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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. TDStarks

    TDStarks New Member

    Based on the info passed over the phone anyone that ordered the 512, or 1tb on the 18th or prior should be seeing something relatively soon.. like this week.
  2. I ordered the 512 gig version also almost at the same time when the webpage change to order from notify
  3. thatiteballa247

    thatiteballa247 New Member

    I ordered 1 tb
  4. WitzyJ

    WitzyJ New Member

    Nice video!
  5. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    Thanks man! My first unboxing and I didn't have my camera gear so I used an iPad
  6. TDStarks

    TDStarks New Member

    Looks like dates have shifted again. They have been bumped up 2 weeks. Fingers crossed some shipment emails will be going out tomorrow!
  7. luuv_us

    luuv_us New Member

    I pre-ordered a Razer Blade Pro 1TB model from on 11/03/2016 and received the laptop on 11/21/2016. Initially Razer said the laptop won't be shipped until Dec 20, 2016, then out of the blue Fedex showed up today 11/21/2016 and handed me a laptop. I didn't event get a shipping confirmation notice from Razer at all. Now I am one happy camper! I live in California, btw.

    Anyhow, I just posted an unboxing video:

  8. meelokun

    meelokun New Member

    ill be waiting for the 2k g-sync version, with 16gb of ram, and more than 1 thunderbolt 3 port (so i can connect to multiple monitors). The correct solution limits the HDMI/TB3 port to only 1 display at a time, meaning i can only do built in monitor + 1 external running on the internal 1080... you have GOT to be kidding me RAZER! i MEAN, even the Dell alienware 17 w/ a GTX 1080, has 1 hdmi 2.0 spec, 1 mini displayport 1.2 spec, and 1 TB3 port w/ displayport, allowing up to 3 connected monitors (including the built in one).
  9. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    about 4-5 hours browsing on power saving mode

    dang that is a long video, but nice! congrats on getting it. its a load of fun youre gonna love it

    if you have an account with fedex, theyll notify you that you have a shipment coming from hong kong way earlier than razer says anything

    lmao, youre asking too much. the razer blade pro is focused on power and portability while being thin for what is has inside. hdmi 2.0 thunderbolt 3.0 is more than enough to run 2 connected monitors and they included 4k display. thats 3 screens total and thats more than eonugh for the average user.
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  10. TDStarks

    TDStarks New Member

    I'll 2nd that. I think this is as close to ideal as will be offered in 2016!
  11. PastorTeacher

    PastorTeacher New Member

    The shipping dates are driving me nuts... I ordered when there was no shipping delay. Yesterday my estimated date was dec 20th, tonight it now says dec 27th. However for folks who order online right now it's posted dec 14th. Crazy.
  12. TDStarks

    TDStarks New Member

    You are so right just signed into the fedex account and there it was Razer shipped it out at noon Monday and the activity began on Sunday. So CS was spot on with the info they were giving me. My 1TB will be delivered on Wednesday and I purchased it on 11/18 not bad! December dates are not right unless it's there when you order then they still more than likely will get to you sooner.
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  13. ^ My order status still say 12/27 but it look like I'm getting mine tomorrow,11/23! If anyone is wondering about their shipment... If you don't already have a Fedex account, just sign up for one like I did and you'll see if it has been shipped out yet or not.
  14. how do you check?
  15. jackmoxley

    jackmoxley New Member

    You should count yourself lucky, we in Europe have all but been forgotten, we can't even preorder. Keep buying other brands, and then changing my mind and cancelling. Not sure how long before I just give up waiting.
  16. Jadebestflow596

    Jadebestflow596 New Member

    Hey Ghost, how did you track it with FedEx if you don't have a tracking number? Trying to do that now and set up a FedEx account, but not sure how you accomplished this.
  17. Alright, still no update from Razer. But the laptop have just arrived! A day early too! Was suppose to be deliver tomorrow but received it today!
  18. NotBruceWayne_no_id

    NotBruceWayne_no_id New Member

    I ordered mine on the 17th and now I'm worried it will show up to my apartment while I'm at work. I have a Fedex account but how do you track a shipment with no tracking number?
  19. Jadebestflow596

    Jadebestflow596 New Member

    Hey NotBruceWayne, so I am having the same problem. My order status on Razer still does not say complete or shipped, and it says that it will be shipped on 12/27 (have asked multiple times). I signed up for FedEx could figure it out either..... AND NOW I just got a notification from my apartment that I have a suspiciously laptop shaped package waiting for me at the front desk. Really wish I could have been notified so I could be home. I think it is it so I will update once I get home, but really odd that Razer has no idea where my package is, no matter who I email or call they all say it is 12/27 ship date. smh.
  20. If you signed up for a Fedex account with the address that it is being shipped to, it should automatically be there. Although, I did have an ordered that came in through UPS for my previous shipment. So I'm not sure if all shipments are being made through Fedex... I'm in the East coast btw.
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