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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    I second this, and add in that even these big companies can't even handle demand on their sites. Give you examples. High demand of the Moto X has destroyed Motorola/Google's Servers two years in a row. Apple even has server issues on pre-order of their products. To be honest if you don't understand that Razer is still a small company (be it an extremely awesome and successful small company) so holding them to impossible standards that even big companies can't do is bullshit. Razer handles everything extremely well. From talking to customers, to support. If you actually hung out in comms you would understand this...
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  2. DonJohnson69

    DonJohnson69 Member

    My major issue is being promised twice that i would get the link for the developer nabu and after volunteering my own time and hard work to develop my app for Razer to help em out, i get skipped again, and i checked every folder in every email account i have just to make sure i didnt miss it. and i NEVER got it. it should be more in Razer's interest to get the nabu to people like me who need to test out our app to make sure its all good.
  3. vinboy3

    vinboy3 New Member

    The only thing that is to open the access to all country, special sales only in US left us fans outside US felt very uncomfortable. Hoping to see this to be improve.
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  4. Min-Lang Tan,

    I just wanted to add my thoughts and opinions here.

    Firstly, I understand that there's always going to be more demand then supply when it comes to hardware, that's not your fault, and there's little you can do to fix that.

    Secondly, I think doing special promotions or offers for Insider members is a great idea. I think it's a good way to give back to the people who truly support the company.

    The issue that I see is, people are feeling entitled to things because they are on Razer Insider, which just isn't the case.
    I think that when Insider was opened to the public a lot of people flooded in just because they heard that they could get a Nabu but they were never promised (a Nabu in this case) they were offered an opportunity to buy one. What I've seen it said before and I really agree with, is that if people aren't willing to going through the hassle of the process, they can just wait for the retail launch. I understand people are excited for the new product, but again there is no entitlement here.

    I think that maybe a better solution would have been to keep Insider as invite only, that way you can keep your criteria for what counts as "qualified" hidden. I feel like this would have minimized some of this complaints that people had because then it would really have been something for dedicated Razer fans and it would have limited the number of people coming to Insider just to score a Nabu.

    All of that aside, I do think you should keep going with the specials offers for Insider members, but like what was talked about, try and find a way to make things for the true Razer fans.
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  5. BobbyMike

    BobbyMike Member

    I like what you have done with the Nabu, it actually got me to post here on the forum. I also like that you don't require high post counts, invariably when forums do that they are inundated with tons of junk posts.

    So keep it up.
  6. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    For what it's worth, I feel in no way alienated. I understand that this is a pre-sale, and some users here on insider are acting like it's full retail and they all deserve a unit. Furthermore I'd like to thank you for actually coming out and talking to us here, as most companies wouldn't give us their time, let alone a discussion like this.
    I appreciate everything you've done for us, your customers. Just remember that angry people will complain, and the content people usually don't say anything. So there's plenty more people out there who feel the same way I do about it all. Don't give up on this idea, for us!
  7. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    Some may say this is unfair, this sucks but in the end, not everyone can have one :slightly_sad: It's sad but true
  8. Wiseguy599999

    Wiseguy599999 New Member

    People are going to be upset no matter what you do. I like the idea of the preregistering and preordering, but I feel like a lot less headache and frustration would arise if this was skipped and went straight to retail. Hardcore Razer fans will probably always be willing to buy it at sticker price anyway, though I admit early access and savings is really cool way to do prerelease. However it seems that in this case this discount is just increasing the profit margin of the scalpers. I'd rather just purchase one on back order and wait for it to get here.
  9. Evasesh

    Evasesh Member

    I appreciate it as well. Last night there were a lot of heated posts about the Nabu ordering and registration. I was part of that, but after a nights sleep and thinking things over. There was no guarantee in regards to registration or ordering. There there issues? Sure, but its going to happen especially with such a large fan base and doing something like this for the first time.
    But when it comes to how to qualify for things such as this in the future. Its hard to say what would be the best course. On one side constructive and helpful post tallies in regards to the insider forum would be one way and probably the best.
    But should it also be based on how much someone spends on Razer to prove they are the more "hardcore" fan? I dont think so. I only own 1 Razer item and I just recently purchased it. I have always loved Razers products but I could never either afford what I wanted at the time or warrant the purchase at the time to pull the trigger. Does that make me any less "hardcore"?
    I would like to not think so, I still like the company and follow them just as much as the person who spent hundreds of dollars on Razer gear.
    Using the insider forums as a bench mark for people who are willing to help one another, offer advice and give constructive feed back on products is probably the best way to see who is willing to show how much they like the company and want to help it grow further.
  10. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

    Just keep doing what you are doing. Those of us that are here for razer as a whole will have patience, regardless of the wait. I would say just focus on a release and make any future waves an exclusive first chance. (pretty much what you are doing now lol) #HailRazer
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I think this is something that's vital to stress to people. Just because they get an e-mail/confirmation doesn't guarantee them a unit. The only way to almost guarantee anything is to be FAST and realize that the servers may not be able to handle the load and they'll need to finish their transactions in probably less than a minute. Some people won't mind that and will get a rush out of the game, others will decide that they'd rather wait for a different size/color or when they can leisurely make their purchase.

