How else would you improve Razer Cortex - bugs, features, anything!

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 23, 2017.

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  1. amarok-blue

    amarok-blue New Member

    Linux version
  2. Bees_ZA

    Bees_ZA New Member

    What i meant yeah.
  3. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    I'd love Cortex notifications to go into the Action Centre on windows, either by default or as an option. I won't see the other notifications really.

    Dark themes always good A+

    It does sometimes seem to take a while on the Rewards pages, I think it's when it's trying to communicate during a peak time maybe?

    Totally wouldn't mind seeing your balance totals at the top of Cortex. As well as possibly more directly integrating the zVault as a tab so you can make orders and purchases of razer gear from the app.

    Otherwise it's pretty ace :)
  4. Zerebrator

    Zerebrator Member

    More Speed for Cortex itself. Its too slow overall!

    Streaming with Mixer!
  5. retroPearsigns985

    retroPearsigns985 New Member

    I would actually do some stuff in there.

    1. Improve the performance: I keep feeling it sloppy after this 8 months of using it. Accessing the "Rewards tab" generally doesn't work at the frist try, so I need to reload it by going to another tab and coming back. (Clicking on the tab should refresh it too). It is my major concern, everything else is just an addition.
    2. Allow me to take it away from the tool bar: I already know its on and I normally access it from the start menu. I do not say to take it away from there, but to allow us to do if we wish so it's not cluttered of icons.
    3. Notifications should also be possible to hide: There has been already a couple of times I needed to wait about 5 seconds to access some icon or file I have behind the notification "You earned X zSilvers". (I also have the Windows notifications disabled)
    4. Clicking on the icon at the toolbar should launch the Cortex already: No need to confirm it with a new screen that doesn't add a lot
    5. Real time updates: Some days I have been playing for a while, not paying a lot of attention to the clock and I don't know if I have hit the 5 hours or not (speacilly weekends). It's not only until I leave the game and check the Cortex until I know if I have achieve my daily goal. Maybe is one more match and I could do it straight away without going out if I were able to look it up.
    6. I saw someone requesting the dark theme: +1 to that.
    7. Links to the Razer, zSilver, and Forums from the app: as well as some nice implementation of notifications if something happened with my post on the forums. That way people who are already here could be even more on top.
    8. Some way to get the zSilver not earned during the week: I am a student, and from time to time I have exams or papers to deliver or whatever else. I guess same will happend with workers with intense days and other people who, from time to time, are not able to touch the computer until the weekend or some day in particular. It would be a nice touch if weekends for instance (or some day in particular choosen by the person) could be a bonus day, when you can get all the points not adquired during the week playing or simply with more than the 900 cap it's limited tot. (This is optimistic, but it's an idea I'm tgrowing into the discussion)
    That is all by now. I want to remark once again the app performance, which have way more room to improve and it's the main core of it. All the others are just addons, nice and cute, but less important

    Kind regards!

  6. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Just remembered this one:

    Make it so it remembers where you want to see deals from.
    Right now you can check the boxes but when you exit they reset back to all.

    I try to stick to Gamersgate to be able to use zGold (Indiegala too but they hardly have any games) but Steam/Origin/Uplay have exclusives so I still buy from there. I don't care about the other places, even if it's cheaper there I just wait for a sale on my main sites since it's easier for me not to have even more accounts everywhere.
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  7. Paintstrip

    Paintstrip New Member

    Make the login bonus automatic when booting the program.
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  8. KylarFI

    KylarFI Member

    I wish you didn't have to manually click the notification for receiving zSilver. If you don't click it, you don't get the silver you earned. I wish it just automatically registered.
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  9. Jazza2400

    Jazza2400 Well-Known Member

    Integrating friends from battle net, steam, discord, seeing who's in what games would be great.

