What's Your Opinion On The New System.

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Kibot02, Aug 4, 2017.


Do You Like The New System Or The Old System

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  1. Kibot02

    Kibot02 New Member

    Tbh, I liked the old system, this system is awful for multiple reasons.

    1. There are only 5 games to play from that are eligible for zSilver. Some games require you to pay for them, let's say you buy a game for 20 bucks, then the next month, the game is removed from the eligible zSilver earning games. Rip 20 dollars.

    2. Let's say one morning you really want to play CSGO: Counter-Strike: Global Offfensive, but since that's been taken down from the eligible zSilver earning games, you are FORCED to play a game you don't want to play for 5 HOURS to get the maximum zSilver. 5 Hours is a long time.

    3. 1 of the 5 games are free. So we're forced to play the same game for 5 hours to get the maximum zSilver. If you want to play other games eligible for zSilver guess what. You got to pay $$$ for those games. Over time you end up paying more for the games than the items you are working for with your zSilver.

    The old system had multiple games to choose from with multiple FREE games, and a few paid games. There, you could have more to choose from and not get bored of the same game for 5 straight hours. To get the maximum zSilver in a week, you have to spend 35 HOURS on the SAME game.
  2. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    Remember that this is for "gamers", not someone in particular. Yes they are forcing us to play different games every month, but that is also a good way to promote games.
    You try new games to earn zSilver, then you like it, you play it more. And there are 5 games in total, not just 2.
    And the number of games in montly rotation is still the same as "old system". Not thousands you can find in steam. They just filter out and grab only 5 at a time. And let you vote (up to 2) for new month rotation.

    I'll repeat what I wrote in other thread.
    "You can't complain when they give out free McDonald burgers just because you personally like Subway"

    It's their system. Read their term and conditions.
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  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    +1 for promoting new games, also the new system can introduce games, that wasn't in Paid to Play before (for example PUBG).
  4. Xvtyb

    Xvtyb New Member

    is rly fine to introduce new games but u must let the old games active in my opinion. thx
  5. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I love the fact that so many new accounts are out there posting threads wanting the old system back. I mean they used to give out even more free stuff when the rewards were just on the insider forums. So if you want to cry about something, cry about the fact that for 500 posts you could basically get a Razer Kraken v1 or a Deathadder Elite for free. But I guess you wouldnt know about that either.

    Razer is the only company giving out free stuff, if you dont want to be limited to the game choice dont play. Razer doesnt order you to earn zSilver and play their desired games. However if you do want to earn zSilver and get free Razer stuff you might just want to follow their system. Sure it takes 5 hours out of your very busy gaming schedule but you get monetary value out of it, just like working part time for 5 hours a day.
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  6. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    Hardcore gamers don't choose game, the game chooses them.
  7. Xvtyb

    Xvtyb New Member

    This argument sounds like a fanboy. I dont use my account here cause i never need to ask for some help, now cause i am new as u say we are cryers cause we have an opinion ........ not fair. :S
  8. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    a point based reward system is not a new invention, there are countless stores that give away something if you get a certain amount of points
  9. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Point me to one company who still does this, and I meant in the gaming peripheral market. I have only seen HTC continue this with people who buy their phones or refer others to their phones.
  10. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Im not even a razer fanboy, half of my gear is from Logitech. But anyways I just think that when you sign up for the zSilver program you are basically saying that we agree to whatever system Razer puts in place. Its like a terms and conditions thing, Razer is liable to change the system anyway they want and they owe nothing to their consumer base on their decisions. I get that you are mad about losing zSilver for games you used to play. I for one played CS GO alot and now wont be getting any zSilver throughout August from it but keep in mind that this system is entirely optional, Razer owes you nothing for gaming. You seem to feel entitled to zSilver just because you play a game 5 hours a day which is what most of us were doing even before zSilver came out.
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  11. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    I think you're a bit confused?:confused_:
    1. RIP $20? No, you have a game you played and enjoyed. Whether it gets zSilver or not doesn't matter. Buying a game you don't like just to get zSilver makes zero sense, since you should just save the money and buy the peripheral you want from the Vault.
    2. Forced to play? Nobody's forcing you to do anything.
    3. Gaming is fun, not a job

    I think people are missing the whole idea, the zVault is not a job.
    Playing a game for 5 hours will get you the equivalent of about $1 just to keep it simple.
    Go get a minimum wage job at McDonald's and you'll be making over $7 in one 1 hour.
    Enjoying playing whatever you want, if you want money go get a job and make over 35 times more than playing something you don't like.:wink_:
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  12. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    But how do you get those point? By playing games or buying games/peripheral?
  13. xhadgaming

    xhadgaming New Member

    As a person who primalary played OW I understand what the problem was with the old system, but after changing the disconts to be dollar amounts and not percentages I can see why this change was made for the better because some people were starting to mine it like I can get my 5 hours in a day by just leaving a game on the home menu while other people were using 5 accounts and using a bot to switch them. side is that I have to redownload a new game each time ie starcraft or dota2 and hope that it doesn't all end up games that cost money like overwatch or PUBG. So for me it really doesn't affect me but for other people I understand the fustration because they don't just want everybody who plays every single day of their favorite game to a get a mug holder.
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  14. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    You guys are just bitter because it's no longer easy to cherry pick free expensive items. Get over it. Life is full of disappointments, the sooner you learn that the better off you'll be. Go try living somewhere where life is actually hard and see what the people there tell you when you don't get your "entitlements".
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  15. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand your post whatsoever, especially the first sentence.
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  16. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    What's there to understand? People are mad because the system was changed in the ways of getting zsilver. The old system made it way easier for them to farm silver because it only supported the games they wanted to play. What about for people like me who didn't play any of the games on the old list and only played starcraft 2? Shouldn't ALL gamers get a chance to earn zsilver? Not just the ones who played LoL, Overwatch, etc.? You know how I had to earn silver before? The 40 silver a pop just for logging into cortex. That was my mighty haul. At least now there is a rotation of games with a free one to play if none of my games are supported for the month.

    So ya, people want the old system back because it catered to them exclusively and they were able to get all the zsilver they wanted to cherry pick the free expensive items while the rest of us were left out in the cold.

    So you're right, my post was hard to understand because it is their world, and I just live in it.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
  17. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    You said that it's hard to ''cherry pick free expensive items''.
    Well, it isn't really free, but ok.

    What we had back then was games constantly being added to the list, and with high possibility that SC 2 would be added.

    I'm soon gonna make a rant about the new Paid to Play system, check it out if you want.
  18. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    You're right it isn't free razer pays its community to play games. Except I was getting paid under the old system. So why would I want it back?
  19. Pasjm94

    Pasjm94 New Member

    Nah, I didn't like this system, really hate it. I will uninstall cortex soon if this new system didn't change
  20. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member


    tell us what sunshine looks like
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