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Discussion in 'Audio' started by SorthurRazer, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. SorthurRazer

    SorthurRazer New Member

    Hello guys!

    Several weeks ago I received my new headset. Everything is awesome and that LED looks great but…

    When I’m listening to music for example in a plane I know it can annoy somebody that is sitting next to me or when lights are off my headset annoys persons that would like to sleep.

    (authentic situations)

    And here comes my question: is there any way to switch off that LED breathing?
  2. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    There's no way to switch off the LEDs at the moment. Razer has yet to release an app for the Hammerhead BT. I'd love to keep mine at Static, so I'm hoping that they would update the existing Hammerhead app.
  3. SorthurRazer

    SorthurRazer New Member

    What a pity, but thank you for your answer anyway!
  4. pao008

    pao008 Member

    Any update on this issue? would love to turn the lights off in some situations. I hope a razer mod or tech can reply on this matter. Thanks
  5. SorthurRazer

    SorthurRazer New Member

    Unfortunately I still can’t find solution to this problem as well :/
  6. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    I would be interested in this functionality as well!
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  7. MrWitts

    MrWitts New Member

    me too! Esp on night flights!
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  8. pao008

    pao008 Member

    Exactly, I will be flying later so I guess I will be wearing my hoodie.
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  9. pao008

    pao008 Member

    Hey guys I just contacted Razer support this is their reply:


    Thank you for contacting Razer Peripherals Support.
    Thank you for the update. We will include that on the updates to better our products. For other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us back via chat using the link. http://support.razerzone.com/live-chat
    All the best,
    Razer Peripherals Support"

    I don't know when they are gonna implement it though, lets wait and see.
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