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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by BlackWorx, Dec 15, 2015.


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  1. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    Dang :/
  2. Fre4ked

    Fre4ked Member

    Don't rush :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I got it to work with the little workaround I described!
  3. Zuydstryder

    Zuydstryder New Member

    Does anybody know if its possible to make it work in fullscreen to ? if not, will it be a option later, update ?
  4. DeDude21

    DeDude21 Member

    Woah, looks pretty cool!!!!! Does it work with anything that appears on the screen? :eek_::big_grin_:
  5. Due to the nature of Windows and the way i scan the screen, sadly its not possible. Only working in Windowed and WindowedFullscreen mode.

    Absolutely, unless it's it is not a DirectX / OpenGL Fullscreen application. Also you can choose the area which is taken. You can select it by click&drag in the settings and go anywhere from bottom edge to top edge to whole screen.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
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  6. DeDude21

    DeDude21 Member

    Cool!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!! :big_grin_::big_grin_::smile_::smile_:
  7. Anyway to make this run startup yet
  8. It should by just putting a link into the Autorun folder
  9. Warsnake1982

    Warsnake1982 Member

    Hey Blackworx,
    Seems the software isn't working anymore. every time I start the application it starts up, all my keyboard lights reflect what is on the screen, for 1 or 2 seconds, then the application closes down and my keyboard returns to the normal lighting profile.
    Any ideas what is wrong?
  10. Hey, thanks for your feedback. I have realized this error just yesterday and working on a fix right now.
    I'll tell you here, when it's done
  11. GhostlyHoots

    GhostlyHoots New Member

    I cant seem to get this to work everytime i click set region for ambient light then click start just says there was a problem with the program and just closes on me
  12. Ergastolano

    Ergastolano Member

    Hi, not app for TE yet?
  13. Warsnake1982

    Warsnake1982 Member

    The link in the first post seems to be down for me.

    Also the application still crashes on start, any progress on this issue?
  14. No support for the TE yet. I will upload a beta version to the new software this weekend. It is compatible with Orbweaver, Blackwidow (also TE) and Firefly.

    The issue is well known. It is because i used Colore 2.0 which wasn't compatible to the SDK anymore. Thats why, when initializing the App, it crashes.

    After the last update on this App here i started to do this project from whole new.
    Simply because when i first started, i had no structure in the code. I basically just wanted it to work.
    Time passed, more ideas came up and so i came to the state, where implementing all the features i wanted to was quiet impossible (or, more work, then just rewrite the software).

    Also i shut down the apache, because i don't wanted people to download bad software. Anyways, it isn't working anymore...

    Need to do some documentation for the new software now. When this is done, i'll put it online

    :) Thanks for your patience
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  15. Ergastolano

    Ergastolano Member

    Cool, thanks :smile_:
  16. Warsnake1982

    Warsnake1982 Member

    Thank you for the update.
    Good to know it wasn't because of my own installation that the application wasn't working.
    Take your time with the new version, we'll see it when it's done.

    Also can the first post in the thread be updated so everyone knows the download is down and awaiting the update, it might help stop future questions on why the link doesn't work ;-)
  17. Yes, thank you, i didn't thought about editing the main post... Edited it now.

    I have now uploaded the new software which is beta state right now. (Check out the main post)

    I have not been able to make a tutorial video right now but i'm working on it. Anyways, you can download the software and play around with it.

    I would love to have feedback if you find bugs or the software doens't work or whatever.
    I also would love to have feedback if everything is working right. :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2016
  18. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    That is pretty fucking cool man. How exactly was this done?
  19. With very much coffee and very much beer :D

    The software is programmed with C# and uses the Colore Library which is a C#-wrapper for the official Chroma SDK (which is C++).
    For the ambilight it self i use functions included in windows based on GDI+. This basically means, i make screenshots with GDI and then i have some magic calculations for the actual colors that are put on the devices.
  20. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    So basically a lot of witchcraft and caffeine? =P As soon as I have a piece of kit that can take advantage of this I'm gonna be using it. Currently got the Deathstalker which doesn't have the full Chroma experience, it only has 3 sections you can light up.
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