    And better responsiveness.
  10. Keiller

    Keiller New Member

    Would be more convenient if Cortex and Synapse are fused into one IMO.
  11. lordwhaleman

    lordwhaleman New Member

    If done nice, a social mirror system just indicating what games are played by your friends would be cool. What would be AMAZING, and I guess impossible, is a seamless social integration that would use the chat APIs of all platforms and create a middle hand that would seamlessly allow you to chat between clients, without ever thinking of which one you and your friend are actually using....

    I would say that Cortex does not need a social/chat system of its own... that would only fracture the userbase further, but if it could fuse the ones already existing together? Now that would be something.

    And yes, better responsiveness.
  12. iubjaved

    iubjaved Active Member

    Any chance the zVault can be integrated to the razer app so i can make purchases from within the app instead of login via web? If so, that'd be cool.

    Also all the raffles/giveaways , if possible, to appear on the app so we can join/claim directly from it since as soon as i start my pc and play games, i go through the cortex app anyway so getting all the info on one place would be a nice way to start off the day.
  13. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    Thanks for dark mode in Cortex!

    To the people who keep asking for social integration in Cortex, especially those who also ask for better performance and responsiveness in Cortex.... you realize you want things that works against each other?

    Putting social, chat, friend status from other systems into Cortex is surely going to bloat it, slow it down, weigh it down, and open it to a plethora of new possible bugs and complications.

    Cortex was once made for one thing: to boost game performance. Then it started showing deals; not the best combination of intentions in my opinion. Now it earns loyalty points, that's cool and makes sense with something you may have already run whenever gaming. That's already more than enough jammed into one program.

    Synapse has a purpose, to run your Razer hardware.
    Steam, Origin, Uplay, and what ever else have their purposes.
    Discord is a dedicated communication service.

    These things are mostly specialized and focused on a purpose, and better for it.

    Your computer already puts these things onto one convenient screen for you to access them all.
  14. sylensis1

    sylensis1 New Member

    Make the powerplan setting configurable as cortex adds and activates its own powerplan as soon as the gameboost is enabled overriding all personal settings in windows power settings.
  15. lordwhaleman

    lordwhaleman New Member

    Yes and no? Adding features always causes use of more resources, but optimising can still make old things faster. Adding any social features (I'm not advocating this very strongly unless they can create the ultimate platform combiner) should not get in the way of shorting the time it takes to actually claim zSilver for logging in daily (right now it takes a rather long time to just wait for an animation) nor would it get in the way of caching the library so it doesn't need to rescan all drives upon launch and add game by game as it find them... again, which it feels like it does currently (and then having to reload the images every time you scroll up/down... which I guess is because they don't want it in the RAM, but they could possibly speed it up with caching on a hard drive?).

    It's not like Cortex is pushing the limits of our hardware in anyway, but if I had to chose, I'd always chose snappiness over new features. And better sorting options ;)
  16. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I'd add ability to disable cortex boost completely or per game, because I don’t need it for example with Hearthstone - it runs perfectly even on Intel GPU and battery saver mode in Windows, and it's a bit annoying when you're on battery and want to long play this game with Cortex, but it every time it changes powerplan to High performance :)
  17. Archeria

    Archeria Member

    It would be nice, if Razer Cortex would be inserted into Razer Synpase 3.0, is something like that planned?
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  18. Erebuxy

    Erebuxy New Member

    How about changing the green of dark mode. I love the new dark mode, though I don't think the soft-ish green works with the dark background too well. I feel the classic razer green will be better.

    Or just allow us customizing the color. Everyone will be happy ; )
  19. MithosSama

    MithosSama New Member

    I'd like to see a real-time update on how many minutes I've clocked in on Razer Cortex that day. Specifically minutes that count toward the daily zsilver goal. :)
  20. DudeOfHell

    DudeOfHell Member

    A few suggestion :

    1. Chroma colour mode! Instead of dark mode and light mode.
    2. The "All Game" Section in the Deal part, can sort the game % by publisher(Steam, Gamers gate, Greenman gaming etc..)

    Another cosmetic suggestion :
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