Apart from gaming, what else do you enjoy?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by GroovyG0D, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. joymyr

    joymyr New Member

    MMA, kickboxing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, riding my motorcycle and partying.
  2. I love both watching and playing basketball. Swimming too especially in the summer!
  3. Harpal18

    Harpal18 New Member

    SPORTS! Mainly football (soccer for all you Americans...) and field hockey (definitely not just a girls sport). Also enjoy just chilling listening to music, clears my mind and makes me happy :D
  4. retroroadGinger105

    retroroadGinger105 New Member

    MMA and BJJ
  5. I enjoy playing basketball. :D
  6. i love photography and make video.
  7. Photography and sports. Specifically basketball.
  8. MadisV

    MadisV New Member

    i like to dive and play football. the best place i have dived is in venezuela - isla margarita. that place there is just wonderland
  9. Azureworldpulse337

    Azureworldpulse337 New Member

    I enjoy theater, eatching TV Shows such as Arrow, The Flash, GoT, Brooklyn Nine Nine, etc. and many others :) and a lot of news reading
  10. snake_doctor66

    snake_doctor66 New Member

    I'm a pretty avid climber and dry to go at least twice a week other than that I occasionally dabble in a little bit of coding. Not really 2 activities you would usually put together but it's fun to be different to everyone else.
  11. dawg054

    dawg054 New Member

    Apart from gaming, I love riding my dirtbike. Also I enjoy custom building my truck, and rebuilding engines. I Have an 04 Silverado 2500HD, with plenty of modifications. I really enjoy my custom audio set up.
  12. herbie789

    herbie789 New Member

    Soccer, basketball, and tennis are the three sports I play and enjoy the most. Aside from sport, I really like to eat with friends :)
  13. AznChaos869

    AznChaos869 New Member

    Board games and Eating. I'm kind of a foodie :)
  14. Reading and photography - mostly nature photography - it forces me to get out away from the computer.
  15. DaniGadea_19

    DaniGadea_19 New Member

    Movies, series and football.
  16. MadDriver

    MadDriver New Member

    Work, school, and sleep all in between
  17. icopiki

    icopiki New Member

    I enjoy almost anything with friend. Going outside in the Sea garden jogging or playing some sport football, volley or etc. I like cycling too. My favourite on the list is playing belot(card game). :)
  18. svampodlaren

    svampodlaren New Member

    Submission Wrestling

    My 2 addictions.
  19. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    Drawing pones xD and just chilling out to music on my bed :3
  20. HeroUlixes

    HeroUlixes New Member

    Getting out in the SUN! Hiking, hunting, archery, studying, and cooking. :)
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