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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by DulceLariz, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. gamertibes

    gamertibes New Member

    Magic online...Magic online..
  2. Celyfaye

    Celyfaye New Member

    I'm too broke to afford a console. PC gaming offers tons of cheap games.
  3. OPALHalaybest900

    OPALHalaybest900 New Member

    I like the flexibility of being able to customize controls, and even change gameplay with mods. Steam sales are awesome too, I have way more PC games than console.
  4. Zer0Sync

    Zer0Sync New Member

    PC=best frames, best resolution and steam sales, fricking steam sales!
  5. PeterB

    PeterB Active Member

    Generally the mouse is much better than a controller i find, the fact that you can quickly move and change the speeds at which you look around.
    Definitely Comms makes talking to friends much easier.
    And graphics, i love how much better they look on PC
  6. retroRussetdata996

    retroRussetdata996 New Member

    Cheap games, period
  7. CORALfrontWhite622

    CORALfrontWhite622 New Member

    Uhmmm, I am not a PC-fanboy, but I can see its perks when it comes to user friendliness. Another thing about PC's is, that it is not only for gaming, but also entertainment, social experiences and so much more. Consoles on the other hand, has a whole other feeling to it. More relaxing imho, since you can chill in your bed, watch a movie on the big screen without having to do a setup etc. The price also plays a role though. Computers are cheaper, as long as you don't go all out as some do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Just my 2 cents :D
  8. planeOchreradio703

    planeOchreradio703 New Member

    You have control over almost everything. People say that console games look same on the pc, but it is not. love you gaben :)
  9. Murisame

    Murisame New Member

    Like many others I enjoy the large verity that PC gaming has to offer. However my favorite thing is because of laptops you can take you games anywhere without having to lug around consoles and TV's like I use to 14 years ago in order to play games with my friends. Also Cloud access is a big thing because you can access most game data from any computer if you don't have a laptop.
  10. I love pc gaming because of the pixels and the cheap games
  11. couchstyle

    couchstyle Active Member

    It's the multiplayer option, and rage.. lot's of rage.
  12. aldoo

    aldoo New Member

    like using the mouse insted of a controler
  13. shadowtheone

    shadowtheone New Member

    Cause PC master race ;)
  14. fly4food

    fly4food New Member

    Definitely for the game selection, graphics, customization and hardware options.
  15. campretroTangelo023

    campretroTangelo023 New Member

    The ability to upgrade your rig whenever it requires it is a big plus for me. Also the variety of games that you can play is pretty darn good. I was once a console only guy but ever since I built my PC 3 years ago I have never looked back.
  16. 0pt0ut

    0pt0ut New Member

    It has a lot more options than console, games are cheaper but i hate how i have to have the latest graphics cards for the game to look good :slightly_sad:
  17. hostvarious

    hostvarious New Member

    now that consoles are essentially PCs... it's great that most console games come out on PC!
  18. You can always upgrade components for the latest games
  19. cicutox

    cicutox New Member

    GFX and customization. The fact that you can't customize a console, whether it's components or case, kills it for me.
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  20. ObviateLoss

    ObviateLoss New Member

    To me, PC gaming will always outshine and outperform consoles for one simple reason: scaling. Consoles are limited to what each can do with regards to hardware. You can't simply take the GPU out of your XBOX 360 and stick the latest, greatest NVIDIA in there to make it better, whereas I can always upgrade components in my PC if it happens to be struggling on a certain game. Games developed for consoles are severely limited by this, and that's why I'll always choose a good PC over the newest fad in console gaming.
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