Three Word Story + Razer Basilisk Giveaway

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by MysticCrit, Dec 11, 2017.

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  1. cheekerismo

    cheekerismo New Member

    with no blinking
  2. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    while holding their
  3. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    hands together in
  4. kensworth729

    kensworth729 New Member

    her bodily chasms
  5. MysticCrit

    MysticCrit Active Member

    Update: Thanks for all the support from the fans and Razer officials

    I was walking Down the street alone, butt naked and suddenly i sit on the ground with my last piece of salt water taffy To my despair I start to thinking about what drives me horny so we spam My hot teachers with pictures of my totally awesome super hot bod Then i decide maybe this isn't what once was my life before the tragic accident of my dog that happened during a game of Cards Against Humanity -c-c-c-c-c-combo breakerrrrrrrrrrr Then a Man would want to beat me up with a mug for no goddamn reason at all luckily i found a cute girl I was Bamboozled I was starstruck and suddenly my Feet started talking "wow, that girl" Legs started Flapping she said hey and i said how you doin whith their mom slowly shaik what i hope was water bottle that is filled with something interesting i told her not to do anything reckless or i will have to end her right here but she pulled out my plane without a parachute and she jumped off to a warning sign so she could survive the deadly bunny coming our way weilding a huge deck of cards and a throbbing rod made of very colorful sparkling "mans not hot" copyright trademark but as i walked into a throbbing with my aunt who was throbbing i realized that My mom was an amazing woman but smelled like a very old and very expensive Gucci Versace cologne despite what i could absolutely imagine that it was what had been and all that reeked of fish oil smells and my feet aswell so i went and ate bookshelves asking my Queen whether i should give her succ or make her say my name over and over and show me what is love like im so high right now I like pancakes more than my last pair of silky smooth legs they were great. I miss them as much as my silky smooth earlobes I pierced with a rusty nine inch nail through my eyelids piercing my soul while i hear the silent sound of razer in chroma screaming for me as I watch what i have Done to her oops you're dead And she was complaining that her Head was too and how she wear her panties left, right, down under, to infinity Was how long I have slept in REM sleepstage . In my dream I dreamed of all but one the almighty green three headed snake "MIN LIANG TAN" who was going to kill the pretty little girl playing P2P to Buy a keyboard but suddenly she realized that she can't redeem it because she is 10000 Xgold short So she played outside for the No Denture SUCC then i play With my switchblade that i had given succ to but then i went up to her mum and told her that she was dead then i found she was just a DDLC Character from pokemon sun and Moon. Finally she caught arceus then picked a bidoof to fight then i awoke and found out that my Razer Blade had turned into crapy corsair Brand loyalty is Very important to my razer cult because we are lame as hell and not because We have Dope and instead have Awesome Razer Gear That costs a limp to acquire some Fateful Zcoins and gain awsome 42 kills on PUBG and not Fortnite Battle Royale But I digress from another game into a new era that consisted of glowing rgb gear and awesome combinations of esports-ready gear hat helps me cook my noodles and eat them super duper quickly and then continue his vastly journey where I can see the mysterious and most beautiful Chroma Mug Holder which i can't stop looking at my preciouss sssss photo of Frodo looking like a little gandalf but with big head . This can't be what is this? he bewildered for normal for him then he flies away as captain obvious, that he was one and The Only One who could ever purchase a Razer Toaster with a great Chroma feature to expand his basement with razer beautiful chroma products so the setup could be complete with all the rainbow unicorns and glitter poo from Charlie the Unicorn and Donald Trump But there was this girl that made him unable to see what Will happen next then Donald did something that no-one could possibly think that can be really bad to be influenced by dogs all around at the beginning, or the end of the ship is going down Stole the show on one daytrip to vegas that he enjoyed in the casino playing all night trying to win overwatch loot boxes for the league but the Mercy came in and blew up the gigantic pie hole that was set up there, especially for that reason which made hanzo his best friend and gay friend and they did consensual eye contact with no blinking while holding their hands together in her bodily chasms

    Keep up that good work
  6. giucolson

    giucolson New Member

    , but they loved
  7. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    what they had
  8. Rakram

    Rakram New Member

    . After all, they
  9. Riyren

    Riyren Active Member

    having lunch together

    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    happily. THE END
  11. DjZiro

    DjZiro Member

    was near when
  12. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    jon snow came
  13. traxed

    traxed Well-Known Member

    prematurely as he
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  14. Fierytear

    Fierytear New Member

    usually does since
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  15. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    he has no

    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    faith in god
  17. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    or any other
  18. MonoChratine

    MonoChratine Member

    unbelievably fabulous things

    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    Suddenly, Donald Trump
  20. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    came out of
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