    Also, along the same lines, I think every single communication will need to stress that just because an item is in your cart is is NOT reserved until you actually press the purchase button!! The number of people I've seen complain because they got it in their cart, but just didn't check out fast enough is ridiculous. And this is not just a Razer thing, almost every single online vendor has the same rules. It's not officially yours until you press the purchase / pay button. Simple as that.

    While I'm generally the pacifist and rather polite around here... here's a little brutal honesty for you. As for people complaining about not receiving their e-mail, that's just a ridiculous excuse for entitled behavior. @Razer|Technokat has made himself exceptionally available to all of us and even had a thread to assist people with registration and e-mails that didn't work properly. If you didn't reach out to him to have your issues fixed in the DAYS (not just hours, but days) prior to the sale, then that's on you!!

    Not only that, but there has been Razer staff on these forums very regularly offering assistance with Nabu and many other aspects of the company. If you have an issue either find the right person, or ask who that person is, and MESSAGE THEM!!!! For heaven's sake, they go so far out of their way to help us and answer everything they receive, don't be an idiot and cheat yourself out of all the help that is here for you. It may not be an instant answer, but they do answer. (usually within 24-48hrs on the private conversations, in my experience)

    Finally, I'm really sorry a lot of people were so angry and upset by all of this, I hate to see people feel that way. However, this was a special Razer|Insider price as a REWARD for joining and being a member here. It's not a full-on pre-order like some have described or expected. This is something special and extra for being here. It's not a full release, it's not a public release, it's not the retail release... it's a special event / special access. We should just be happy that we were offered the chance, win or lose, to be given a special event. Even with the server issues (which are to be expected) and the mass rushes to get in and order fast, fast, fast ... at least we had the chance!!

    People need to take a long hard look at the bigger picture, what this really was and what it would be like if we were actually denied any future special events. Eventually, this place would bet boring. We'd run out of topics and things to suggest people talk about, and it would stagnate. These are the kinds of events that keep things revitalized when they get slow and it gives members something to look forward to. Losing all this would be quite unfortunate.
  12. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    Good point - theses special things will keep the forum active and interesting.
    Didn´t even think about this before reading it..
  13. Azulio

    Azulio New Member

    Exclusive Razer T-Shirts would be cool, make them look like the Team Razer exclusive hoodie or something. Maybe even a limited Team Razer hoodie give away
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  14. zxcwar

    zxcwar Member

    Why not instead of having new pre order sign ups for each wave, just keep the people who signed up for the last wave to be the only people who can order on the next 5k units. And the same for the next waves to come. Until all the people that signed up to pre order will get there products in time. Atleast that way they have a higher chance in getting before it goes to the market. Cuz having to sign up over and over sucks even more the next time you gotta sign up cuz more and more people know about it and how easy it is to sign up. Then it's not really an insider thing anymore.
  15. 41495

    41495 New Member

    The only problem I have with the second launch, is that the system engineers should have been aware and have been ABLE to keep up with the incoming traffic. Considering the amount of people having trouble A) Loading the site; and B) Not even getting a "Buy" button, it seems as if whoever was in-charge of ensuring that the website was A) stabilized; and B) working, was not doing an effective job. The fact that the GUI was not working for SO many people, clearly shows signs of weakness in the coding and the server stabilization, which should be addressed because there is NO excuse for that the second time around.
  16. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    This was actually answered in another thread, but the short answer is because people change their minds, so if you do it that way then it's possible that not all the units would be sold.
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  17. Blink18260

    Blink18260 New Member

    I do think this is a good idea. The hardcore fans are the ones that go out and sell your products (since you forgo almost all traditional advertising routes). So in that respect, putting more gear in the hands of people likely to sing their praises is a good business decision.

    This means you want to be selling these things to actual fans instead of scalpers who will just turn around and list it on ebay.

    I feel like the simplest solution is to require people on insider to register their gears serial numbers to their insider profile, essentially proving their ownership of some number of devices and giving a basic means of determining if someone actually is a fan or not.

    The "required" number of devices doesn't have to be high, maybe 3. However, this would allow for follow up. Say, for instance, you go ahead with offering a 2,500 dollar laptop for 1,000 on insider to fans, a 60% price drop. This is still useful, since it gets the product in the public eye at the fingers of people who will be able to talk about how good it is. You don't want these computers going to scalpers and sitting on shelves, or going to people who aren't really in it for the product, but just wanted a deal on a laptop. By tracking the serial numbers (send #x to insider id y, then make sure y registers #x and not some other account), you can ensure that the people you send these to are actually using them.

