That is it for the CES 2016 sale?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by piasraspear333, Jan 15, 2016.

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  1. Memfisto

    Memfisto New Member

    That's true. I went on the razer store a day or two prior to the sale, I've checked several items and were already out of stock (the sale didn't begin until 18 hours later). Not that I personally mind since I gave up on buying anything after their support didn't give me the answer for the shipping rates but rather said something random, but I do agree it's a bit weird that there wouldn't at least be few pieces of every equipment for the people to fight for.
  2. ironcrow

    ironcrow Active Member

    Folks mentioned this in the razer subreddit. Some of it was innocent enough - they were just trying to hit the free shipping amount. I'm dreading reading the next wave of posts if those orders get cancelled. (Not really, I have popcorn)
  3. scratches16

    scratches16 New Member

    Nice verb usage there. I bet it really communicates how Razer values its customers. o_O

    Wow. Are you joking? They make an INCREDIBLE amount of money off a sale like this. I'll spell it out for you: they're moving massive amounts of stocked items off warehouse shelves. Business 101.
    While, individually, they might be taking a loss on each box sold (as we don't know what the margins are on the MSRPs), that's pretty irrelevant in the long run. They're selling products that they would never have sold anyway or would have sold at an extremely slow rate. The cost of these products has already been sunk, and even more money is being spent by keeping them on their shelves. By moving them, that gives them more room to stock newer products that WILL sell at full MSRP while still making some or all of what was already sunk on the existing products back.
    On top of this, adding back-ordered, out of stock items to a sale like this -- while, again, they might or might not be taking a loss on each individual box -- can only be a good thing, as it adds to the public image of the company and, presumably, their products. If someone has a great experience buying your products, they're way more inclined to buy your products again in the future rather than a competitors. That -- repeat business and general goodwill -- is worth WAY more than whatever you might lose on a sale like this.

    If sales, whether like this or not, were always a total loss, no one would do them. Ever.

    Now, was I salty about not being able to pick up a Leviathan 20 minutes after the sale went live last night, because of crap infrastructure / planning on Razer's end? Sure. Would I be more willing to buy Razer products in the future if they displayed some sort of humility or mea culpa and, for example, allowed us to use unused coupon codes at other retailers? Of course. Do I care today, either way? Nope. Their loss; I have other options.
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  4. nintenshi

    nintenshi Member

    every year the same complains about the stocks lol. With sales you have to accept not being able to get what you wanted. Especially 50% off sales.
  5. jdbogaard

    jdbogaard Member

    it was a great sale and had normal product stock. Some people got stuff and some didn't but c'est la vie my friends
  6. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    Actually there is a image of a receipt that Min retweeted that had two items.

  7. Frostbriar

    Frostbriar New Member

    Have to agree that the stock levels must have been pitifully low to start with, as the items I was interested in sold out before I could get my payment deatails in, due to them bouncing items out of the basket.

    And to those that think Razer would have made a loss by having a larger selection of stocked items, Scratches 16 covered that perfectly in their post by pointing out that
    As to assume that they are making a loss (per person, per sale) you would have to assume that the person is going to go and buy that product at full price anyway. So, using myself as an example, whilst I would have happily paid £80 for a Leviathan sound bar in the sale I won't be spending £160 to buy one at normal pricing. So instead of making £80 off a sale, they have instead made £0.

    Now I am not QQing about not being able to get anything I wanted in the sale as these things happen, but what is disappointing is that it seems the stock levels allocated to the sale were so low that it was pretty much RNG as to whether you managed to get anything. Maybe a better way of doing it would have been to give Insiders a 30% discount code, and allow every insider to buy a single item during the sale period. That way the saving is enticing enough to encourage people to treat themselves to something they could not normally afford, but also gives everyone a fair and equal chance during that 24hr period.

    I mean, you have to feel a bit sorry for those people who were on their way to work when the sale started, or work in a job where you can't just drop everything to jump on the internet and bag a sale item in the first 15-30mins before anything worth having goes.
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  8. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    You have to remember Razer is not Amazon, they have a small line of specialist products. Why would they manufacture extra stock to sell at a loss? There is a fair chance that 50% is basically the markup on a lot of items anyway so there won't be profit in this sale. Razer give people the opportunity to buy things at a great price and we hear nothing but moaning that if 200,000 people can't buy a leviathan at a loss then no one should be able to. Unfortunately these people will likely ruin it for everyone.
  9. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    Here we go again.
  10. Bp_968

    Bp_968 New Member

    I agree completely with "Remedy". Razer has done these sales before and shouldn't be surprised by the turnout. They advertised a 24 hour sale so it's not really out of the realm of reason to expect them to have an abundance of stock on the popular items ready for the sale. The *manufacturer* themselves "selling out" within 60 seconds of a 24 hour sale smacks of a scam. Notice how many of the popular items will be back in stock in less than a week? Convenient right? It's easy to have a huge discount sale on your products when you purposely understock the items!

    It's a basic and sadly effective marketing ploy. People come to the sale for the "hot" items which sell out right away and a handful just walk away mad but a larger number get caught up in the "sale frenzy" and end up buying stuff they wouldn't have otherwise purchased (which is often stuff that the company wants to unload so they conveniently have plenty of stock on those items).

