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#FreeYourMind with OSVR

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Veje_

    Veje_ Member

    This is awesome :)
  2. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    I see where Malta is, but it's considered as an european country no ? For the fps thing, I'm not conviced because even between 30 and 60fps the difference is really visible to me. Anything below 50fps is "blurry" in my eyes. ^^' I had the DK1 and the framerate was a big thing between vomitive, or just a slightly sickening, experience. >< Anything under 60fps flat was a total no go, even 30fps flat.
  3. k3lvin5877

    k3lvin5877 New Member

    not gonna doubt the quality, knowing razer will give their fans the best gadget. But , what i'm wondering is the motion sickness issue
  4. Elimnir

    Elimnir New Member

    Well mahousensei, more is always better and yes malta is a european country... but the times i got a razer product, it was always very expensive, more than in the US :slightly_sad: And guys, motion sickness is a common VR thing at the beginning. Trust me youll get used to it though, just dont bobble your head alot , your eyes might take a while to get used to VR, but if any motion sickness come in, change the field of view for a more realistic picture that your eyes will be used to. No need to worry though, im sure youll all love it and razer will help improve the experience :)
  5. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    We'll see, I'm pretty confident for the workarounds which Oculus now use against motion sickness but I still have to test them out. It is still Day-0 for VR anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  6. NetFreak

    NetFreak New Member

    Can't wait to get one
  7. The trick to reducing motion sickness is to reduce lag between your action and its virtual counterpart, Oculus Rift have done a lot in this domain, like optimizing algorithm, so theirs induce less motion sickness.
  8. RifleMatthew

    RifleMatthew Member

    Is this vr headset any better than the dev kit 2? What makes the "default" vr headset better? Or is it just suppose to be a more widely available cheaper version?
  9. ReiYuki

    ReiYuki New Member

    Was actually planing to get an occulus, but having this open source and community backed makes it a little easier to code for since I'm about average at programming! Pretty exciting either way though since a larger community working on it could accelerate VR growth faster than a limited few companies. Omega good job! ^^
  10. I'll wait for a trial before passing down a judgement, however, I really see no place for VR in gaming market, probably in other fields around the world but not gaming.
  11. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    It is impossible to appprehend what VR is without experiencing it personnally, once you''l try it, you'll see the place it'll possibly have in the gaming market. :)
  12. This is awesome! VR always makes the game more interactive and realistic. Can't wait to see where this goes
  13. kilokill901

    kilokill901 New Member

    I cant wait to see more on this. But at the same time i feel like its just going to be a more expensive oculus rift. Idk maybe im just too poor to own anything nice by razer.
  14. kilokill901

    kilokill901 New Member

    That being said i cant wait to fus ro dah my enemies in skyrim with this thing.
  15. Snowautopark648

    Snowautopark648 New Member

    I feel like this will be bigger than the Oculus. Especially with it being Open Source, that is going to be its greatest selling point.
  16. RoseValecastrush051

    RoseValecastrush051 New Member

    I am so excited for VR in certain games, especially space combat games like Elite: Dangerous which is basically made for a VR headset.
  17. Theladyred

    Theladyred New Member

  18. Lepren

    Lepren Member

    This mixed with No Man's Sky (also 2015 title): gonna be epic year guys.
  19. Blurred4

    Blurred4 Member

    I'm really curious about the price..
  20. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

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