The new Razer DeathStalker Chroma

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Alentra, Aug 4, 2015.

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  1. steven0707

    steven0707 Member

    Is there going to be a DeathStalker Ultimate Chroma?
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  2. Zekrommedia4

    Zekrommedia4 New Member

    I think this is cool because it gives you an option for a cheaper chroma keyboard and if people want a keyboard with smaller keys like the deathstalker but in chroma.
  3. TotesMaGoats

    TotesMaGoats Member

    I really like the DeathStalker. Just wondering with the reactive and ripple modes be added to the DeathStalker?
  4. Dyllaaaan

    Dyllaaaan New Member

    This keyboard is mad as
  5. Dyllaaaan

    Dyllaaaan New Member

    Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to buy a keyboard
  6. Dyllaaaan

    Dyllaaaan New Member

    You can pick This up for $99 US
  7. Whiteheadcrab

    Whiteheadcrab New Member

    Deathstalker Chroma probably the best gift for people who like to relax after working week and spend a little part of their time playing favourite (for them) games.
  8. Kizzdude

    Kizzdude New Member

    This looks so cool
  9. I want to buy this but still waiting for admin to answer my email.
    I just cant find out how to get the discount code. Here you see there is discount
    But if i go to order i have to put in the code but thats the problem i csnt find it out ehere to get it. Im already waiting for 2 weaks and i hope someone can help me here so i can buy it before 2016. Thanks for helping

  10. GGKGG

    GGKGG New Member

    So Dos it have one buton rgb controle?
    I mean i cant play chroma snake.
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    When you bring up that website there's a bright green banner at the top of the screen, and the discount code is contained within that banner.
  12. Smartz_HCF

    Smartz_HCF New Member

    To be honest I don't like non-mechanical keyboards but I really do like this one. Really do think that the way the keys curve around the lights make a nice after affect on the keys.
  13. How good is the Dealthstalker chroma? I just ordered it yesterday and am hyped to receive it and would like some opinions on it. Thanks :)
  14. Smartz_HCF

    Smartz_HCF New Member

    I personally like the Black Widow Ultimate more because of the mechanical values of it. I personally don't like chroma because the green pops with my computer more. (Have a White and gray computer.) I like the standard keyboard as well but I just like having something mechanical when I'm gaming.
  15. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    i prefer the blackwidow , it is still a very good keyboard though
  16. Xenophon

    Xenophon Member

    I'm going to order it this week. I hope I get a discount, but I don't care if I don't.
  17. TremFury

    TremFury New Member

    I have the DeathStalker Ultimate and love it - a Chroma version would be cool to go with my Razer DeathAdder Chroma :)
  18. songsoflife

    songsoflife New Member

    Can't wait to try this when it arrives! :D
  19. BlackMask

    BlackMask New Member

    i will change my old Lycosa for new chroma!
  20. Xenophon

    Xenophon Member

    I'm using this keyboard for a few days now. It's amazing.
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