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Discussion in 'Audio' started by atrac7, Oct 25, 2018.

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  1. atrac7

    atrac7 New Member

    Wondering if anyone is planning on picking up this new release wired headphone from Razer. I have an Essential phone and I'm nervous about how compatible this will be with other devices other than Razer Phone

    I am assuming if I have a razer blade 15", the USB-C should be no issue with the laptop and the new headset. Anyone else keeping an eye out for these headphones?

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  2. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    Mine just came this morning, and they absolutely blow the V2 USB C and Bluetooth versions out of the water in terms of sound quality! As far as compatibility, they should work for audio, but no telling if the mic/in line controls will work. They also play great with my blade stealth [I have a 15" blade, but since I got my stealth/core setup, I don't really use it anymore]

    As far as the ANC, it's not as good as the bose QC 35s, but I didn't really expect that level of ANC for the price point and the in ear design. I also haven't bothered with the Comply tips [I've used them before, not a fan of the disposable nature of foam tips] but the stock tips keep them snug in my ears, so I'm not complaining [YMMV]

    Hope this helps at least a little. Are they worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

    The only potential downside is that the cable on these is REALLY thin [somewhere between 22 and 24 gauge] Not a deal breaker, but definitely not a pair of buds you wanna treat roughly.
  3. atrac7

    atrac7 New Member

    That's awesome to hear! I'm glad you mentioned the QC35 as that is what I primarily use as my noise cancelling device. Of course, this only works if i'm traveling with my backpack, so not really an "everyday" solution. Can you tell me if you are "satisfied" with the ANC on these headphones overall, despite not being on QC35 quality? I would not use this for drowning out plane noise, but more so everyday use like in the office, in the bedroom while wife is watching her shows, etc.

    Also one quick question: Do the logos light up when connected? Hard to tell in pictures.
  4. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    The ANC works really well, though ti works a lot better with the comply foam tips [I broke down and tried them] My last go around with comply, even the small tips felt too big: these fit perfectly... I just wish Razer had labeled the package with what SIZE they were >.> For reference, between the ANC and the comply tips, they kill the noise of my roomba 635 by about 85%ish, with a comparison of about 60%ish with the stock rubber tips. For less extreme use cases such as you describe they'd be ideal.

    And yes, the logos light up green. ; ) Sadly, that was also part of the selling point for me as well. Gots to have the RG-Bling ^^
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  5. atrac7

    atrac7 New Member

    Once again, greatly appreciate the detailed response! You've got me sold on these headphones. Just placed my order and looking forward to receiving them. Do you remember how long it took from order entry to your door step? I just realized I've never actually ordered from Razer themselves. Always have gone retail/Amazon in the past.

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  6. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    I ordered last Saturday [11/11], they shipped that night with an expected delivery of Wed 11/14, and showed up Tue [11/13: AKA this morning
    I did pay for the faster shipping, however, so keep that in mind.

    And though it's probably not overly relevant, mine shipped from China as opposed to a warehouse in The States.
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  7. atrac7

    atrac7 New Member

    Just an update on this. My headset came in over the weekend, and I used it on a 3.5 hour flight just last night. With the comply tips, i was very satisfied with the ANC. I kept thinking i would have to reach into my bag for the Bose QC35 I keep on me, but never had the urge to do so. Comfort is great, and because there is no ear-cup bulk, it's much easier to fall asleep on either side on a plane (no jarring experience of your large over ear headphone hitting the wall of the plane!) This set did a very good job drowning out the airplane engine drone and cabin disruptions.

    I will say...i did expect a lit more oomph on the low end, specifically on the bass side. I wonder if this has something to do with my USB-C phone (Essential phone, not razer phone). It may not be driving as much output as i would like. I will most likely experiment with my Blade 15 when I get back to see how much the sound quality changes as a different input source than a cell phone.

    Bottom line: For $100, it's a great choice for a wired pair. Razer did a surprisingly good job on the ANC front without a noticeable "hiss". I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great set of wired earbuds. I'm big on wireless of course, but knowing i never have to charge this pair makes it an awesome emergency noise cancelling headset if ever needed.
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  8. imReqi

    imReqi Well-Known Member

    That's an encouraging review, thanks for sharing it!

    I'm disappointed to hear that the bass isn't what you expected. I too am hoping for a fair amount of oomph from the low end--so what you said there is a little discouraging. It is good to hear the ANC works well with the hiss. I had some wireless Beats for a time (returned them) cause that hiss was super annoying.
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