The New Razer Blade good for Graphic Design?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ValHaller, Jul 28, 2017.


Should I go with the 4k option for the greater color gamut?

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  1. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    I'm in college for graphic design and I'm in search for a new laptop. I've done a lot of research on what kinds of specs I would need when working with the Adobe Creative Cloud apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and the Razer Blade has stuck out to me the most. I know this laptop is considered a "gaming" laptop, but I need to know whether it can run these types of programs well or not. Alongside GD, I also would like to game on this laptop, hence the reason I'm leaning towards the Razer Blade specifically.

    Also, should I look into getting the 4k UHD touchscreen version of the RB? I've heard that it has a better color gamut range than the Full HD version, and apparently that is pretty important in graphic design.

    Another question that comes to mind is how large of an SSD should I be getting? I've heard mixed opinions, but I'd like to try to get a general consensus.

    Any and all information would be extremely helpful. Thank you!
  2. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon.

    It'll work fine for all of those applications. The colors will be fine, get the max sized SSD since you'll only be doing this once, and remember how much you paid for it when you're on twitter looking at cat memes. ;)
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  3. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    Let me just preface by saying I have a late 2016 Razer Blade 1060 that I love as a gaming machine. I'm also professional product designer (started out as a traditional graphic designer) and currently the VP of design at a series A funded startup in NY.

    You should honestly consider getting a Mac based laptop. This is an industry dominated by Macs which means most studios you work or intern at will expect you to be proficient at using Macs and you'll often be required to work at different desks/macs especially as a junior. If you're interested in pursuing product design it's worth noting that the industry has moved away from Adobe software and now uses tools like Sketch (Mac only) and Figma.

    To be clear this is not a Mac is better than PC thing but the realities of the industry. They each have their merits and in this instance a MacBook Pro bootcamped with Windows can give you the best of both worlds so definitely worth considering.

    If you do end up sticking with the Razer I highly recommend the UHD, the color range is one of the best I've seen on PC. Also get the biggest SSD you can afford especially if you plan to keep large games plus design or video files. You will run into glare which can be super frustrating and don't expect much from the trackpad (have a good mouse handy).
  4. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    Okay, cool! So are you referring to the Full HD one or the UHD one?

    Thanks for the reply! I understand that Macs are the dominant OS in the industry. I don't have any problems with the OS, it's just the price tag that bothers me to no end. In a dream world I'd buy a MBP and build myself a gaming desktop, but I simply cannot afford it. Then again, when I was looking at the MBP, I was pretty much only considering the 15" that had the better GPU and stuff. Do you think I'd need that one, or could I settle for a cheaper, less powerful one for my schoolwork? That would make it a little cheaper, but I still don't like the price.
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I sold my old 2015 QHD+ Blade to a photographer for his graphics work last November, and he's satisfied with his purchase till now, he said he could do nice photoshops work and also play his favorite game SW Battlefront on it. Now there's only QHD+ late 2016 that you could buy, but waiting 4K version is worth to wait for its better colors gamut. I would recommend you not FHD for your work. Your other choices out there only XPS 15 4K if you're considering other options than QHD+ Blade, better color gamut but over half a weaker GPU performance.
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  6. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    4K one of course. Might as well. Also, expect to be using another monitor with it. Laptop ones are kinda tiny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  7. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    I have the 4k stealth 12.5 KL, and its very nice! I'm sure it'll be nicer on the Blade which is on the wish list for me! I made a statement on another thread of how I was kinda stoked to see that they had programs of choice when buying a laptop that wasnt gaming. The "creativity bundle" with paint, after shot, etc.
    I will link threads if I find them that was talking about this very topic, as I eventually want to get into photography and design as hobbies. Medical is the job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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  8. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    Yeah, I was looking at the XPS 15 as well, but I had read so many reviews that said that the build quality was sketchy. Also, I thought the 4k one was already available? Maybe I was looking at the wrong one.

    Quick question, do you know what the difference between the QHD+ and 4k ones in terms of screen resolution and color gamut capabilities? I'm sorry, I'm not too terribly in tune with this kinda stuff.

    Yeah, I plan on hooking it up to a monitor when doing school work (when possible).

    I'm sorry, but by 4k do you mean the QHD one? There are so many different Razer Blades that I have researched that it has me slightly confused.

