about Dolby atmos and microSD support

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by futureTrueBluefast165, Dec 20, 2017.

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  1. Hi every one ,
    I like Razer phone , but I have 2 question ( you can say hopes ) :
    1- Dolby atmos does not support all system ,, I mean working only with system apps !!
    Third party app & music via bluetooth with connected device or in the car >> dolby atmos is not supported !!
    Unlike ZTE Axon 7 , for example , which the dolby atmos support everything system & 3rd party apps & every thing
    I hope this will be fixed .. it is really important to feel the experince of the sound

    2- RAZER phone does not accept microSD as regular as other phones .. it keeps rejecting & formating microSD !!
    I don't what is the problem exactly ?!
    also , it is not accepting large size file ?!

    This the 2 points that I really hopes to be fixed in the upcoming updates
    Thank you
  2. twistedmjc

    twistedmjc Member

    1. Umm Dolby works perfectly for all my apps through Bluetooth and speakers for me.. I'm always fiddling with it so I know it works.. I've used it on Slacker, google music, Spotify, lots of games/emulators, etc..

    2. I've had no problems with SD card, when I inserted it, it asked me if I wanted to use it as internal storage or external. Didn't have to format or anything.. Other than not being able to save pics directly to SD card, I haven't heard of many people having issues unless it was formatted to a different file system.
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  3. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    I have had some problems with the SD card i was in chat with razer support for 4 hours because the phone wouldn't format the card properly it finaly read and formated correctly not sure what had changed even after a full reset it still wouldnt work then it magicly did. i have noticed at least one app has problems with not seeing the card to save to it and that is my podcast app (podcast addict) I had no problem on my S7 to save to it with the exact same app and card but in this phone it wont even see it when i try to navigate to it. as for the Dolby i'm not sure exactly I hadn't messed with mine much but i know I've had a problem with the audio in snapchat the volume cuts wayyyy down on story videos that are two consecutive videos.
  4. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    Have you tried using a Class 3 or higher microSD Card?
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  5. ZiCott

    ZiCott Member

    I am using a standard Sandisk 200GB Class 10, formatted as internal, and working fine...=)
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