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[Update] Razer Synapse and macOS Sierra

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. steven.duh.13

    steven.duh.13 New Member

    having same problem, Trackpad slowed issue also happened when wakeup.

    It's been a month, are we not going to have a fix update?
  2. bestcarSmoke815

    bestcarSmoke815 New Member

    Just an update for those of you who haven't updated to the latest Razer software on Sierra.

    I had been holding off on updating to Sierra ever since reading about some of the problems experienced by Razer owners. I have a 2011 iMac and use a Razer Naga 2014 for gaming.

    Since there havent been many reports of success with the software and my mouse was operating perfectly with the old OS I decided to back up everything a couple of days ago and then install the new Razer software. It worked without any problems with the old OS.

    I then updated to Sierra and anxiously awaited the result. It's been two days now gaming and using the mouse and function keys without any problems.

    My conclusion? At least for me the switch over and upgrade has worked well.

    I am not saying that there will be no problems for everyone. What I am saying is that after two days for my hardware/software combination everything is fine.
  3. steven.duh.13

    steven.duh.13 New Member

    I am tired to dealing this buggy and bad capability software. I am going to buy another one, this is waste my time. Windows made me choose not to go back, and Razer just do so.
    What is the best mouse for Mac? Logitech? SteelSeries? Cousiar? ASUS?
  4. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    My Razer Naga Epic Chroma is the best mouse I've ever used on a Mac. No doubt.
  5. In real world Hardware without appropriate Software is just peace of plastic no matter how perfect it is. Until Razer rework from scratch Synapse for Mac you can forget about it. They trying to "fix" it more than half of the year and Best Hardware still work like piece of plastic. It is the Best indeed!
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
  6. Wengeinsiderfast671

    Wengeinsiderfast671 New Member

    After a forceful shoe-horn, a 6-pack of Bacardi Breezers, some surgical crowbar, a polo mallet, sacrificing a few chickens and invoking a few ancient deities, somehow got the latest Razer v1.66 drivers / Synapse 2.0 installed, bypassed, then updated.

    Early days, but now - miracle of miracles - the RazerHid.kext does not seem to crash MacPro with a kernel panic on restart anymore.

    Trick is, and please take note Razer:
    1. You have to navigate your way through the Razer website minefield.
    2. Do NOT trust Razer to get it right across the multitude of sites pointing to drivers, as you are likely to be taken to old outdated drivers, e.g.: https://www.razerzone.com/synapse/ states, and I quote:
      1.18.21 (PC)
      1.42 (MAC)
      File Size:
      21.6 MB (PC)
      25.4 MB (MAC)
      Date added:
      August 13, 2015
    3. The safest way to find the latest driver update is to use a Google search for something with a recent date, like http://drivers.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=2407&nav=0,239.
    4. Still ignore what Razer says, even on up-to-date site: the purported 1.65 driver is actually the 1.66 driver.
    5. If you have issues with kernel panics >>> UNPLUG the Razer mouse BEFORE installing even the 1.66 driver <<<
    6. Unplugging the mouse is important for two reasons:
      1. in the past the Synapse installer forces a restart before you're ready, losing any unsaved work even, and:
      2. having the mouse plugged in before the software has a chance to "Level Up" the firmware seems to be what causes the kernel panic.
    7. Plug your mouse back in, and log in to Synapse.
    8. Ensure Synapse "Levels Up" your Razer hardware.
    Now you are ready for hours of pointless futzing about, trying to configure the settings, only to have them reset, or go to some weird state (e.g.: Sensitivity Stages changing themselves to 0 as soon as you turn your back, or the Sensitivity bar changing itself back from 6400 to 0).

    And who doesn't want their 2Kg keyboard's settings to be uploaded to the cloud? I for one am renowned for humping my expensive computer peripherals to friends, work, even public libraries, just so I can enjoy the convenience of commandeering other's systems with my peripheral settings, all of which is just a quick install of Synapse and visit to the Razer cloud away. Feels like you haven't left home!

    Of course, using MacOS you can carry the ENTIRE OS, game install and peripheral drivers on a USB stick/portable SSD/whatever, but still: it's the thought that counts...

    Better still, you can now experience the joys of mis-clicks, double-clicks, de/selection and other rodent snafus cunningly designed to drive you insane!

    At least it's installed and not causing kernel panics (so far).
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
  7. pulsebytePink973

    pulsebytePink973 New Member

    I used Razer Mamba since 2014 on PC - excellent!
    In early 2016 I bought Mac Pro. At first no problem, but after mac os update - nightmare.
    Installing several times - Razer Synapse or standalone drivers.
    Still not working properly, especially additional buttons. I cant use old preferences because keyboard assign to mouse button - don't work.
    I done several times install and uninstall also new account. Now I'm waiting 1 hour to finish "updating and leveling up Razer mamba"...
    I think that I won't buy Razer anymore, because basic mouse for $30 from steel series (rival 100) it' better. You have to just plug in and set - ONCE! After one time configuration no problem at all. Shame on you Razer!
  8. I still can't use my Razer with Synapse with Sierra on my iMac. When I launch it, I get a spinning green wheel if my Razer is attached. I also have a flashing update "!" even though I have installed v1.67 many times (with Razer attached, with Razer not attached, etc.). If I click on the update button itself, nothing happens. I tried the hack of deleting RazerHid.kext from my extensions folder, but of course Synapse would not recognise there was any device attached then. I then updated to v1.67 (downloaded from the site) again, but no RazerHid.kext was added to my extensions after that, so of course, Synapse still fails to recognise the mouse. If I then manually restore the .kext file to the extensions folder, I get the spinning green wheel again.
  9. It's always good to find ONE devoted, loyal and happy customer like you :). No doubt, he was asking for other brands than Razer. I hope I translated it well for you.

