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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DiabolikMind, Jan 21, 2017.

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  1. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    Oh yes, that exactly how you prove ideas useless. Without those ideas they wouldn't be rich... Besides there are plenty of ideas in open source environment that didn't make people rich but improved everyones lifes, but you already know being a leader in Android development, you were just jokin :wink_:
    Then one thing is sharing an idea for everyones benefit, one thing is to share an idea to make someone profit.

    Would I do it for a friend? Yes. Would I do it for another company I don't know anyone in and have 0 business with? No.
    You should take a step back and calm down since I didn't offend anyone.
    You accuse me of being asinine and a terrible person, wow.
    Guess all creatives director are then. Why don't they help companies for free?
    Why do you think they want to improve their products, to help out everyone or to make profit and competitive on the market?
    If the answer is the first part they would probably sell at a totally different price while they are between the most expensive in the market (I don't blame that at all, their choice and free to buy or not).
    The point is you're criticizing me for asking hypotetically if someone that helps out a company (improving, enhancing profits) is rewarded in some way (not overpaid, free stuff for life or whatever you think is exaggerate!)
    If you do it free nice (as long as you're happy) but I'm not speaking nonsense just because I don't agree with you, in fact I find it just logical.
    And talking business side not humanity one (helping out people, friends exc. its not related).

    P.S: Chill down I'm not hurting Razer. Seems like people can't wait to argue instead of keeping it cool.
  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    It is related for some of us bro. That's how we feel - like we know Razer as a friend. We are big fans and want to help out. I know that may seem crazy to you because you personally don't feel that way towards Razer, but that's just the way it is for many fans here. I mean common...some people go as far as getting the Triple-Headed Snake logo as a tattoo - that's how dedicated they are.

    I think people are most upset here because your posts kind of come off as asking for a freebie. Most adults frown on that. It happens a lot on this forum too. I'm not blaming you or anything, just trying to explain why you may be receiving angry responses.
  3. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    I didn't ask for anything free it was just a curious and hypotethical question, not related to any post of mines, how many times do I have to say it?
    Instead of raging and THINKING that I'm offending in some weird way Razer people should take more time to actually read before replying.
    I just asked a question and all there bitching on how I shouldn't ask anything, who am I to say such things and whatever and basically gtfo. Really?
    I'm not the one that should reconsider the whole thing.
    And this is not about you personally Raijin but I feel like the feedback here from some is totally wrong. Everyone has his opinions, you can reply and say yours, even if the thread was actually asking for facts.
    I never said you must agree and neither passed you for fool (and again not you Raijin :smile_:) I'm cool anyway, if you do it for free, for fun, for money, I don't care.
  4. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    I'd like to ask for users to remain cordial in the discussions or our team of mods will step in to take action, if there are disagreements to be had, explain your reasons why without a need to be offensive to the other party. Neither should one take offense when his point is disagreed upon.

    Let me offer up a quick analogy as a take-away, we've had fans, who tried to create some mock-ups of a mouse they'd like to see and decided to give it a snake name like what we usually name them after, and when we do have a mouse named after it, they wanted to sue us for 'stealing their idea of a name'.

    To provide some input here, while we do appreciate feedback and suggestions, should you feel uncomfortable offering them or feel that there's a need to be compensated for them, do ensure that you take the due diligence to hold back on such communication in your own comfort and rights.
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