    If someone registers a serial number that was sent to someone else, you can blacklist the insider id that scalped it, and replace them with one of the thousands of loyal fans that would gladly take his place.

    Note than when I say blacklist, I only mean blacklist from future "deals" like this. They can still post, compete in giveaways, buy products, etc.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  18. jdbogaard

    jdbogaard Member

    @Min-Lang Tan -

    Hardware launches are tricky for everyone, just look at a multi-billion dollar company like Apple. Every year Apple makes a new iPhone(s) and every year they sell out and preorders rapidly fall in delivery dates to weeks post launch. They may not sell out in 16 or 10 seconds, but it is hours or less. People will then wait in lines all day for the opportunity to get one if they missed the preorder, or they will spend hundreds of dollars in markup to get one through eBay or other sites. This is despite the fact that every year Apple starts production earlier and makes more units before launching than it did last year.

    What if Apple held its 2015 press conference a month earlier and said First million are shipping this Friday and N million more each week until we can catch up with demand? People would be outraged just like they are at your Nabu prelaunch because last year there were 10 million available in the first 3 days and now there's only a paltry million. But one million people would get the iphone a month earlier, and so on. Those would be bonuses, but with a product like the iPhone a bonus like that would lead to massive price gouging and serious blowback because when the product launches people expect there to be enough to meet demand.

    Now, I may love my Razer products (mouse x2, keyboard, mousepads x3, and a retired headphones) just as much if not more than I love my iPhone, but they are not the same thing. I registered and never got my email for Wave 1 and I was disappointed, but I was disappointed like I am disappointed when I play the Lottery and don't win. I was lucky enough to sneak in and get one Wave 2, but even if I hadn't I wouldn't be angry.

    I am not angry because these are bonus devices! Either 10,000 Razer Fans can have Nabu's for the holidays or no one can have them until you had enough for a real launch sometime in January of Feburary. Managing expectations was important and I feel like that was done well for Wave 2. It could have been better by announcing how many pre-registrations you were taking.

    Most importantly though, I happy pre-orders like this are being done because it gets products into the hands of gamers faster.

    My one complaint has to do with the ordering. I was under the impression that getting onto the preorder store site and/or adding one to my cart did not actually guarantee me a Nabu. I thought I had to actually submit an order or someone else could beat me to the punch. Of course it took me several minutes to actually add one to my cart because the site was so busy and the graphic for the "add to cart" button wouldn't load, and when I tried to also order a mouse pad it wouldn't add to the cart the first few times I tried. So, fearing I would get scooped I placed my order and paid the shipping which wasn't free and will now have to order the mousepad separately (and pay shipping on it too).

    20 minutes later I see your facebook post about the preorder selling out in 10 seconds and realized I must have had a Nabu locked down from the second I logged into the pre-order store. Had I known this I could have taken my time and ordered all the products I wanted at the same time.

    Perhaps in hindsight it doesn't make sense that 5000 people could get into the site, add one to the cart and then manage to finish an order in under 16 seconds for Wave 1, but that wasn't clear in the information for Wave 1 or 2, and I wish it would have been.
  19. EODeuce

    EODeuce Active Member

    I think you should absolutely continue to do this. Not everyone can be the first one to have something but at least you can try to give the fans a chance. I'm NOT just saying this because I was one of the lucky ones with the first wave. I went into it thinking I wasn't even going to get the site up. It sucks but that's what happens when you have so many people trying to go to the same site at the same exact time. I have seen the same thing happen with concert tickets(not in 10 or 15 second). It took me a few hours to be able to pre order the iPhone(which then took a month and a half to ship). I think people just need to be realistic about what is going to happen. NOT EVERYONE CAN GET ONE. If I didn't get one with the first wave, I would have tried the second. If I didn't get one of those then too fucking bad, I would have to wait like the rest of the world who hasn't even had a chance yet. I would have been disappointed but the last thing I would do is go on a rant and blame the company that goes out of its way for its fans as much as Razer. Thank you for what you do.
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  20. tater2grand

    tater2grand New Member

    I totally support these Insider deals but since everyone wants them but may not have time to for school or work reasons can make a lot of people unhappy. I think instead of doing waves like you are doing for the Nabu, just do one sale but let people back order them instead of having to wait and hoping that they have access to Insider for the minute that the deal comes. I haven't had a chance to order a Nabu yet because I have a lot of my day filled up with school. If you could just do one order and keep it open for people to back order the product for about a week or less, I think that would make a whole lot more people happy.
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