    Also it's worth pointing out that I checked the two big retailers for razer stuff, newegg and Amazon and they had all the keyboards and all the mice in stock. No surprise though, they will all be back in stock within a week on razers site too. It's the same trick the retailers do on black Friday with the whole "doorbusters" scam.

    I wanted one of the chroma keyboards and it would have been worth it for 80-90$, but I'm not going to spend 170$ on a keyboard, nice keys and pretty lights or not. So they can chalk that up as a lost sale, now and in the future.

  11. There are still plenty of desirable Razer products available in the store for purchase at a discount. The products are available, and Razer truly puts in the work for each of their products. If you didn't get the item you wanted, perhaps you could still take advantage of this sale and get something that you wouldn't normally buy at their MSRP. Their stock is not limited overall... it's just the ones that you desired may have been desired by plenty of other people as well.

    It is unfortunate that people didn't get what they wanted, but the sale and the limited quantity were all as advertised. There were several sources that stated that they would not touch the stock they had for the sale... meaning no pulling, but no adding as well.

    At the end of the day, they offered an opportunity and got their name out there. I for one will be going for my second choice because my first choice is sold out. I'm also perfectly okay with that.
  12. Bp_968

    Bp_968 New Member

    Take a look a the costs to produce a typical electronics project/product. A good place to look is the "teardown" sites. I'd be shocked of the were not still making money on everything they sell at 50% off with the possible exception of laptops or PCs (and notice those were not part of the 50% off?). Most 500$+ sell phones have BOMs less than 100$. Sure, that doesn't mean they can sell at 50% off at all times but it does mean it's highly unlikely they took a loss on the sale. Less profit sure, loss? not likely.

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  13. streetDrabcool270

    streetDrabcool270 New Member

    I was at my computer right when it started at 6pm PDT yesterday. Had the items, try to check out, constant "internal server error" and pages not loading. By the time I got to checkout, the keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat I wanted were sold out. This was 5 minutes after the event started.

    Now instead of being excited to get 1 or 2 items successfully, I received nothing and am turned off from buying Razer again. If their plan was marketing with a low stock number, they achieved the opposite with me.

    The funny thing is I have bought plenty of Razer items over the years (mostly Deathadders), but now I will not buy from them again. Logitech full price here I come.
  14. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    Its funny how some people just made accounts to insider just for the sale, some even made them few minutes before the sale started
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  15. streetDrabcool270

    streetDrabcool270 New Member

    Why should that matter in the slightest?
  16. Apologiesi31

    Apologiesi31 New Member

    Certainly will not purchase any products after this absolute fiasco!!
  17. thyteq

    thyteq Member

    So much hatred in this thread... I get it that some might be disappointed at the sale because they did not get what they wanted... well, BUHU!! neither did I, and you know what? I actually suspected that the item I wanted to be sold out a few seconds after the sale started... Guess what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was not surprised xD

    This sale is just like any other sale, summer sale, winter sale, black Friday sale... etc you name it. Stocks runs out, whether you like it or not.

    You are forgetting something about the sale... Razer only have this sale IF they win best of CES, they don't stock up the shelf's in preparation for the sale.
    As someone mentioned...Razer do this for us! The gamers! because they love us ^^.

    Keep in mind that it is truly remarkable for a company to win this award (even more remarkable for six years in a row).
    Razer can´t expect to win every year, but if they do, they show their appreciation to the community. Who is the community? We the gamers!
    I dont care if you are an active member on Razer insider or not, there are millions of Razer fans out there that might not even know about this forum. Who are you @xxthe_remedyxx to demand "RAIN CHECKS" just because you did not get in on the deal? And also question the sale as a whole?
    Its life! sometime you get what you want, sometimes you don't, get used to it!
    Better luck next time dude

    To you who got what you wanted I say GG.
    And to all the true Razer fans out there I say GLHF and stay true to the trademark we all love :)

  18. Sale was piss poor - Firstly, Razer sent everyone to just to be able to get a code to use. This failed as the website crashed for most of the people trying to access it due to lacking servers at Razer Insider (not their fault); poor planning there. Then you have the diminished stock if you even managed to obtain a code, further lowering the chance of obtaining any item you want. Razer should learn to hype less and perform more before next year #RazersNewYearsResolution.
  19. ZionStar

    ZionStar New Member

    The one thing that annoyed me about this sale.. I had an item in my basket before the sale actually started. I waited for the sale, then applied the code. Suddenly my basket is empty. I barely get the page of the item I wanted to load, get it into my cart, get to the point where I'm putting in payment info... And the cart is suddenly empty again. After that point, I couldn't even get the product pages to load for over an hour. By that time, I was too frustrated and needed to go to bed as I work very early in the morning.

    I really wish they had thought to have extra server power before the sale happened, so that issues of the cart becoming empty twice didn't happen.
  20. Razer is only where they are because of the support
    Razer is only where they are because of the support of us gamers, please don't tell me that they deserve to screw us hopeful people over because we voted them the best. It's obviously just a hype scam for publicity, and not at all for the fans. The amount of money they would lose from a 24-hr sale would still be almost negligible compared to their total sales for the day. You somehow forget that Razer builds these devices for pennies on the dollar, then charges us more than 20 times actual cost. Sure , they have the right to do this since we are the ones that choose to spend our money on overpriced goods like this, but next time I will know to back a different company that actually proves they care about their customers, and not their pockets. #Dontsay24hrsalewhenitendsin20minutes
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