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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. spojo1

    spojo1 Member

    The kaby lake version of RBS is technically the 2017 version. Which is the one on sale. Its been on sale for a while.
  2. webSangriafirst315

    webSangriafirst315 New Member

    [QUOTE =“spoj,post:338030,member:462654”] RBS的kaby湖版本在技术上是2017版本。哪个是销售的。它已经出售了一段时间。[/ QUOTE]
    the kaby lake version were pubulished in 2016 so i just call them 2016RBS :眨眼_:
  3. CatataVis

    CatataVis New Member

    Wish the older ones were still availeble at razerzone.
  4. Joytoytoyala

    Joytoytoyala New Member

    So, I just bought my new razer blade stealth late 2016 and there is a problem.
    When using, the display sometimes goes blank and doesnt come back up unless I press the power button to logout and login. The backlight is still on and whatever music or video keeps playing, all the keys are still working and anything I type still has an effect.

    I have updated everything, tried to reinstall the graphics card not to mention reinstall windows10 but still blacks out randomly.
    I suspect that there is a problem with the graphics driver (intel HD 620) although even if I temporary disabled the driver, the problem persisted
    One temporary fix for this was to press (shift, cntrl, windows, B) which is a shortcut to restart graphics driver.
    However, few minutes later the same thing happens again

    I am not sure whether this is a hardware or a software problem.
    I just bought this... and as I live in Japan, it is a hassle to return it
  5. Moggins7

    Moggins7 New Member

    This was happening with mine at time. There was a bigger issue that the display would flicker like it was being connected to an external monitor and it was impossible to play games like this. I contacted Razer Support and they organised for it to be repaired (something had to be replaced, can't remember what).

    Anyway, I'd suggest contacting them about it, they're really helpful. I bought mine through UK even though I live in Ireland (can't get delivery to Ireland), and there was no problem getting it shipped from here!
  6. Joytoytoyala

    Joytoytoyala New Member

    Thanks mate.
    sad to hear that its an hardware issue.
    Its a hassle since I live in Japan and don't know whether they have good support here.
    But yeah I will give it a shot.
    Let you know what happens
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  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Japan is first Asia pacific region after Australia that is being Razer system focused market, because they are already released Kabylake 14 Blade already than other countries there, of course with Singapore where the CEO came from;). So i think you will get also support there. You have also good Razer gears resealer there that make last march Razer events like tsukomo.
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  8. Raheelc

    Raheelc New Member

    I'm planning on picking up a blade stealth very soon, does anyone happen to know when the i7, QHD, 8gb version may be back in stock?

    Is it worth waiting, or should I just get the i5 version? Probably won't be doing any gaming in the near future with it.
  9. menecken

    menecken New Member

    When will it be available again? Neither on amazon nor in the razerstore (neither in US nor in EU) is the razer blade stealth available. I'll by any version as long as it has 16GB ram and the QHD display...

    thanks !
  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I think they have problems with display shortages under 14 inch 3~4 K resolution from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sharp. On Reddit, it was also mentioned as one reason why 4K Blade 2017 is not yet released. Third party seller like Hidevolution put ETA April on 4K Blade last month, but now there's no ETA status anymore.
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  11. menecken

    menecken New Member

    Thanks for the interesting, well informed and fast reply. That's sad. I'd like to hear a statement from a razer employe. It would be strange if there is no (at least rough) timeline...
  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You're welcome. I was checking on the reason why Blade 14 UHD is not released yet, I had interest on that model once. Razer employees here state only an announcement and new product and not a products release day, they say only as "available soon" or "coming up" as announcement and new product that available in store will be announced first here, as far as i know.
  13. Assassinyun

    Assassinyun New Member

    Whens the next 30$+ sale on thung. I need to but it this summer
  14. Benj1e

    Benj1e New Member

    I have also had an issue similar to this. The internal display stopped working but I could view things through an external monitor. It started before I got an external monitor and when I'd be gaming or just surfing the internet the screen would go black and I'd have to hit the power button. It eventually degraded to the point where the display showed nothing 99.9% of the time. Luckily I had purchased an external monitor by this point.

    I contacted Razer support and the told me to try a few things: update display driver, roll back the driver, disable service in msconfig. Didn't work however so I requested an RMA. My RBS got there June 20th and it was shipped back out to me on the 22nd. Getting delivered today.

    The only thing that was listed in the email telling me is was done was that they replaced the LCD. So definitely a hardware and not software issue. Hopefully this doesn't happen again, my warranty is up in September.

    I bought my RBS in September last year. How do I figure out if it's the Skylake or Kaby Lake?
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  15. Just bought one of these last month and am finding the boot time very slow... is this normal?
    Takes about 5 seconds from pushing the power button (this is plugged into power) to get anything on screen.
    What then appears, is the screen with the three lines of text, offering BIOS, boot, etc and that sits there for about 17 seconds, and then a few more seconds once that disappears to arrive at the desktop.
    Only non-standard thing, is I cloned the 512Gb drive to the PM961 using Acronis as soon as it all arrived.
    Hoping it's a simple setting.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
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