[Giveaway] Razer Ripsaw + Nintendo Switch Guide

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 22, 2017.

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  1. Bandito_Guy

    Bandito_Guy New Member

    Would absolutely love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. absolutezero0

    absolutezero0 New Member

    Awesome giveaway. Hope that luck is on my side
  3. ClickOnMe

    ClickOnMe New Member

    Super excited for this :) Thanks for everything!
  4. Random_to_the_Core

    Random_to_the_Core New Member

    Best of wishes to all ^^
  5. FuryofLegend

    FuryofLegend New Member


  6. kurtreicel

    kurtreicel New Member

    i need that in my life
  7. Dert1701

    Dert1701 New Member

    omg pls let me win this
  8. Crossy96

    Crossy96 New Member

    spero di vincere una cosa nella mia vita XD
  9. iPhantomhives

    iPhantomhives Member

    ripsaw would be a great addition to my Razer gear , Thanks for the chance!
  10. Tenu96

    Tenu96 New Member

    Thanks @razer for awesome giveaways
  11. VitalSignZz

    VitalSignZz New Member

    Another Great Products from Razer.. Hope i be the lucky one to won it... it will greatly benefit for my current gaming rig!!!
  12. Peeweefunkydude

    Peeweefunkydude New Member

    Awesome giveaway!! Good luck to everyone :D
  13. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    I really hope this means you guys are thinking about making switch peripherals, cause that'd be amazing.
    (insta-buy )
  14. bleakMission

    bleakMission New Member

    Thanks for the contest! Can't wait to see some Razer gear for the Switch!
  15. I don't have the money right now to buy these things so I would be happy if I win this. ^^
  16. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    Yes! I need a Switch! Been dying to play BOTW since it released, heck, even before!
  17. lsjpalma

    lsjpalma New Member

    Hope I win the giveaway
  18. HellfireMaximus

    HellfireMaximus New Member

    wow such a awesome giveaway. good luck to everyone. :big_grin_:
  19. Hilkie81

    Hilkie81 New Member

    :heart_eyes: i'll give them a warm welcome in my home !
    My avermedia lgx let me down :cold_sweat:
    So Razer Ripsaw come in time :relieved:
  20. SlayMoreDragons

    SlayMoreDragons New Member

    Ran short on funds to pick up that Ripsaw when I bought the Stargazer. My streaming could use the upgrade and my kids (and wife) would love the Switch!
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