    That sounds interesting! Can you only get the creative bundle one if you buy it directly off the Razer website? If I get one, I plan on buying it from the Microsoft store so I can get that sweet student discount.

    Also, those links would be awesome to have! Thanks man!
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  9. Arelmunda

    Arelmunda Well-Known Member

  10. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    I've checked, it's only 5% off when buying a system from them. The one at Microsoft is around 10% I believe.
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    No 4K one is not available yet, still on sites advertisement since it's announced back in February. So I don't know about its gamut, but we're only know it stated 314 PPI (on website) which is higher pixels density than QHD+ Blade 14. Maybe it would cover 100% Adobe rgb colors space like on 4K Blade stealth and pro model better than QHD+, 63%? If I'm not wrong. Sorry i didn't use my old QHD+ blade for graphics design, it was mostly for gaming and media consumption, also paperwork etc.
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  12. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    The display is one of my main concerns with the RB. I need to make sure whatever I get has an accurate representation of color and gamut. Color is a huge component of Graphic Design.
  13. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    This reviews maybe could help you, FHD screen actually got decent score, but maybe QHD+ would be better for you, due higher dpi and colors accuracy.
    QHD+ 14 late 2016
    FHD 14 2017
  14. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    If you're doing color work in photoshop and such, you should definitely get 100% sRGB, and 4K resolution overall helps with the workflow.

    It is a gaming laptop, and it can run games no problem (not at 4K though) so it will have no problems running Photoshop and etc.
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  15. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    For real, I don't see the point of having 2k or 4k screen on laptop. I know it's something, especially when it comes to design, it's not worth it in my opinion. Unless you're on eyes muscle bulk.

    If I were to buy a laptop, I would go for 1080p only, or 2k if the price difference is not that much. And save some money for a decent high res >27" monitor. At home, you're the beast. Outside, you go neutral.
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  16. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    I'll check these out, thank you!

    Okay! I figured it would because its specs are good. I guess I'll wait a little while longer and hope for some information on the new 4k one.

    I've seen multiple people say this in other threads about the 4k being pointless. I just feel as if color accuracy is important when using adobe programs. I don't know how much of sRGB and Adobe RGB the MBP covers, but I do know their screens are really nice. I just want something that is as good or better than that.
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  17. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    ^ You nailed it. It is some what pointless if you are not using the 4k for what attended for, other than the fact it is small. But its very convenient for those that would use it all the time and on-the-go. I'll be starting school again with alot of CS/tech classes over the next couple years so that would be good to have this caliber. And yes gaming too! If you are just gaming, then I see that side of the coin. It would be pointless to have 4k if you are not using it to its maximum capabilities.
  18. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    I'm in college for a Graphic Design degree, so I'll be using their programs a lot. I will also be gami g with this laptop in my free time, so I'm trying to figure out if the 4k is truly worth it for my schoolwork.

    What do you mean by "maximum capabilities?" What situations would use it to its maximum capabilities? Video rendering?
  19. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    I mean in general with Maximum capabilites. Doing what the laptop is completely capable of. So on this topic of Graphic Design, You can make the most of a 1060 gpu and a 4k in the portable sense using it for gaming, schooling, projects, etc etc etc. Writing and reading programs that a 4k has a smoother time with like video rendering as an example that a 1080p would have a harder time doing. Its all in the detail!

    Sure you can look at something like an Msi Workstation that would probably cater to your needs along with Autocad etc etc

    I guess I'm just coming from how I view a laptop such as that. What more can you do with the laptop than just gaming? That 1060 will help run programs on the fly, like for me itll eventually be underwater photography editing and I'll use it in the hotel room or at home, or on the road trip etc.

    You are going into graphic design and you are wondering if itll be good with your school work? I guarantee itll help a lot and if anything, the long run for what you are doing. My cousin is in her senior year of graphic design and shes told me how other classmates had a hard time with accurate color scheme because of the 1080p, you had to zoom in/out which fluctuated the color scheme, or just had a hard time running a program because of the GPU.

    For your field, its just better to have it for your future lively hood.
  20. aaronh8

    aaronh8 New Member

    Oh okay! Thank you so much! I think I am going to wait for the 4k version and weigh all my options then. See if it has 100% sRGB and stuff. I was thinking about the 4k Stealth, but I think the screen would be too small, and I'd have to buy the core.
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