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[Update] Razer Synapse and macOS Sierra

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    In regards to number 2: just so you know, changing the F-keys to work as actual F-keys instead of the printed icons on your keyboard is done in System Preferences in Sierra, not on the keyboard itself. Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.17.18.png

    As for number 4, you are correct. The FN key doesn't produce any key code. It is strictly a modifier key that ONLY works in conjunction with other keys. Pressing it by itself doesn't tell the computer anything. As such, it is impossible to re-map. This goes for Windows, too, as far as I've seen in testing out FN key capability for somebody else.
  2. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    RzUpdate or RzEngine is still stealing the focus on Sierra and I have to restart roughly every two days. When will this fix be rolled out?
  3. JaredZoellner

    JaredZoellner New Member

    lol, sorry if this makes me sound like a windows elitist but why would a mac user need Razer products? I mean the mac isn't built to game, it's built for the average user, soft daily use, I know this because as yes I do genuinely enjoy the mac os and somethings that you can do with it, but you don't need 100$ mouse or keyboard to use a mac, and one could technically say the same for windows but it's no secret that windows has severely outmatched mac in the gaming compatibility market since the release of dos, and granted you don't need a mechanical keyboard for gaming but it's definitely nice, idk it just seems a bit of a waist... what are your thoughts mac users?
  4. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    So I can't use my mouse for "soft daily use" as you call it? I also do use a $100 mechanical keyboard with blue switches on both my Mac and Win7 Desktop.

    Where did you ever get the idea that it's a "waist"(spelled wrong) for users to use comfortable peripherals on MacOS?

    At this point im considering doing the unthinkable and getting the DA Chroma to replace my deathadder 3G that can't run without software(no onboard memory, DPI defaults to 3000 and it's unusable). The Chroma can run without software it seems after the correct setting are applied(Low DPI and back button)

    Considering getting a used Chroma(as to no support your garbage software) or a Rival 300 from steelseries
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  5. JaredZoellner

    JaredZoellner New Member

    see, not saying your wrong but there are cheaper peripherals that are comfortable, I didn't mean for this to be an inflammatory post, and good eye on you for catching the waste,
  6. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    There are not cheaper peripherals. A comfy mouse is gonna run you $50, a mechanical keyboard will run you $90 minimum depending on switches. I don't see why you think people on OS need shitty peripherals. Not sure why you are assuming OS X users want to use cheap shit when they already drop more money on a Mac.
  7. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Let's all get back on topic and discuss the initial reasons for the discussion and leave the debate about whether or not Razer peripherals are worth it for Mac users or not in the past. :)
  8. We are not almost 12 months since release of Sierra and we still do not have a rock solid fix for Synapse!! As a developer myself I am lost for words I am not sure what to say or think anymore regarding Razer.... I have submited yet another ticket and I am now days into no response from a technician.

    Seriously considering swapping out all my peripherals...

    One if the issues I am having is a UI issue, when changing profiles, DPI switching, etc... I get this:
  9. Ylterysh

    Ylterysh New Member

    Razer is just eager to cash in but not deliver when necessary even though there is enough feedback given regarding the issues of their SOFTWARE! I would get it if it's just a hardware issue but a software issue should not take that long to address! They just ignore folks along the board as I am seeing it when I take a look at their forums.

    Back to the case.. Razer Synapse is crashing right away when I go into sleep mode. I can not use its interface once I am back from sleep mode. Sometimes it just does not work right when I booted my mac. Parts of the settings are not saved and I have to "calibrate" the mouse surface thing again. It is really annoying when the cursor of your mouse is stuck for 5 or more seconds for some unknown reasons.. I did not have that issue when I first bought the mouse. It started after 6 months or so..
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  10. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    Many months later and the RzUpdate process is still stealing the focus away every half second every day or two unless you drop everything and restart. I am done with Razer and will be switching to another company in the coming weeks. It's been almost a year with no solution.
  11. And almost a year later, having the same issues with the Keyboard. The input box of choice (navbar, document, IM...) gets one letter stuck infinite writing like ccccccccc or wwwwwww even with the focus on other APP!..

