The Razer Keyboard Enhancement Kit

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    As I understand it, they make the keys bottom-out sooner, and provide some cushion to prevent the click of plastic-on-plastic when they do bottom out.
  2. Will this have any impact on the Chroma Keyboards in terms of its LED brightness etc?
  3. Hunterprime0

    Hunterprime0 New Member

    Hmm, Not sure if this is something I am going to want to do then. I really like how the keyboard feels right now. Took a little bit to get use to but I love it now
  4. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    Well I'm not a so called "pro" at topics like this, but I believe they used to absorb the shock oh each click and reduces the key travel. They also reduce the noise of a mechanical keyboard. I don't know what else they are for.
  5. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    The O-Rings dampen the sound you get from "bottoming out" the key press. This is not the sound of actuating the actual key press but hitting the bottom of the switch, which then resonates with the rest of the PCB of the keyboard. This gives you a sort of a *clank* sound. The O-Rings prevent you or at least reduce the sound it makes when you bottom out.
    If you are perfect typist you will naturally should eventually learn to not bottom out but I don't think this is applicable for gamers in intense competitive situations ;)
  6. NoviPro

    NoviPro New Member

    Could be usefull when noice of chroma will be so paitnfull for ears :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but first need check it out :) propably tomorrow will get my BW chroma
  7. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    But i like the clicky noise D:

    does that means that reaction time in typing will be faster than the actuation point? :eek:

    I see. well maybe i'll try it when i save up. Waiting for the Nabu/Nabu X to come to Asia Pacific.

  8. For just a second, the noise reduction got me excited...then I realized I don't bottom out my keypresses most of the time anyway.
    Oh well, not giving up my BW anytime soon.
  9. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member

    I would order this if shipping wasn't $38 damn dollars to hawaii...
  10. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    It should
  11. NineTailFx

    NineTailFx Member

    Pretty cool little kit actually. It's something that I might want to give a try or at least look in to more, could also use a bit more advantage when it comes to using a keyboard. It does seem to be a universal fit though.
  12. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I absolutely love the sound of this and would do it in a heart beat ... if I wasn't afraid of pulling my keys and damaging something. LOL

    Even with the tool to supposedly remove the keys safely, I'd be too afraid to do it myself!
    Now, if there were an option to send my keyboard in to Razer and have them do it for me, I'd 100% go for it. :D
  13. nman729

    nman729 Member

    My razer tarantula came with these accessories(minus the o rings). Plus a few replacement keys (reload symbol, rifle, pistol, grenade symbol) I wish my black widow came with this stuff from the factory...
  14. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    I have taken apart blackwidows and other mechanical keyboards, never seen a key break.
    You do have to watch out a little for the keys with a stabilize bar in them, like <enter>, <space bar> and such.
    There are also YouTube videos that tell you how to do it, it is really easy. Trust me, anyone could do it.
  15. XtremeCoolz

    XtremeCoolz New Member

    Well I guess the Stealth Version doesn't need this?
  16. Hunterprime0

    Hunterprime0 New Member

    I could see it maybe making it even quieter if you are still bottoming out the keys. The keys still have some noise to them
  17. BORUzer

    BORUzer New Member

    Not enough deets really, (like diameter, thickness and material), pricing seems a bit odd too, I get it's Razer green, but I'm not really expecting to look at them much...
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  18. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    It doesn't have to do with the type of switch, more about your skill in typing. Do you press the keys hard enough to "bottom them out". The O-Rings dampen the sound for when you hit the key and you press it all the way down to the bottom past the actuating point.
    When you land at the bottom is resonates a sound through the whole keyboard. This will dampen or even prevent it, depending on the thickness and how hard you are pressing.
  19. xenoc15795

    xenoc15795 New Member

    Glad this thread exists. I saw the link from the razer twitter and didn't understand what it was used for but you guys helped out a lot!
  20. WalksOnSunshine

    WalksOnSunshine New Member

    Slightly off topic, but kind of in the realm of keyboard modding: is there ever going to be an option to change out the lights in a razer blade pro? Would love to switch mine to classic blue some time :)
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