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Can I use Razer Goliathus Speed pad, vertically?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Garett_Bero, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Garett_Bero

    Garett_Bero New Member

    Hi guys, I have Razer Goliathus cloth Speed, due to my lack of space I have to put the pad vertically, my question is, is this going to cause any problem with my mouse (DeathAdder Chroma & DeathAdder Elite), and I may buy the new Goliathus Chroma in near future, I have to put that vertically too, is it going to be problem? i'm asking cause when I use the pad vertically with DeathAdder Chroma it wont work properly at all but Elite works perfectly fine but I can feel resistance when moving my mouse vertically. I know hard pads are ok but cloth ones have a texture that I think may be causing problems, Thank you.
  2. razer.winteryang

    razer.winteryang Ice Bear Staff Member

    Did you try to recalibrate the DeathAdder Chroma mouse on the mouse mat?
  3. DabaronDaFox

    DabaronDaFox Member

    I wouldn't use the setting for the mousepad. It is better without it. I play with my mouse above my keyboard and sometime rotate the mousepad. So you would be fine
  4. DabaronDaFox

    DabaronDaFox Member

    And I have a Speed edition but I have the smaller one
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