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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. a82320

    a82320 Member

    The day I got my first razer Tron mouse. I love it, it was one of my favorite movie although not much people like the movie, but the movie and mouse is perfect match!
  2. Yoshi1

    Yoshi1 New Member

    Purchasing the razer deathAdder, my first gaming mouse and it's still with me today :D
  3. Astrosfan15

    Astrosfan15 New Member

    I discovered Razer a few years back. So many great products. I would say the peripherals blew me away the first time i used them.
    Thanks for the great content and contest.
  4. LittleKarma

    LittleKarma New Member

    I discovered Razer when I found my first Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2016 which I use for a year and a half now. More power to Razer! Keep making these ultimate gears for the gaming community!
  5. k970i

    k970i New Member

    well.. um... i just bought my first razer product which hammerhead. The bass from the head phone really gave me a goosebump when i play a pop song. Then i use razer kraken but it doesnt suit me so im using the hammerhead.
  6. mochill

    mochill New Member

    My greatest Razer memory is getting my first ever Lachesis 9 years ago. It was a refurbished model from Woot.com, but man the smoothness was an amazing upgrade from a fat Logitech one. I still have the Lachesis with a busted mouse wheel; still works!
  7. abatos

    abatos New Member

    My first ever Razer gear - Blackwidow Chroma Overwatch Edition, won from a giveaway, was truly a surprising one. That's after a week I purchased Overwatch to play, and that moment I realised the world need me. xD
  8. DudeOfHell

    DudeOfHell Member

    I was curious at first and doubt at Razer product(what make this keyboard or mouse so special than the other mouse?), i was like mouse is mouse, all is the same. I google it, and read the review. Saved up enough money and bought myself the first Diamondback and Razer black widow. That is the most happiest and craziest moment, the sensitivity of the mouse is so much different and typing the keyboard will never be the same again.
  9. CaraCuteHS

    CaraCuteHS Active Member

    I will never forget the day I bought my Deathstalker Chroma because I want a colorful keyboard to compliment my gaming and somebody gave me a Kraken Pro as a gift on the same day.
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
  10. Blocking

    Blocking New Member

    My best razer memory is when I got my deathadder chroma and could finally compete with my friends.
  11. Chesunei

    Chesunei New Member

    My first buy, it was the Razer Naga, many years ago. Nobody I knew had heard of Razer(I think Razer was fairly new back then), so when I showed all my friends this cool, stylized mouse with all of it's extra buttons while I was playing MMORPGs with it, and using the side buttons to be able to cast extra spells with my thumb, they were as enamored as I was. Since then I can't game without having Razer's beautiful, smart, powerful peripherals.
  12. tdking01

    tdking01 Active Member

    My most memorable "Razer Moment" has to be when I finally bought my first blackwidow , the feeling I had the second I pressed those clicky switches is priceless !

    Congrats on 500k :)
  13. gcodedota2

    gcodedota2 New Member

    i didnt know much about Razer before i got my first Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse. Absolutely love it. Then i decided to get a Razer Blade 1060, and its a beast. The Chroma keyboard is fantastic, also a plus for almost 10 hours battery under normal using tasks at Uni
  14. dataGrullofirst906

    dataGrullofirst906 New Member

    That day I joined and now wasnt long but it was a great journey learning about the new upcoming Razer Products and telling my friends all the new information I learnt was AMAZING. GL to everyone else!
  15. terencegonsalvez

    terencegonsalvez New Member

    My first Razer Goliathus Mouse Mat, then my inventory just kept increasing, got 3 razer mats now, one for home, for the office and for on the go, combine that with a Razer Ouroboros and the gaming went to the next level, game testing became a walk through, most recently added a pair of Razer Hammerhead pro v2's and soon incoming a Razer Tactical Pro backpack! Now to add to it maybe one of the Razer latops and then the VR products!! Booya! Think I'll just buy the entire line of products! But honestly, keep up the great work that you'll have been doing for us gamers! GGWP Boys! Gee Gee W P!
  16. lswest

    lswest New Member

    The day I got my Razer DeathAdder Elite, and discovered just how uncomfortable my old mice were!
  17. belzeboter

    belzeboter New Member

    My greatest Razer memory is when you unveiled the Razer Core and enabled us to finally merge the Laptop and the Desktop into one powerful, portable, extensible and flexible machine.
  18. ian000x

    ian000x New Member

    The most memorable moment for me is when I first tried your Razer Blackwidow chroma in Razer Store Manila. The moment I tried clicking the keys I was blown away and I told myself that this is going to be my very first mechanical keyboard and after that I bought kraken 7.1 chroma and mamba tournament edition chroma with the synapse software it is the best they are still working after more than a year.
    So congratulations Razer and thank you so much :)
  19. kaii97

    kaii97 New Member

    Definitely the time I discovered Razer Game Booster - before Cortex was even a thing :)
    It let me run games on my crappy circa 2000 laptop and hopefully still will until I win that Razer Blade Stealth you mentioned... ;)
  20. davidlesterbaron

    davidlesterbaron New Member

    Greatest memory from Razer? where to I start? Let me start from the official launch of the razer cortex to connect every fans around the world and utilize games. Hmmmm... remember how razer fooled everyone about their unofficial "products" not just once. And lastly, the unavailing of the........................................"Project Valerie".
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