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Civil War: Whose side are you on?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by NazgulStig, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    I support the side with... more chicks.

    Oops, they have 1 on each side.
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  2. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    Actually, Sharon Carter/Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) will most likely pick a side. It's hard to say how they will use her in the movie compared to the comics, but my guess is she will be on Team Cap. They have shown some promotional artwork with her on Team Cap also, but that could also be the art team being on a different page.
  3. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    If Im right Marisa Tomei is playing as May parker, which is spider-man aunt which makes her on team iron, sooooooooo its 2 for 2? Which means.....
  4. Swanka

    Swanka Active Member

    I am siding with the Union. The Confederacy must see the errors in their ways and make amends.
  5. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    Which Union? The Union Jack? The Union Depository? The Union Newspaper?
  6. Mczpzy

    Mczpzy Active Member

    Im on iron man side. I just like his character more compare to capt.
  7. Krystian1337

    Krystian1337 Member

    Im always on the Iron Man site, best hero.
  8. gbone93

    gbone93 Member

    I was going to make a joke about the South, but someone beat me to the punch. As someone that loves super hero movies, but isn't super into the Avengers, I'm pulling for Iron Man. I doubt that he'll win, but he's way cooler.
  9. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Dream come true :D
  10. Slayer32751

    Slayer32751 Member

    spidey's gonna make capt shit his pants. :))
  11. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    I was looking on IMDB and seen that Julianna Guill was listed as "Stark's Assistant".........might have to switch sides... ;)

  12. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member


    Well on the bright side, there is an extra chick to bang. Wait, its not equal, there is no bright side isnt there
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  13. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    What is everyone's thought on the movie now that it is released?

    I enjoyed it myself, although I thought it was a bit 'busy'. I also have never been a fan of the 'shaky cam' style that was in the fight scenes. It might look cool, but all it does in induce motion sickness. I can't stand it in the Bourne movies either. But on the positive side, I thought they did a great job handling all the various characters so it felt like they were part of the movie and not just a gratuitous cameo (I'm looking at you Synder and WB). Also, I was a lot more impressed with the airport scene than I thought I would be from viewing the trailers. I think the battle was probably twice as long as I had expected.

    One question for those who have seen it that contains spoilers....
    I was a little confused over the idea of Tony not having an issue shooting a friend out of the sky who would have had no protective gear on, but gets bent out of shape at the other side when his bff gets hit with friendly fire. Also, considering one of the first things that happened to Tony when he built the suit was for him to lose power and free fall and then again in Avengers you would have thought he would have installed an emergency parachute for these occasions. Considering Rhodes is in the Air Force, you would think that he would have thought to ask for a parachute also. I understand it was for plot purposes, but at the same time it contradicts the character who want to prepare for everything. What is your thoughts on this part of the battle? Maybe I am just nitpicking? :)
  14. TechtonicTech

    TechtonicTech Member

    im on deadpools side
  15. I prefer Guns N' Roses version.
  16. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    My thoughts are it's too loose an adaption, we had the same thing with winter soldier and it seems only comic book fans have to deal with this. You don't see a world where Peter Jackson is walking away from Lord of the Rings saying "Well it had a ring and a Hobbit called Frodo. So what if her journey through time and space was with a fellowship of 4 black dudes"
  17. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    You are entitled to your opinion, but there is quite a bit difference between LOTR and 70+ years worth of comics. They have to simplify to get the source material to work. They never attempted to recreate Civil War, they just borrowed elements from the story arc. How would they go about recreating the actual comic event? You have to just look at it as a 'What If' universe and not trying to recreate the 616 universe. Even Peter Jackson made changes to the story to get it to fit with time constraints and the medium. The producers of Game of Thrones also are making changes, even before they passed the books.

    I also have read both Civil War and Winter Soldier (Ed Brubaker is actually my favorite writer) and enjoyed both movies. I thought they did a good job of transferring the essence of the stories to film with what they have to work with. I also think DnA's work with Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, and GotG was some of the best work of the modern era and even though the movie used pretty much zero of any of it, I still thought Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome. Deadpool is another movie that really did its own thing by not following anything specific, but they captured the character so the movie worked. But on the other hand, Watchman follows pretty close to the series (up to the end) and I found that movie pretty disappointing. Sin City is another that followed the books fairly well to a point and was pretty much a box office failure. You do have movies like Wanted, that take pretty much nothing from the book except a couple character names and the title. I will agree that those should not be made. I believe it doesn't have to be a carbon copy, but it does need to be faithful.

    But, it was pretty unrealistic to believe the movie could open with Nitro blowing up a bunch of kids, Punisher being told he was to hardcore for Team Cap, Spider-Man revealing his identity, Goliath being killed by Ragnarok, and Captain America being assassinated by a brainwashed Agent 13. But hey, maybe we will get the best thing to come out of Civil War, which was the GLA to be the official team of Wisconsin.

    I will say that the X-Men franchise is so far off course that I would prefer a complete reboot. I would love to have an X-Men movie that was much closer to the source material. I don't need a page by page retelling of House of M, but 90s era lineup with Jim Lee inspired costumes would be awesome after over 10 years of black jump suits.
  18. Team Cap all the way
  19. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    Oh I get that, but I feel like it's too much of a bait and switch, like they use the name to get comic fans hyped and thought the door, I loved winter soldier as a film but it felt like winter soldier was the secondary story to the fall of shield.

    Agree about x-men too to a degree. I've really enjoyed the film's since first class but the timeline makes so little sense now. To now set films before the ending of days of future past means that we've already seen lots of characters with a happily ever after (or at least alive). Apocalypse isn't a credible threat because we've seen beyond him.
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  20. Blockmonster57

    Blockmonster57 Active Member

    On squirrel girl's! Somebody, please kill me
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