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2 issues - 2 resolutions - neither from Razer

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Orion6, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Orion6

    Orion6 New Member

    Now if we can just get Razer to start using knowledgeable techs instead of "tree following script readers" we might have something here.
    2 issues;
    Issue 1. Razer Core V2 keeps rebooting itself.
    The Core is a little over a year old and I recently started having issues with the Core disconnecting the graphics card or just rebooting constantly. Sometimes it would just quit working completely. After dealing with this for weeks I decided that the problem could be my aging graphics card so I bought a new Nvidia Geforce 1050ti.
    Problem solved - for a month. after about a month, the exact same issue started all over again.
    RAZER SUPPORT - "The 1050 is not compatible with the Core"
    Me - It worked fine for a month with no issues at all. Plus, it's doing the same thing it was doing with my old "compatible" graphics card.
    Razer Support - "The 1050 is not compatible with the Core"
    Okay, I give. hung up.
    Did some sleuthing on the web. Long story shortened - I stand the Core on it's end. Really, that's it.
    Turns out that there is a magnet inside the core that tells it when the assembly is slid into the base and it's just a hair to far from the rail that has the magnet attached.Hence the on & off issues. So,I let Gravity solve the issue. Stand on end - no more issues.

    Issue 2. Razer Stealth has lost it's ability to connect to WiFi networks.
    Razer Support - you need to do a full system recovery of your computer.
    Me - You mean I have to wipe out everything on my computer and start over???
    Razer - only way to fix it. ** I did not do this **
    The solution here came from Killer Networks (their Wifi card is in the Stealth) Plus, they have a diagnostic program you can run and send to them. (What a concept - Razer?)
    Killer Networks - Your Anitvirus has disabled the software that runs the Killer device. You need to uninstall your Antivirus, reinstall your Wifi drivers and then you can reinstall your antivirus.
    Problem solved. With nothing from Razer except a lot of wasted time.
    Love my Razer products!! Now if they can just get support figured out.

    Finally - you'd think that Razer (of all people) would know about the magnet issue, wouldn't you? Support never even brought it up.
  2. Scobey

    Scobey New Member

    Umm... no, I don't expect Razer to know. This is my experience with them as well. I just kept band-aiding along until now my battery is gone, so... Back to Lenovo I go.

    Sorry I keep posting here, but I really want to save people from making the mistakes I did. Want to game? Buy a laptop from a company that builds enterprise level computers (Dell Alienware), want a light laptop? Don't game with it, buy a solid Lenovo and build a gaming desktop.
  3. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    This thread had the potential to be a constructive and helpful post. The extra levels of sodium were unnecessary. And for future reference, ease up on the poll usage for data that is more compelling than validating sentiment.
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