December 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. brandon0852

    brandon0852 New Member

    I cant leave the house without my blade :heart:. i carry a battery for my phone and a book to take notes in my classes, although classes just ended. I prefer android but i'm locked with an apple right now.

    Merry Christmas IMG_3167.JPG
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  2. Erwindggr_no_id

    Erwindggr_no_id New Member

    Updated -
    New bag
    and everyday carry items
    got Razer Kraken 7.1 & Abysus Mirror:smile_:
  3. Fluffybunnyy

    Fluffybunnyy New Member

    My Everyday Bag Stuffs

    and yes its hyper beast

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  4. Speedstor

    Speedstor New Member

    rich guy. i just have 4 razer products and two pf them are still shipping to my home.
  5. abhi2730

    abhi2730 Member

    Only thing missing is a Razer backpack :wink_:.
    Hope I win one :smile_:

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  6. Speedstor

    Speedstor New Member

    wish i were you. i would love a razer laptop. i am sad right now, looking at how much razer laptop you've got.
  7. Jrboey

    Jrboey New Member

    My first razer keyboard as my birthday present!! Love it so much...
  8. i2apier

    i2apier Member


    My everyday items included my backpack, Surface Pro (used to take the pic), and Razer Kraken Pro.
    These are all I need for everyday.
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  9. Maxymuss

    Maxymuss New Member

    This is what's in my Gametee triforce bag: Pencil case, Notepad, Folder as well as my current read (Paperback of course), my chrome book as android in supreme, as well as my Hammerhead v2s and and my old as heck Krakens. Hammerheads for walking around campus and mobile gaming and Krakens for my media work and of course the essential 3m phone charger.
  10. w333n

    w333n New Member

    A tiny Samsonite backpack for the ultra compact New Razer Stealth... ;-)
    The Targus canvas sleeve complement well on the occasional half day outings...
    The unchartered grey PS4 controller... a good gaming partner for Steam...
    FINALLY, the lean mean Orichi suits both wired & wireless occasions...

    Loving Da Green... can't wait for the Razer Core arrival during the NEW YEAR!

    HO... HO... HO... Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year to ALL Razer Insiders!!!
  11. sean09

    sean09 New Member

    Hi Razer, here's my everyday carry!
    Includes: Macbook Pro 2015, Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition, Razer Deathadder Chroma, and my favorite bag xD

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  12. Zeldajr2

    Zeldajr2 New Member

    my bag is very simple i travel light

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  13. rimmongerard

    rimmongerard New Member

    Hi Razer... I'm using Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Stealth, Razer DeathAdder Chroma and Razer Kraken Pro Neon - it is been 1yr since I bought this all. And I wish I could get a Razer Bag on this coming Christmas. :)

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  14. Kirito

    Kirito New Member

  15. JayOfficial_no_id

    JayOfficial_no_id New Member

    Good Day Razer:
    I'm using Razer Kraken World of Tanks Edition, it is been 1 year since it was bought for my birthday. The Headset cushion is already damage but still working.
    This is my day to day bag, Camera Bag and my School bag. Simple only but Dreaming to have one of your Bags this Christmas.
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  16. kriegfurhen

    kriegfurhen New Member

    It's empty, i have no portable gear : (

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  17. GsomSlayer

    GsomSlayer New Member

    20161219_215603-min.jpg Lots of random stuff and two awesome Razer products, one of which I especially love because it fits my giant hand. You folks sure know how to put comfort and practicality together! I thank you for that.

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  18. GsomSlayer

    GsomSlayer New Member

    In the pic are an umbrella, a Battlefield 4 special edition Razer Taipan, a Razer Kraken Pro 7.1 headset, a universal laptop charger A flash drive of 64 gigs and a laptop that's not... well, it's not much but it does its job with lighter games.

    Oh, and I prefer Android over Apple.
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  19. littlemuncherz

    littlemuncherz New Member

    Now... i would take a picture of all my razer stuff however there is one key problem. All i have is a Dell laptop which weighs about 5KG with a razer sticker. BUT THERE IS HOPE! I do have in-fact 1 razer beanie. Im sorry razer that not all of us are rich, BUT I CAN DREAM!

    Did i forget to mention that i prefer Apple of Android but i have neither as i am poor and can only afford a windows phone. Respect!

    And then theres me....:frown_:

    There we go!

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  20. xdailyPaleTaupe411

    xdailyPaleTaupe411 New Member

    well.. it's all i have since 2013 ( not the vespula) and it's still working as well but maybe i need to change some of these by new friends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: pls razer have mercy i want all ur stuff x))) ( i know it's useless to say pls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but who know..) lova all of ya ;D

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