Your favorite drink (18+)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Deleted member 508756, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Same here, I'm just a simple Black or Red Label man myself, although I have become a bit of a amateur connoisseur tasting around. I haven't actually had or even heard of Lapgraoig or Talisker before, I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Chivas Regal is my go too "high end" scotch, although I have gone through a few Glinlivets and Glenmorangis.
    One year for my birthday, a friend actually bought me a glass of Blue Label for probably $50. A single glass. Actually wasn't all that impressed.

    With that being said though, I think my easy fall back is always Jack and Coke.
  2. bowiescompanda

    bowiescompanda Active Member

    A well-made, well balanced old fashioned with rye (lemon peel/zest; not orange - orange is for bourbon old fashioneds).
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  3. Jamovitz_no_id

    Jamovitz_no_id New Member

    2. franziskaner weissbier
    3.tucher beer
    4.erdinger beer
  4. Ohlam

    Ohlam New Member

    I think the sparkling water is the best drink ever.
    i also like long island ice tea and "ma dai", a twist on Mai Tai.
  5. alpholocoo

    alpholocoo New Member

    Whey HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHA coffee and tea
    Alcoholic drink: i dont drink
  6. My girl's secretions :rolleyes:
  7. AzarathianMage

    AzarathianMage New Member

    Depends on the occassion. Formal occasions, a nice glass of red wine, informal, a glass of bourbon, and gaming, either Monster or Venom.
  8. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    My go-to and makes me go crazy, in a good way (since I have a hard time getting it) is Mort Subite. It's a Belgium Fruit Lambic beer. It's absolutely amazing a nice summer day!
  9. Aybek

    Aybek New Member

    As i'm turkish you could think i would say raki(same drink as greek's uzo) but i prefer vodka with orange..
  10. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    Beer: Corona

    Soda: Rootbeer

    Liquor: Vodka (Grey Goose)

    Other: Sweet Tea
  11. Admdvn

    Admdvn New Member

    As an Irishman I'm expected to always answer Guinness to this question, however I like my drinks to taste sweet. I've never liked drinks that are meant to be bitter or savoury. So on a night out I tend to get cider if I'm with the lads because I like the taste and they would slag me if i bought "girly" drinks. But if I'm out with some girls all bets are off and I'll get whatever delicious cocktails they're having.
  12. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I have been really curious about Chivas but have yet to try it. And as for Laphroig if you like the smokiness of Black Label Laphroig is for you, if you like Glenmorangie a little better then maybe not. Glenlivet is probably one of my favorite 12 years. Really I am still an amateur myself, but I have fun going out and tasting different things.
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  13. donKanon

    donKanon New Member

    beeeeer! all the time! :)
  14. No_GT31

    No_GT31 Well-Known Member

    Non-Alcoholic : Orange Juice
    Alcoholic: Whiskey-Cola
    I've tried that Skittles-Vodka cocktail and it was wonderful too
  15. I3onny

    I3onny New Member

    First of all, tea - green, black, white and yerba mate. Second - it's beer ofc (Polish ones) and the last one is whiskey + pepsi B) cheers
  16. freakydoctor

    freakydoctor New Member

    now is the summer and i just wanna beer :)))
  17. Nintenderp

    Nintenderp Member

    Really depends on what I'm in the mood for at the time.
    But I love a good Captain Morgans and coke or Southern Comfort and vanilla coke.
    Absinthe and lemonade (in a tall glass) was my drink of choice for years - goes surprisingly well together.
  18. LegendaryOfCow

    LegendaryOfCow New Member

    Well the answer is very simple my friend it has to be GWENLAS!!! [​IMG]
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