What kind of smartphone do you own??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by WhackyPanos, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. JaPPa22

    JaPPa22 New Member

    just bought and OPPO F1S and i played a few games on it and it was pretty smooth and good for a $200 phone
  2. Feromoon

    Feromoon New Member

    For now i have Motorola X 2nd gen with Lineageos 7.0.1 on it. Never played a single game, just using it for messages\news\etc. I'm planning to buy something new, but can't decide what do i want. Maybe SGS8, but dunno.

    Also, several days ago razer told that they will make their own mobile phone for gamers =)
  3. Aybek

    Aybek New Member

    Another Htc one user here too =)
  4. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    Samsung S7 Edge. I love it! However, I don't think that I really use it to its full capabilities. Prior to this was a Samsung S4. All through Verizon, so the phone itself as well as signal and service has been nothing but phenomenal.
  5. 19019jm

    19019jm New Member

    I'm using the Huawei P9 Lite since February and I love this phone.
    It's running Android 7.0 with the personalization mask of EMUI 5.0. People say it's kinda bad, but sometimes I find it really helpful and the power consumption is way less than 'normal' Android, it is very well optimized.
  6. Nyctelios

    Nyctelios Member

    Nokia lumia 520 with windows 8.1, no regrets :D
    Cheap, but reliable.
  7. TheSirenKills

    TheSirenKills New Member

    Oppo A37.- Android, it runs Android 5.1. so far, everything is ok.
    I rarey play games on my phone.. so yeah. most of the time i just listen to music on joox and that's basically it.
  8. applecore.final

    applecore.final Active Member

    iphone 5s could get a second hand iphone 6 but I think the iphone 6 is too big.
  9. Nintenderp

    Nintenderp Member

    Samsung Galaxy s7.
    Had a lot of battery issues with it though. Only reason I still have it is because I don't like any of the new options out there. Waiting for something I like to come along to upgrade to
  10. L00n3y

    L00n3y New Member

    Huawei Nexus 6P

    I really dig the Nexus line of google, purest android
  11. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    I have the Elephone S7
    it's a Chinese Samsung knock off, but it costed like $250AUD and has 4GB ram, 10core processor, and a pretty good battery life, with a nice build quality running stock android.
  12. LawLGhoosT

    LawLGhoosT New Member

    Vodafone Smart Ultra 6
    OS: Android 6.0

    Games: Hearthstone
  13. DreamReaver76

    DreamReaver76 Member

    Samsung S8+
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  14. davezombiee

    davezombiee New Member

    My beautiful One Plus 3T :D
  15. 2CCPX

    2CCPX New Member

    A now Razer product- The Nextbit Robin
  16. StormLance

    StormLance New Member

    hey yes it is! :D
  17. Rafe_

    Rafe_ New Member

    i just bought a MOTO e4 from Motorola with android v7.7 (or sumthing like that) and it is amazing especially considering the price. It has dual sim as well which is something i needed.

  18. coco_jambo

    coco_jambo New Member

    Iphone 6 and that is why I use all battery for hearthstone lol
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  19. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    Xperia Z2, modded Camera lib to latest XZ series. There is an overheat issue lately probably due to the cooling mechanism problem.
  20. Viperfang123

    Viperfang123 New Member

    Iphones are inferior to (most) androids, i Have an s8 and it has a 2.4Ghz octa-core Processor and 512Mb of Vram and 6Gb of Ram,plus 128Gb Storage and 256Gb sd card
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