2016 Razer Blade - Intermittent WiFi Issue - 2nd time, albeit slightly different

Discussion in 'Systems' started by LoveIsAMirage, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. LoveIsAMirage

    LoveIsAMirage New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm experiencing another WiFi issue again--however this one is less.. erm.. infuriating. Previously when I would try to reset my WiFi module (by merely disconnecting and reconnecting) it would hang/freeze my laptop entirely--requiring a Hard Reboot/Reset.

    Now, here's the kicker, it's now doing something rather peculiar.. yet similar. And it does it seemingly randomly.. the issue seemingly started to occur after the Windows 10 update package that was released in August.

    I'll have a live stream open in one tab for instance, like Twitch, while browsing in another tab and then suddenly I cannot access another web page or load anything else--yet the Twitch stream is still running in the background/when I view it--even Twitch Chat is working fine? This doesn't happen solely when a stream is open mind you, it just seems to happen "randomly".. I just thought it was rather odd.

    The stream appears unaffected, yet I cannot continue to browse the web, open another web page, or access anything else that requires the internet when this occurs... even from completely separate programs like iTunes Store, League of Legends Client, etc.

    Granted it's still pretty annoying, at least my Blade doesn't require a Hard Reboot as it did a month and a half ago prior to upgrading the drivers. I can correct the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting the WiFi module from within Windows.

    Can anyone please help me with this?! Thank you!

    Note: Yes, I've upgraded the Killer Drivers, I know it isn't my actual internet because it works fine on my phone/other devices when my Blade decides to randomly do this, doesn't make any sense how a Live Stream can run perfectly.. yet the laptop seemingly loses connection "everywhere else".
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  2. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Hey @LoveIsAMirage sorry to hear about your Razer Blade. I was wondering if you've reached out to our Support Team yet about this new issue? Do note that Razer Insider is not a support forum. However, if you encounter any issues with reaching out to them, please reach out to me via private message with your Support Case ID :)
  3. LoveIsAMirage

    LoveIsAMirage New Member

    Hey Wolf, thank you, I reached out to Razer Support and will PM you if I encounter any issues. I just like to create a thread just in case anyone within the community is experiencing something similar and has found a means to correct said problem(s). Furthermore, as with my last issue (in which I also created a thread, but reached out to Razer Support as well), I provided the answer that corrected my problem from Razer Support within my original thread as well.

    Hopefully it helps alleviate any issues that someone browsing the forums/web may also be experiencing by providing a faster answer and helping out Razer-Support at the same time! :)
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