All new Razer Blade 15 with Apple Thunderbolt Display

Discussion in 'Systems' started by smartMA1980, Aug 17, 2018.

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  1. smartMA1980

    smartMA1980 New Member

    Hi gents, does anyone make it working to connect the razer blade 15 with a Apple TBD with USB-C. (Apple Thunderbolt to USB-C Adapter)
    And if yes, how you made it?

    After searching many forums, I still don't made it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    You may just need a thunderbolt cable (ie thunderbolt to thunderbolt)
    Usb-C is just the shape, and comes in a number of speeds
    usb3 - 5mb/s (i think)
    usb3.1 - 10mb/s
    thunderbolt - 40mb/s

    So if its a "thunderbolt to usbc" its probably less than thunderbolt, so make sure the cable is thunderbolt <--> thunderbolt
  3. smartMA1980

    smartMA1980 New Member

    thanks allot for your quick answer.
    The adapter was working before with a mac book pro without any issues.
    Below please find a pic.
    If someone already had this setup, will be great if he say which adapter and way he use.

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  4. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Sorry, it was worth a shot. The only other thing to check is Have you "Allowed" the thunderbolt connection in Windows?

    You probably have, but this was something I missed when connecting via TB3, windows requires authorisation, so make sure you have thunderbolt drivers installed (though you should have) and click the thunderbolt icon in the right hand tray and Approve attached devices
  5. smartMA1980

    smartMA1980 New Member

    Thanks for your answer, yes for sure already approved the device.
    All drivers are up to date.
    Also can see as device, but it shows not connected, even I say always connected when I get the question.
  6. chamika1985

    chamika1985 New Member

    Hiiii.. I’ve been using a Macbook pro 17 which died couple of days ago. I have two thunderbolt displays daisychained – (thunderbolt 2 ports).

    I was thinking about going for Razer Blade 15.6 (2018) or Razer Blade Pro 17 as my replacement due to its high end graphics performance and good thermal management. As I understand there is a thunderbolt 3 / USB-C port.

    Will I be able to connect Apple thunderbolt display with this device without any problem? (by use of a thunderbolt 3 to TB2 converter?

    I really scared after purchasing if that doesn’t work everything is going to be in vain.

    I’m sure all geniuses could have tried this somewhere

    Really appreciate your input.

    were you able to get it worked? anyone?

    Thank you!
  7. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Just in case this helps, it may be that Windows needs an "Active" Thunderbolt 3 cable to drive Thunderbolt 2 devices (ie the Razer Core ONLY works with an activve cable).

    The article in for is here (its an old article, but holds true from what I have experienced):

    and the main bit of interest:
    To get all the benefits of Thunderbolt 3, you'll need to use active cables. Active Thunderbolt 3 cables will use integrated chips to achieve full 40Gbps throughput. You should use active cables where throughput really matters, like when connecting your laptop to 4K or 5K displays. You'll also want to use an active cable to get the fastest throughput out of local file storage for workstations and servers, particularly if you're connecting to a solid-state-drive (SSD)-based RAID array. Active cables made of copper are limited to about 6 feet in length–enough to go from your laptop to an external hard drive on a colleague's desk.

    It also talks about Adapters, so it may be you just need a generic/Windows adapter rather than an Apple one
  8. Hello Everyone, i have the same issue,

    I found this on the dell support forum :

    Someone has the same issue (with the apple adapter TB3 TB2), He changed some BIOS parameters, and everything seems to works just fine :eek: !

    The issue for us is : we don't have the same BIOS as dell computers, the only parameters that I see is "disable thunderbolt security".

    But I think it should work... I'm spending so much time on this, it's insane :'( Can someone help us ?

  9. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    It's no problem to try disabling Thunderbolt 3 security, and it would make sense that may fix it as I don't think it's in the thunderbolt 2 design. You can always turn it back on again if it doesn't.

    To exploit thunderbolt 3 security someone would have to have physical access to your laptop, and at that point it's already trivial to hack your machine.

    This means it's not something you should worry about turning off to test, and unless you are keeping highly classified information on your laptop, or leaving it lying around - probably not something you should worry about at all (IMHO).
  10. smartMA1980

    smartMA1980 New Member

    Hello everyone, I also found the dell article longer time ago and tried all kind of bios settings.
    But no one works with the screen. Till now it never turned on.

    If someone really made it to get it working, it will be a great thing if he post how.
  11. Yep, I've tried too, and nothing worked... :slightly_sad: Still trying stuff!

    Can someone help us :'( ?
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  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Are you guys already trying this adapter? Don’t have TB display only opinion, and TB3 on Blade 15 unlike DP and HDMI doesn’t connect directly to dGPU, maybe it’s the problem. Using DP or HDMI would be worth the try if TB3 port doesn’t work, basically usb C is one of display port connection but maybe there’s some limitations on this machine, I use always DP or HDMI on Blade laptops, TB3 only for Core, and there’s slightly performance drop compared to stealth and older Blade 14 this time, it seems because TB3 port doesn’t connect directly to dGPU, unlike stealth or MacBook laptops that I heard from
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
  13. This adapter is not male to female, I mean you cannot connect it to the Apple thunderbolt display.
  14. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    My bad I thought it’s usb c port on port connection behind, seems like my old MacBook Pro Thunderbolt port. The thing is, did you already try some adapter to Blade hdmi or DP?
  15. [​IMG]

    I need this :'( So bad!

    I spent all the weekend trying to figure out how to connect the thunderbolt display to the Razer blade.
    I'm considering to return the Razer blade... Just for this reason.

    Can someone help us ?

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