    Your best best would be Logitech from reading on internet, I don't have hands on experience on it but just note that some of their models don't support Mac. Once my Razer needs replacement I'll probably would look there. As you said it's unfortunate that one bug is fixed and two more appear. I love magic, just not this kind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
  10. quickCanaryfever995

    quickCanaryfever995 New Member

    I have the Razer DeathAdder that I use on my 2014 MacBook Pro. I updated to Sierra a few days ago and the mouse still works (lights and all), but every time I open Razer Synapse I just get the spinning green wheel... I'm stuck on whatever sensitivity I last set it on and my side buttons don't even work to change between the 5 different sensitivities I set to use for different apps and games.. Is there any fix for this or will Razer make Synapse more compatible with Sierra anytime soon?
  11. GzStation

    GzStation New Member

    I got my mouse Razer Ouroboros for a year and half now...

    After more than a year, i've finally buy the keyboard razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.
    I had problem to upgrade my Razer Synapse... At first.. Why the hell you name it Synapse 2 and the version is 1.67.9 ??? Why not 2.67.1 It will be less confusing.

    Second, This keyboard cost me more then 260$ Can. Wich is a good price for a good product. I'm sure this will be a good investment but for now... I was very happy until i read many stuff about many people complaining about the web site and the problem not resolved from the Mac. I'm trying to configure my Color effect but the Chrome setup is not available.... Maybe i've not paid enough to use my product as it should be... And i remembered that when i've configured the mouse for the first time it was painful too.

    Hey guy! For gamer by gamer... Come on.... We have enough to wait for game updating when we wanna play... Please don't do it for our device too. and please... Change you web logistic designer... This is really painfull... Are you happy of your web site... Arte you using it... Are you REALLY HAPPY ??? I'll wait 25 days... If it's not resolved... Il return it to Staple and buy an original Wired Mac keyboard for 60$...

    I hate when i buy hi quality product and they do me this...:mad_:
  12. Sistyria

    Sistyria New Member

    I'm still on El Captain, just update Synapse to 1.67.9 and have the same problem.
    When I open Synapse I get the spinning green wheel...
    Side buttons and sensitivity settings don't work.
  13. Guys between Razer and Mac disappointment, who else is considering switching completely to Windows?
  14. Wengeinsiderfast671

    Wengeinsiderfast671 New Member

    After countless hours of troubleshooting, including fresh a macOS Sierra install and endlessly testing Razer Imperator 2012:
    • without drivers (virgin macOS install)
    • with Razer drivers (using the jiggery pokery above)
    • USB Overdrive
    ...seems the culprit is Razer hardware itself (i.e.: poor/outdated firmware, at a guess).

    Thought problem was solved by deleting Synapse and installing USB Overdrive in desperation, but:
    • clicking on emails in Mail still auto-opened them
    • using tick-boxes in various applications resulted in frustrating tick-untick-tick behaviour etc..
    • trying to rename or select files/folders only resulted in opening everything (SO frustrating in ordered lists)

    After replacing Razer hardware with an antique Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB + USB Overdrive, the terribad, hyper-frustrating, time-wasting rodent misbehaviour has completely disappeared.

    Razer, WTF?!?
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  15. such hard;(
  16. YourLocalDemon

    YourLocalDemon New Member

    I noticed this when I connected my mouse to my Macbook, and ended up using a wireless mouse all this time. Damn. XD
  17. iPragola

    iPragola New Member

    I need a solution for this too. My trackpad drops to low speeds and my Mamba goes crazy at higher DPI... All I want is a smooth and accurate (and fairly quick) mouse that doesn't fu*k with my trackpad.
  18. xPearfirst218

    xPearfirst218 New Member

    Did this a 2nd time now. Had been ill for a week and they closed the last one. As if bugs go away if you close the report.

    Fun fact: The support page does not even know about macOS Sierra:

    Screenshot at März 18 19-19-38.png

    I honestly can't suggest RAZER to mac users any more.
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  19. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Every time I've received an e-mail that says that they're closing the ticket, there is also a bit that says that if you need to open it back up within 24 days, to respond to the e-mail and they'll reopen it. After 24 days you have to e-mail them again and open another ticket.

    The support team is definitely behind the ball with Mac OS Sierra. It is very frustrating at times, but then again, I still haven't had the same issues that a lot of people here have (I never have had the double-click issue with my Naga Epic Chroma, Overwatch DA, or Taipan). I'm still trying to get them to update the instructions for finding and sending logs from within Sierra.

    The thing to remember, though, if you still like your Razer product, is that they ARE a small company, which means that their Mac OS developer team is going to be a lot smaller than most of the larger companies'. The fixes to all of the bugs that we have on this side of things is going to take quite a bit longer than fixes and updates on the Windows side of things.
  20. Chris_Chong

    Chris_Chong Active Member

    yea i hope synapse gets a nice overhaul
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