What is your Favorite Legend Of Zelda?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by 23laxstar, Dec 4, 2014.

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  1. Azrael_Fallen

    Azrael_Fallen New Member

    OoT, was my first non-handheld visit to Hyrule and loved it, cant wait for the new one.

    Or possibly my Nintendo Zelda watch game, cause that got me through many boring shopping trips as a child
  2. CB_Continuum

    CB_Continuum Member

    Has to be Majora's Mask. First one I truly finished.

    Link between Worlds is also good, OoT, Windwaker and Oracle of Seasons are, too.

    But Majora's Mask has a certain something... Atmospheric and genuinely fun as a kid, deeply poetic as an adult. Whatever you do, whoever you are: Time doesn't care. Time moves on.
  3. Spectre808

    Spectre808 New Member

    Ocarina of Time, many fond memories of that game.
  4. Leguan1604

    Leguan1604 New Member

    Okarina of Time:
    ...forever ^^
  5. Toothbrush123

    Toothbrush123 New Member

    I've never played Windwaker, but Ocarina of Time is my favorite. I have such good memories of sitting on my floor and trying to figure out the puzzles in that game. Great story, and a very high replay value really bring that game up to the top.
  6. Albah

    Albah New Member

    Definitely a Link to the Past! SNES was my bread and butter until the Nintendo 64 came out. Even after it was released I still stuck with the SNES for specific games.
  7. oksfinest

    oksfinest New Member

    This is gonna sound blasphemous, but the only Zelda I have ever cared about (and beaten) was Link to the Past. For some reason the rest of the games just couldn't keep my attention. Long enough.
  8. roukken

    roukken New Member

    I will just go with ocarine of time, mostly because of the feeeeelsss, ocarine is part of my childhood , back then when you couldn't just google when you got stuck in a part, yeah dem water temple hahaha
  9. Tukot

    Tukot New Member

    Ocarina of time. my first zelda game
  10. Brutum

    Brutum New Member

    I've only just started playing various legend of zelda games (I know, it's a shocker), but I'm really loving majora's mask. I'll update if I decide I love a different one more, but I remember when I was younger I wanted to try to play and understand majora's mask just because I thought the masks in general were great.
  11. Link to the past, the Gameboy Advanced version was my first Legend of Zelda game and I still feel really nostalgic when ever I see game play footage from it.
  12. Aznprotege

    Aznprotege New Member

    Okarina of Time is my favorite out of all the Zelda games I've played.
  13. Mystic22

    Mystic22 New Member

    A Link to the past on snes. Those were the days :cool:

    Ocarina of Time too....you become adult Link....unlike Majora's Mask.
  14. SolarUxie

    SolarUxie New Member

    I love them all but honestly I have to say the two Oracle games on gameboy, I did soooooo many playthroughs its not even funny.
  15. zacknamara

    zacknamara New Member

    ALBW was so much fun! I I still really like MM as my favourite, it's just so different from every other one, I can't get over how much I love that game.
  16. aestacio

    aestacio New Member

    I'm old school. I like the original.
  17. I really like WindWaker and Minish Cap, they are really beautiful and they add something new to the serie.
  18. frostykilz

    frostykilz New Member

    Link to the past for me as thats what I grew up playing but ocarina is always a good play. link between worlds got me super excited though as it held so true to the link to the past
  19. Adeni

    Adeni Member

    For me that would be the GBC Oracle of Ages/GBA Link to the Past/GC Windwaker/Wii Twilight Princess games.
    Special honors go to Ocarina of Time, and I think Majora's mask has a pretty good shot at getting on the list too, if I ever get my hands on a copy to actually fricken play it.
  20. frostykilz

    frostykilz New Member

    Looking forward to getting majors mask 3d i never finished it on n64 so cant wait to have another crack at it
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