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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by madram, Apr 12, 2017.

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  1. madram

    madram New Member

    Hi all, first post here, I hope I start something cool with this discussion: what I'm going to ask ya is if you have a specific area in the house/whatever else where do you have your gaming setup and/or other relax and free time stuff(if u want post photos why not :3)
    Im asking this because I have all in my room, and I dont feel i like so much, since a room is a room, but id like to move to a dedicated freetime area, if my family agrees ofc x)
    I was inspired by Gordon Hayward hyperx (ik ik :v) house tour and his fabulous room ( ) , ok he's rich and famous but how cool has it to be *-*
    if you like tell me what you think :)
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  2. Zarokian

    Zarokian Active Member

    A dedicated space fro gaming huh? That's a cool idea, but I don't think you have to be rich or famous to reach this dream! If you don't like the setting of your room as it is right now, try to think how you could change it to make you feel more gaming "comfortable". I had the same feeling as you. I modified some furniture, I set them the way I liked, and while I still have ways to go, to reach the completion of my idea, bit by bit the room gets in shape :)!
    Right now I have a 32inch TV on the one wall (for movie nights)
    3 screen setup on my computer, one screen for gaming, one for developing (i'm a developer), and one for generic purposes (eg play an episode from one of my favorite series while getting slaughtered on Overwatch / For Honor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    There are a few more things missing from my room, but bit by bit I'm getting there.
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  3. madram

    madram New Member

    ye exactly what i was thinking..i think that the environment helps a lot in whatever activity you are doing(studying, playing, working..)so I hope i can move everything to the ex-garage, which my mother also wants to turn into a tavern, and have a paradise for me and my bros:heart_eyes:
    Also thanks a lot for sharing your personal experience and actual setup ^^
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  4. Yeah i got me an "office" with all computing and gaming stuff. :)
  5. TheWill42

    TheWill42 Active Member

    I have a corner of my living room with my pc and my girlfriend has her corner.
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    We have our office here at home, which originally we had 5 of us gaming in here, now we're down to three. It's nice enough and it's comfortable, I'm quite attached to my desk area and how I have it set up. However, when it comes to absolutely *Anything* outside of needing to use my PC I prefer my other hobbies elsewhere in the house. It's far more comfortable (both atmospherically and physically) to sit in one of my other little cozy areas for things like TV, movies, reading, puzzles, etc.
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  7. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    I already have a second room, which I call my office (cuz it's where I record/stream and everything) which is really nice. It's small, but I like it.
    It's still got junk piled up in the closet and in front of it, so to make it perfect, I'd like that all changed, but in this place, that won't happen. When we move, we're hoping to find a place with 3 bedrooms so I can still have an office & a bedroom.
    I enjoy versatility though. The ability to change things around without much effort, like a motorized desk (don't have) or a neat folding chair or something of the like that I easily move around too. Maybe other things that I'm too tired to think of right now.
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  8. FunkySkill

    FunkySkill Member

    I have a pretty small room where I do everything. A few weeks ago I made a big upgrade (for me xD) : I bought a new table which is probably the biggest furniture in my room (besides my huge shelf). Well my setup is not really overpowered because I'm a person who likes to save money instead of spending it. I have a 24 Inch Benq monitor (but I wanna buy a second monitor : 144hz Free sync I dont care from which firm xD) (and I wanna build a new Pc in the future:ok_hand:) Blackwidow and Deathadder (both Chroma) Kraken Pro and Goliathus Speed extended , love it.
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