    Had remapped keys (CMD and OPTION), sometimes the keyboard closing a window (CmD+W ) closes entire browser and so on. Update after update keep getting the same bugs.
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  12. chicogregori

    chicogregori New Member

    ONE YEAR has gone and nothing!!!
    Come one, help your costumers! I can't use Synapse on my OS X Sierra...
    Yes, I can uninstall Synapse, but I bought the damn Mamba to use all the features!
  13. This post essentially sums up my two-month experience with the Razer Naga on Sierra. I returned to my computer today (as is often the situation) to find that my scroll speed was vastly different than the speed that I saved on my (single) custom profile. Even now, I cannot even view my settings because the synapse software will not properly load. This is immediately following the latest update and restart.

    I had a cheap, $15 chinese knockoff laser mouse and it put this $60 one to shame in terms of performance, I wish that I had not broken it. I thought I'd actually contribute to a big-name company this time instead of opting for a knockoff...what a mistake. I'm tired of playing this game... like, seriously, I would have never imagined 15 years ago that my $50+ laser mouse would stutter, lag, and be bottle-necked by this arbitrary software. I really hate being bitter about it, I do feel the hardware is quite nice, but with these issues, the mouse shouldn't be recommended for Mac users. Now, I see some of you all here weren't having problems before with different OSs, but the problems mentioned above are significant enough that I don't want to continue using the mouse. I was posting a reply on Amazon to another customer's complaint about this mouse when my mouse stopped scrolling for about 5 seconds (also very often), it seemed very appropriate given the task.

    I emailed Razer about a week ago asking for a refund; they sent me back a troubleshooting list, but of course, none of those steps fix the software. I have written to them again and told them that I would like a refund. It shouldn't be this difficult, and time-consuming, to make a mouse work.

    Probably the last time I fork out this kind of money for a "gaming mouse", at least for the iMac, until I build the rig I'm planning. I wish I had read about synapse before I bought the mouse. I tried posting a picture of my blank synapse menu screen, but it was too large and I don't feel like resizing it.

    ***Edit: Just woke the computer up from sleep. I try to click on synapse and I get the idling color wheel, but get this, only when trying to open synapse. After about a minute and a half of spinning, synapse responds with the option to open synapse or choose my custom profile. Synapse, however, still loads an empty menu box. Gonna restart to see what happens. Like I said, I'm awaiting Razer to approve my refund.
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  14. lignark

    lignark New Member

    My mouse worked alternately. I had removed the file razerHID and everything worked fine until today. I tried with the update but it does the same thing also by deleting the file razerHID.
  15. jonhymaxoo

    jonhymaxoo New Member

    Because I like stylish and comfortable peripheral on my Mac too. You are no one to judge how people want to spend their money or want to use their stuff.
  16. noofny

    noofny New Member

  17. arcady0

    arcady0 New Member

    I'm noticing a new driver that claims to support all the way up to High Sierra:


    Released Nov 8.

    Installed it a few minutes ago and so far now 'loading spinner of doom' locking up my system. I'd stopped using all my Razer products 'Mac side' months ago... moved several things to bootcamp where I had them available for both Win and Mac just to be able to keep using my Orbweaver...

    Now I'm going to reinstall a few Mac things and see what happens...
  18. arcady0

    arcady0 New Member

    And the verdict is no...

    Still fails in OSX. For both Sierra and High Sierra by the way...

    So Razer is now what... 2 or 3 years behind on this?

    Everything would be OK if they would just give us a normal driver and forget all this cloud nonsense...
  19. MilkyMeda

    MilkyMeda New Member

    Mouse tracking speed in the System Preferences resets to '0' whenever Spynapse launches! Fix this! This problem exists since Sierra and now continues to exist in High Sierra...
  20. Anyone experiencing problems with assigning keyboard "command" for any buttons under OS X 10.13.1 Synapse 1.81 (1.81.5)?
    It works if you assign keyboard "command + with combination.
    Any help
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