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Fortnitemares event

Discussion in 'Fortnite Talk' started by UndefeatedKingz, Oct 26, 2018.

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  1. UndefeatedKingz

    UndefeatedKingz New Member

    The Fortnitemares event is good right?

    I think its ok, but I hate that they brought back OG skins, it sorta, no definitely breaks the rarity and I decided to get the new things and keep the old skins OG. #keepitOG
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  2. TheCorf

    TheCorf Active Member

    I'm not a huge fan of this update, the zombies do nothing for me, they seem like an unnecessary addition. And then there's the glide anywhere thing, i know it's just a week for testing but it kind of removes the tension of building something tall so not a huge fan of that at all.

    In terms of the skins, i never buy them so the fact that bring them back doesn't matter for me, if anything it's just a good thing for people that want to pick them up but joined later
  3. UndefeatedKingz

    UndefeatedKingz New Member

    Yeah, I agree with the glider thing, but I still like it in playground e.g. 1v1ing somebody and you fall you can open your glider and I sorta like the zombies, because they came from save the world and I like the design, but you don't give you exp or anything they just get in your way.
  4. Silverb0lt

    Silverb0lt New Member

    Warning! Bit of a ramble, introduction, and feelings on the state of the game right now.

    I'm only participating because it's Halloween themed, and they brought in actual enemies from the campaign. Fortnightmares is special to me, simply because it was roughly a few weeks before Halloween when I started playing a year ago, and since then I've spent almost $500 (likely more if I were to brave finding the actual amount) on the game including the Legendary Founder's Pack plus an additional copy for a friend on top of the ones you get with the LFP. I've also bought every season's Battle Pass, and oodles and oodles of V-Bucks for both STW and BR on PS4 and PC. I barely play STW, but do have a LOT of legendary Heroes and a few Mystic Lead Survivors, and my collection book is one away from level 100. As for BR, I have about 25 character skins, yet only made it to tier 100 last season (5).

    Towards the end of last season, I started thinking about why I don't play the game as often as I want to, because I DO want to. Eventually, I realized it's due to a lot of reasons, but the big ones are as follows:
    1. Real life comes first, and it eats up a lot of my day.
    2. There are just too many 'must play' titles releasing each month (sometimes weekly), along with updates on games I own and fail at keeping up with due to
    3. Not having enough time to play them all.
    4. Don't have enough friends to enjoy the game with (only one of the people I purchased a copy for still play, and it's not often).
    5. Finally, this one being specific to BR mode, the double edged sword that is my lack of skill and lack of a top end PC coupled with a mediocre 10MB /sec internet connection.

    There's a cycle I noticed happens when I play solo (not always the case, but too often), I get depressed after playing for more than an hour or two (sometimes a few days of playing, not one session), then don't play again for a period of time. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for one key factor.... the challenges for me, at least, are/were too hard, too complicated, or too time consuming to make a serious go of it (with a few exceptions), and actively trying to complete them (especially if you are playing 'catch up', causes me to die even more than usual...and I die a LOT. I'm not that great at PVP in general, (mostly because of bad reflexes due to increasing arthritis issues) so I keep finding it more and more difficult to justify getting the next season's BP, but always end up hitting that 'purchase' button anyway. Epic is really good at one thing more than any other and that is in-game marketing. Every season, they end up placing at least one, and usually a lot more, cosmetic item(s) I like enough to justify the purchase, then try and reach the tiers of the wanted items. Thinking now, I know I also wasted probably 7,500 V-Bucks or more buying tiers (justified internally because I've spent the money on the BP, to get THAT / THOSE item / items, so I NEED to get them!). It's always towards the end of a season when I inevitably don't play for one reason or another for a few days, or sometimes weeks, but thankfully that ended with season 4 ending because unlocked character skins (and related items) can be upgraded once you've earned and acquired the character skin.

    I don't try to complete every challenge for any week ever now, unless it's for something like this Halloween event, and separate. Honestly, since I won't spend 2k on the new 'reactive' skin (and 1.2k more on the harvesting tool), I don't really care about any of the Fortnightmares rewards except for the Ghost Back To The Future Part III Train, which will undoubtedly require completing all of the previous event challenges since I have no interest in the items. I wish I had friends who played regularly because the game is meant to be played with others. Nobody plays with me since I'm so awful at it for more than a few matches. I end up playing solo or trying to help teammates when I do play a duo, squad, or special mode that's not solo. I'm about to play the solo practice tournament, but so far I've not even come close to the point requirement.

    TL:DR - I have a serious love-hate relationship with this game, but can't bring myself to stop playing and don't want to stop. There are other games I also want to play though, and there are only so many hours in the day and a life outside of gaming I need to devote time to. Fortnite is special for me because I have followed it since it was crowdfunded, and I supported it since then. I just wish I had more friends to make it more enjoyable, and really need to stay out of the item shop and store! If anyone wants to add me as a friend on PC,know that I am improving in skill as time goes on and when I'm with good company, I'll play every day, both in STW and BR modes. My Epic name is Silverb0lt Send me a FR and if you see me on, feel free to join my lobby or shoot me an invite. If you actually read this whole thing, let me know if you can relate to any of the things I said.
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