampudding New Member

    for me, all about puzzle and dragons
  7. M1kuo

    M1kuo New Member

    currently playing Crusader Quest... its fun!
  8. fetus8

    fetus8 New Member

    Device 6 is an entertaining game, but I do really like having all the Telltale Games on my iPad too.
  9. tklderrick

    tklderrick New Member

    currently playing metal slug 1-3, x.

    they are such good old classic on tablets! :)
  10. The Avatar game made a few years ago is GREAT on tablets. I also enjoy hearthstone.
  11. mkuna

    mkuna New Member

    Hearthstone and Angry Birds
  12. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    I loved the game on the computer so its awesome that I can now play it on the go without having to lug around my laptop in order to do so. :D
  13. Haden2

    Haden2 New Member

    Five nights at freddys
  14. 061113_xf_rzr

    061113_xf_rzr New Member

    I love unooooooooooo! Its my favorite tablr game! Can have more friends play together'
  15. Synapticbeat

    Synapticbeat New Member

    Bridge builder is excellent.
  16. Badnewsblair

    Badnewsblair Member

    Would love to check out XCOM on my iPad!

    An oldie but goodie is Swords and Sworcery! Please play with headphones! The music/ambient is amazing!
  17. jBrepins

    jBrepins New Member

    If you like old school turn based fighting like, Brave Frontier is a very addicting game. I really enjoy it and play it on anything that has an app store or a tablet.
  18. None, tablet game are for kids
  19. WinnieThePimp

    WinnieThePimp New Member

    currenty play alot of clash of clans an boom beach
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