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Discussion in 'Systems' started by evsmo11, Feb 17, 2017.

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  1. evsmo11

    evsmo11 New Member

    To summarize the issue: I can either us my Razer DeathStalker Keyboard OR the Razer Naga with the Core; but not both at the same time.

    I just got a brand new core (RMA) because I thought my last one was having issues with the USB ports. My keyboard would not work properly with it, "spamming" when buttons were pressed. Now with this new one I am having the same issue. When I tried it with just the keyboard attached (No mouse or accessories) it worked great! After plugging in the Razer Naga into the core along with the keyboard, my mouse stopped working.

    Whatever I plug in first to the core works fine, if I plug in the mouse then the keyboard, the mouse works and the keyboard does not. (and vice versa).

    My specs:
    1st Gen Razer Blade stealth
    GTX 960 4gb
    8gb of RAM
  2. I've had a ticket open for 3 months now on the same issue. Support tells me the engineers are working on a solution. Frustrating, I know.
  3. evsmo11

    evsmo11 New Member

    Good to know it's not an isolated issue.
  4. It gets frustrating, I know. As a work-around I just plug a USB hub directly to my stealth. I'm a bit of a neat freak, so I really liked the thought of just using one cable to attach all my peripherals, charging, etc. Some may say this is fine for them, but I would really prefer the device did what it was supposed to do.
  5. evsmo11

    evsmo11 New Member

    I do the same thing, plug directy into the stealth.
    I'm the same way, a neat freak!
  6. Cyraxus

    Cyraxus Member

    I have the same issue. the USB ports on the core are pretty much useless. They'll probably come out with a version 2 and make this one obsolete soon and forget about it. It's a shame. On the same subject...what's a good USB hub to use?
  7. Tomatospotbuzz156

    Tomatospotbuzz156 New Member

    I'm in no way an advocate for how Razer conducts business, as they have the worst customer service and QC I've ever dealt with in a company. I just love the brand and the style of their products. In fact, my wife laughs at me every time I purchase a Razer product after I complain about the last one I purchased not working right. I usually just refund it or swap for a new one if it doesn't work for me.

    However, the USB ports in my core do work. They have had issues in the past, but it truly works for me. I only say that, because I want to at least provide hope that they aren't just throwing faulty units out there without any hope of working units existing.

    Now the faulty 1060 laptops that spin up at every temp is ridiculous, and replacing the processor on the new ones and ignoring the recent systems is a slap in the face.
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  8. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    Lucky people, living in a place where Razer Core is available, i mean razer has only offered it to 3/42 countries on their website....
  9. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Generally the reason we lock threads is that Insider is simply not designated as a support forum. The goal here is to create a unique platform that is truly about community, and that becomes hard to achieve when the forum is just flooded with support requests.

    In addition to that, in situations like this where it can be a little more complicated, the reason you are redirected through support is also logistical. If all the information is in one place, and that place is also easily referenced by the support agents, it makes dealing with the issue alot easier on the people trying to help you. It is simply more efficient have one place with incoming support requests.

    Bleeding edge technology also always comes with a risk, but if there is an issue, you can be sure the engineers are tearing their hair out trying to figure it out and get a fix out to you guys as soon as possible. I know you say the steps don't help, but the support techs can never assume competency and need all the information to work with.

    I understand the frustration, I really do, but sometimes it is simply patience that is required. If you feel you were wronged in some way or need to try and find an alternate solution, simply communicate openly with your support agent. They should do everything they can to make things right.
    Do reach out and leave feedback about that. They do listen. In my experience they are usually pretty good, but I haven't had to bug them in quite some time. I believe Min recently acknowledged on facebook that they have just had trouble keeping up with growth, and so he is working to find a better way to manage all that. He even recently hired a bunch of new people to help manage support I believe. Sucks to hear you had bad experiences, but you should definitely leave them feedback.
  10. RazerGwynbleidd

    RazerGwynbleidd Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Evsmo and DavinD,

    I contacted you both via PM to work on finding a solution to your problems.

    Contacting our Support team directly here: is still the best solution to get your issues resolved. They are the ones able to help you and posting about support queries on Razer Insider doesn't help much.
    @Destrok perfectly explained why.
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