what is the difference between razer kraken pro and kraken 7.1 classic?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by DyrusZJ, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. Would you plug the stereo one in your pc and turn on surround pro and test the quality please? Just the sound quality and surrounf precision, because i found it very precise in 20$ cheap headset
  2. jianzhou

    jianzhou Active Member

    The 7.1 is more precise for me, tried on cs:go, but actually there are more good and cheap quality out there... Just that I am brand royalty.... Lol

    But if compare quality between kraken pro and 7.1 ofcause 7.1 more precise...

    Actually kraken pro is enough but i want the best experience...

    You can test at some retailer and compare... Some retail got put up display to let customer try...
  3. Im also looking for the hyperx cloud II, has its said, sound quality is better, but i never heard a think about surround accuracy, do you have any feedback of it?
  4. jianzhou

    jianzhou Active Member

    Nope but hyperx is a good brand also... My friend did use it and he say Razer is "over price " but i feel Razer is better for me.. Cuz the ear cushion make me feel comfortable also...
  5. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    It's worth, becouse Kraken 7.1 features premium 7.1 emulation, while Surround/Pro is meant to emulate 7.1 sound on standard stereo headphones. Plus you get a better mic (digital) on the Kraken 7.1.
  6. .iveL

    .iveL New Member

    I think the 7.1 is a great product. Quality sounds amazing and comfortable. Frankly, the price of the headset will not blow your bank... And it comes with a great mic. It's good to know that your friends listen to your beautiful voice at its best! :)
  7. Humpberto

    Humpberto Member

    wow ive had both and I didn't know there was that difference in the mic. Because of that video I think I might just use the 7.1 chroma and just leave my neon series on the shelf collect dust.
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